U.S. melts of record heat


Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas faced a wave of record heat — the thermometer showed 40 degrees in the shade, hospitals are overcrowded and bring relief only destructive storms.

In the U.S., real weather drama unfolds after a series of deadly tornadoes in the country came to a stifling heat.

The temperature in the shade is above 40 degrees, the hottest weather in states with a dry climate: in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas.

Absence of clouds in the sky cause intense heating of land, which in turn leads to an even greater increase in temperature. Forecasters do not know when the temperature will begin to fall.

The closer to the Great Lakes and the Gulf of Mexico, the higher the humidity, the coastal States by the steam room. Surprising that hospitals are overflowing affected by sunlight or heat stroke.

It should be noted that the temperature record was established in the city of Joplin, who in May suffered from the devastating tornado. Here, for the first time in 25 years, the temperature in the shade was more than 40 degrees.

The reason for this heat wave — the inflow of hot air masses from the Gulf of Mexico. While the central part of the U.S. is suffering from the heat, the southern states are threatening storms and tornadoes.

Unique archival video of the unprecedented heat in the 50s.


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