TsAGI completed work on an international project DREAM

The work on the project of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union DREAM, which lasted for 4 years.


The project was carried biggest engine-building companies, Rolls-Royce, Snecma, MTU and research centers in Europe and Russia, including larger share of research conducted TSAGI, The press service of the institute.

DREAM project aims to develop key technologies for the creation of screw-fan aircraft engines with open rotor. The main purpose of research — find radical ways to reduce fuel consumption and noise reduction compared with the exploited today turbofan engines.

Design, fabrication and testing of a series of models — the demonstrators advanced open rotors made TSAGI helped to formulate and test a number of new technical and technological solutions. From scientists, experimenters and production institute took the complicated task of precision manufacturing models and equipment, to develop modern tools, including a compact telemetry data from rotating turbomachinery is emphasized in the press service of the institute.

The project TsAGI specialists:
— for the first time applied the latest optical technologies deformation measurement of the blades;
— worked out and verified PSP-contact method for measuring the pressure field of the rotating screw birotativnyh;
— applied to complex methods for measuring noise propellers in wind tunnel tests, developed by specialists of TsAGI, DLR and Snecma.

The resulting unique experimental data were the basis for checking and improving the methods of calculation of power plants for European and Russian participants.

DREAM project yielded great technological advance in the formation of the image of advanced engines. As a result of the search, the experimental and theoretical studies have provided important results for the practical work, giving the prerequisites for cost-effective generation of aircraft engines vintoventilyatornyh 2025.

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