Travel to places of military glory

Travel to places of military gloryIn the world there are many places connected with the military glory of the Russian guns. Each of these places is worthy of special attention. Travel agency will perform a special tour related with memorable places in the military history of our country. Make out a few of these places.

So, the first point of our journey connected with Bulgaria. As you know, Russian occasions, the army is not in the scope of this southern European countries with a view to its liberation from foreign attacks. In September of this year, on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria was a memorial complex dedicated to the naval campaigns of the liberation of. In the same Bulgarian open monument Russian Admiral Ushakov at Cape Kaliakra. Specifically, this cape Russian fleet defeated the Turkish squadron, thus ending the Russian-Turkish war in 1791. The opening of the memorial was due to the 220th anniversary of the victory of the Russian army. Bulgarian people thanked majestic purpose Russian sailors.

But not only in Bulgaria pochetayut memory of the Russian soldiers. On the territory of Serbia is now housed many monuments to Russian soldiers. Namely, in Belgrade is monument RF designer Verhovskogo warriors. This monument dedicated to those Russians who laid down their lives in the I World War, defending the Serbian people. Monument was opened in 1935. In Europe, it must be said, is not that quite a few sites that deal specifically with the feat of Russian soldiers during the First World War. In 2011, around the monument were held commemorative events dedicated to the continuing war and of the role in it of.
Since 1929, on the ground of Serbia began to form so-called Russian necropolis. Here buried 741 Russian soldier (of their 124 general of the royal army of the Russian Federation and the Russian Navy Admiral 3). Unfortunately, over the years of problems in Serbia Russian necropolis was in decline. Only now begins its reconstruction, because the indifferent Serbs, with the active support of the Russian Orthodox Church in Belgrade decided to collect the necessary funds. Let us hope that the Russian authorities and will assist in the restoration activities on the Russian military cemetery in Serbia.

A huge number of memorable places connected with the Russian campaigns, is on location in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. About the glory of the Russian guns understandable worldwide!

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