Tungurahua volcano again increased activity

Tungurahua VolcanoTungurahua volcano, located in the mountains of Ecuador, is once again increased its activity after a series of explosions in the bowels of the mountain for the last two days decreased slightly, according to the experts of the Geophysical Institute (IG) of the National Polytechnic School.

Another surge of the Colossus, which is located 135 km south of Quito, was recorded on Sunday, which is why local authorities announced the introduction of a number of settlements in the immediate vicinity of the volcano, the 2nd level of vigilance (orange). On Wednesday and Thursday, the volcano Tungurahua has toned down his activity, but at dawn on Friday began the next stage of the eruption. Volcanologists reported 25 episodes of the oscillations of the earth surface in the vicinity of the Colossus for the last day, visually heard almost continuous roar of intensity from mild to severe. Last night there were several series of powerful explosions in the crater of the volcano, accompanied by the release of large heated stones (pieces of the mountain), at an altitude of about 200 meters above the crater that rolled up to one kilometer along the slopes of the volcano. This morning the staff IG observed ash column height of 1.5 km above the crater, with the direction of the east.

Heavy rainfall recorded in the area of the volcano Tungurahua, lead to the formation of mud flows, which, mixed with the red-hot lava flowing down the mountain gorges, leading to increased levels in the river Vaskun. For this reason, volcanologists advise residents to stay away from the gills. Also in communities situated near the mountain, there is the fall of ashes.

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