Treat any numbers?


Hope Alisimchik

Ancient answered this question in the most positive way. They believed that everything in the universe has a soul, which vibrates at its own frequency. They even reached the scale of these frequencies. And yet established a link between the notes, tones of colors, days of the week, …


The ancient science of the relationship of the universe and its Creator is based on the sevenfold structure of our cosmos. In this system, a person also has a sevenfold structure, hence the root of the word "seven-Z", a family. These are our seven "I am" like a nesting doll and correspond to the seven states of consciousness, each associated with one of the seven planes of the manifest or not manifest existence.

The most famous of these states is a dream in which we find ourselves in another body — the astral. During sleep, we can move through time in all directions.

But back to the soul of numbers. In the seven-fold system of correspondences major scale is as follows:

UNIT matches: Sanskrit note SA, Italian note, DO, red, day of the week — Tuesday, the planet — Mars, metal — iron.

Two matches: Sanskrit note Ri, Italian — Re, orange color, day of the week — Sunday, planet — the sun, the metal — gold.

NUMBER THREE matches: Sanskrit note Ga, Italian — Mi, yellow, the planet Mercury, the metal mercury.

NUMBER FOUR matches: Sanskrit note Ma, Italian — FA, the color green, the Sabbath, the planet Saturn, the metal — lead.

NUMBER FIVE matches: Sanskrit note Pa, Italian — SOL, the color blue, Thursday, the planet Jupiter, and the metal tin.

NUMBER SIX matches: Sanskrit note, DA, Italian — LA, indigo or dark blue, and Friday, the planet Venus, the metal copper.

NUMBER SEVEN matches: Sanskrit note Ni, Italy — Si, purple color, Monday, moon silver.

Sanskrit and Italian notes are provided to illustrate the differences in the septenary systems. Which of these systems to be exact — is debatable. For reference, offers a glimpse back in Pifogoriyskuyu system.

Numerology — a very ancient art available in its essence only a small handful of initiates on earth, but the archangels in heaven.


The publisher of "Sophia" has recently published a book by Dr. Gunn Sha Zhi, recognized worldwide qigong master and Chinese medicine, a healer and a teacher who is the conductor of the New Energy.

Dr. Kyi has been healing for over 40 years. He studied Western medicine and has a medical degree. In addition, grasped the secrets of traditional Chinese medicine, has learned to treat with herbs and acupuncture.

Their secret knowledge he was under the guidance of his teacher, Dr. Guo, who initiated him into the mysteries of spiritual discovery channels. Thanks to this, Dr. Kyi developed an intuitive ability to diagnose diseases.

Under the guidance of his teacher, Dr. Chih Kuo was able to organically combine the knowledge of Western medicine, traditional Chinese wisdom and science of spiritual healing, collected from ancient philosophers, including Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Christianity.

In recent decades, the world having many forms of mind-body medicine, the healing methods which are based on the power of mind over matter. But from the point of view of Dr. Zhi main drawback of this trend is the neglect of healing the most important factor — the soul. The soul is conscious, intelligent, creative power and ability to heal and bless. And has the same qualities and the individual soul of each system, organ and cell in the body.

Dr. Zhi healing technique developed therapy for the soul, mind and body on the basis of its own unique theory — the theory of material and energy messages. According to this theory, there are three main causes of ill health: physical blocks, power blocks, and spiritual blocks, or blocks messages. Material units occur within cells. Energy blocks — between cells. Spiritual blocks occur in the heart chakra as a result of shipping errors this and previous lives.

Why do people get sick? According to the theory of Dr. Zhi cause of disease is a blockage of the flow of vital energy, "qi" at the cellular level. The cage is made of matter. When the cell is reduced, the matter inside the cell is converted into energy outside the cell.

When the cell expands, the matter outside the cell becomes a matter within the cell. Health depends on the relative balance of this transformation in one direction or another. If this balance is disturbed, there is a disease. "And that's the case, what would be the diagnosis did not put doctors" — says Dr. Kyi.

Thus, there are only two causes of disease expressed by various consequences, called by different names of diseases. One cause of the disease — the excess energy in the intercellular space, under this diagnosis gets about 85-90% of all diseases, including all stages of cancer, AIDS, fear, grief, depression …

The second cause of disease — lack of energy in the intercellular space, under this kind of gets 10-15% of all diseases. These include chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis …

Diagnosis of these two types of deficiency and excess of energy in cells from Dr. Zhi simple. Thick, large tongue — an indicator of excess energy in the cells. Small, thin and light language — the deficit of energy.

This shower each cell and organ systems of the human body is vibrated at its natural frequency. On the natural frequency of the vibrating and soul of every number in the universe, with its own note of sound and color emission. Having found a match these frequencies, taking a pose of the body, allowing universal energy 'chi' to flow freely to the sick body can heal any disease.

When this energy that feeds every soul of our cosmos begins to flow to the affected organ, harmonizing the energy of the cells, there is healing.

Specific healing practice of Dr. Zhi very simple and accessible to everyone, like walking and stationary patient. The difficulty is only one — a discipline that is regular classes.

The doctor Kyi has gone dedication of his teacher after years of practice and strict discipline. Because of this, he found the gift of healing, and received the blessing of the world to issue secret knowledge that before he passed exclusively by word of mouth attained enlightenment.

As for the methods of Dr. Zhi, then they should either be treated with more respect, or do not touch at all.

The knowledge that he offers in his book, he barely mined his soul for many years, beginning in childhood. And to work the soul should always be treated with respect, as, indeed, to any work.

And keep in mind that the knowledge obtained by the "next" soul, can, of course, be understood. This is not a punishable offense. But, if misunderstood deliberately distorted and ridiculed, blowback is inevitable.

Hope Alisimchik.

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