TsAGI modernized helicopter aerobatic stand VPS-4

The experts of the dynamics and aerodynamics of helicopters, together with the specialists of "Transas Aviation" (St. Petersburg) upgraded the hardware-software complex aerobatic helicopter stendaVPS-4. Upgrade qualitatively transformed the imaging system and changed the piloting medium. The upgrade will significantly expand the range of tasks to improve the safety of helicopter operations. It is now extremely important for current and future high-speed domestic vertoletovmarok Ka, Mi. In the future, the stand will be included in the modeling complex of two stand-flight AMS-4i being created at present novogoVPS-5.

Helicopter piloting stand was created by experts helicopter TSAGI department at the beginning of 2001 and after the installation of its software company "Transas" was commissioned in 2003 VPS-4 is equipped with a fixed unit and a three-channel projection system displaying external visual environment with digital synthesis using virtual reality technology. The stand is designed for research on advanced helicopters conducted by department of aerodynamics and dynamics of helicopters TSAGI together with JSC "Helicopters of Russia", JSC "Kamov", JSC "Mil Moscow. Mil. "

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