Two members of the Mogilev solidarity actions will be judged

Eighteen BPF Valentine Lobachova many children and mother Natalia Shkadun accused of taking part in an unsanctioned picket. It happened on Sunday, January 16.

Lobachova and Shkadun Lenin called to the police department of Mogilev and exposed them to the charge. Administrative proceedings is at the Department of Andrew Teteryukov.

"We are now in the police — said Natalia Shkadun. — Teteryukov went to court and told us to wait for him. When will the court, he said. It is possible that today. He introduced us to the legislation governing the holding of rallies and picketing. It implies that we are guilty of participating in an unsanctioned picket. "

January 16 dozen activists took to the pedestrian street and Lenin held a rally of solidarity with political prisoners. In the hands of each of the participants held portraits of former presidential candidates, their trustees and social activists who were arrested the day after the presidential election.

Picketers handed out to passersby and the newspaper, "Do not be afraid", dedicated to political prisoners. During the picket watched and filmed it on video the police, but did not attempt to disperse.

The next day, the first was summoned Valentine Lobachova. By Natalia Shkadun policeman came to work.


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