Tunguska meteorite as a factor in the global anti-Russian conspiracy


On the last day of June, the scientific community celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Tunguska meteorite. In Moscow, in parallel were just two completely scientific and quite representative of the conference. The first was going no where else but at the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences. These scholars conventionally called meteoritchikami. They are convinced that, in June 1908 in the area of the river Tunguska meteorite fall or, in extreme cases, the comet. The fact that over one hundred years have not found a single piece, not a single particle of matter of this meteorite, they are not particularly embarrassing. Well, let's say, exploded in the air and went too deep into the ground, or is there looking for.

Much more interesting to observe the audience to an alternative conference "antimeteoritchikov." Here, in honor of the name of the other issues — the Tunguska phenomenon, and other variations of the event in 1908. Mark, what are able to visualize the inquisitive human mind.

To me, accustomed to trust only the facts of view, the most complete hypothesis should recognize Olhovatova Andrew, who believes that the Tunguska phenomenon was a kind of earth quake occurred on the site of a geological fault in the paleovolcano. And no space effects were not here. "By the end of June 1908 there was a specific geophysical situation, a key element of which was a large-scale (global?) Activation processes in the Earth's interior. One of the places where activation of tectonic processes occurred in the most severe degree, was the southern part of the Siberian tectonic plate ", — reported the gathering, Mr. Ol'khovatov.

All other versions (the action of ether, fireballs, UFOs) clearly gave the clinic until finally he announced the theme "Nikola Tesla -" The Barber of Siberia "." It's what I was waiting stoically breaking waves of ether and the peak of spaceships.

Nikola Tesla — American physicist of Serbian origin, engineer, electrical engineer, radio engineer, and was previously known for his bold experiments on the electrical stress on the Earth's ionosphere. At least there are witnesses that by repeated experiments he was able to briefly cover the areas of the night sky. But Boris Rodionov, Professor of Engineering Physics Institute, among other things, opened the gathering new strokes biography of Tesla.

"Grandiose undertaking Tesla has supported the world's largest financial magnate Morgan, and nearly 60-meter-high tower" Uorlenklif "(leaving for Honor to the same depth into the ground with his communications) built and furnished almost entirely by the 1903 … Given the pronounced anti-Russian Morgan's activities and related U.S. and European bankers — the financing of anti-government conspiracies and revolutionary parties in Russia, themselves revolutions 1905 (Parvus and Trotsky), and 1917 (Parvus, Trotsky, Lenin), as well as Russian-Japanese war and World wars — we note that the Tunguska explosion of 1908, even as the result of a test of the secret weapons on the territory of the enemy (ie, latent aggression), well within the same policy of eliminating fledged economic, ideological and political rival Russian. And looks like the Tunguska explosion of scientific and technical element is the global anti-Russian conspiracy. The undeniable desire to benefit humanity Tesla's wireless power and communication with the money Morgan Tesla actually prepared a devastating weapon and a means of political blackmail of the world. "

Hmmm … "Pharmacy around the corner" — I wanted to give sympathy to the author of the report.

Back in 1996, the German soothsayer, Nostradamus interpreter and popularizer of life in the pyramids Manfred Dimde wrote that the Tunguska explosion caused the wireless energy torpedo fired by Nikola Tesla. Next, a leap year, 2,000 th, Alexander Gordon in his television program suggested that the Tunguska explosion was caused by the experiment of the same Tesla's power transmission elektrovoln away. Allegedly, a few months before the explosion Tesla claimed to be unable to light the way to the North Pole expedition of his future discoverer R. Pirrie. But miscalculated and fired a bundle of energy in the Stony Tunguska. Two more cycles of leap — and Tesla was one of the most active participants in the global anti-Russian conspiracy.

Alexander Melenberg

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