True story about the gray wolf, or a monster Gevodanskoe

March 8, 2012 16:06

Came a gray top …

Writer tells about the monster in the XVIII century, the terror of the French

In Europe, where there are no lions or tigers or crocodiles or deadly poisonous snakes, the most terrible beast was humble folk wolf. They are something and scaring children since time immemorial. For example, my earliest memory is not original: "There will come a gray top and grabbed the flank," — sung nanny. True, I was not afraid, because "top" I have nothing to worry revolving konnotirovalsya with a toy, and a song I adequately evaluated as artistic hyperbole and at their side for quite feared.

So I'll tell you a really scary story about the gray wolf. And the worst thing in this tale is that it is — true story. And besides, even a detective with the very obvious clues.
In the mid-18th century, civilized France, at the height of the Age of Enlightenment, the incredible events unfolded, made a lot of noise. In this story it would be hard to believe, if its entire course was not well documented.

Women tastier men (by the way, all the women on March 8!)

In the forests of the Languedoc wound terrible beast-eater, who was nicknamed Gevodanskim monster because his first victim, a 14-year-old girl, monster lifted province Gevodan. It happened in the spring of 1764.
Witnesses described an animal bigger than a wolf, but less than the bear, with reddish hair, a huge head and roundnose curled tail.
Since then the monster attacks (most sources still calls him "the wolf") has continued. In total, according to official data from the fangs of a mysterious beast has killed more than a hundred people (mostly women and children). Thirty were bitten but survived.

Panic gripped not only the region, but swept across France. Looking for the best hunters of the kingdom in the dense forests of the beast-killer. To no avail.
Then Louis XV sent a special edict in Languedoc his main trapping Antoine de Boterna. Many weeks Botern set traps, ambush and in the end, in September 1765, his huntsman shot abnormally large wolf. Dead animals were triumphantly brought to Versailles, on display. Rumors Gevodanskom monster was royally ordered to stop.

Scarecrow show at Versailles

But do not stop the killing. Still two years devouring monster of women and children, only in the newspapers about it no longer write. Reported about solving the problem — there is a problem no more.
Glory to the true winner Gevodanskogo wolf belongs to the simple hunter named Jean Chatel. May 16, 1767 beast bitten to death by a girl, his relative. Chatel was on the trail of blood-thirsty creatures for three days, finally found it and shot. This time it was definitely it, Gevodanskoe monster: witnesses identify him. And the attacks of that day was no more.

Scarecrow show at Versailles

The exact dimensions of the beast known. Not that he was a giant body length of 99 centimeters and 19 centimeters wide mouth. Not much of a large German Shepherd. Truly fear has big eyes.
These are the facts. Further questions begin.
First, it is not clear that it's still been a pet wolf or wolf?

The tail of the wolf weird

Secondly, the wolves almost never attack humans alone, only in packs.
Third, witnesses heroic victory Chatel told that when the hunter finally saw the monster it itself went out to meet him, almost a wagging tail. Why?
Today, most historians tend to the next version.
Jean Chatel was reclusive man, he lived in the suburbs, with a pack of "Molosser" — a special breed of hunting dogs, descended from crossing the wolf and dog. Perhaps one of the puppies grew larger and angrier others. Perhaps Chatel was a misanthrope who specially trained to hunt the mestizo people. Why? God knows. Let's say it was a sociopath, enjoy the glory and mystery of the sinister power of life and death over others.
Such instances occur. In any case, this version is logically explains the denouement of the drama. When a relative of Chatel died in agony Gnawed beast, the hunter decided to destroy its dangerous "toy". He must have known where to find the ogre — and coolly shot the monster, when he rushed to meet the owner.
There are even more bizarre version — about what Chatel did not act alone, and carried out the orders of his master, the Marquis de Saint-Alban, reputed madman and misanthropes.
Now no reliably determines that it actually happened.
Ten years ago in France came a feature film inspired by the story about a monster Gevodanskoe Le Pacte des loups, but I have not seen any of the versions follow the creators do not know.

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