U.S. will allocate less money to Belarus

In the Company's 2011 fiscal year, the United States can give Belarus $ 14 million. Naviny.by note that this is about a million less than it was the previous year. Internet resource refers to a message posted on the official site on U.S. foreign aid.

Of the planned for Belarus assets of more than $ 9 million will be allocated for the development of democracy and human rights (in 2010 it amounted to 10.2 million). Health care is planned around 650 thousand dollars on education and human development — $ 1.8 million for economic development — $ 1.4 million for the fight against transnational crime — 400,000 dollars.

"The main goal of U.S. aid in Belarus is to support the Belarusian people in an effort to ensure that the government has begun to respect democratic rights and freedoms. The policy of the Belarusian authorities aimed at limitations and restrictions leads to the fact that

The amount allocated to Belarus — one of the most lowest in the region of the former Soviet Union

pro-democracy groups and independent political figures are repressed, and the majority of citizens do not have access to objective information — said in an explanatory comments. — Progress is still needed in areas such as human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as market-oriented reforms. In this regard, U.S. assistance will continue to support the country on its path to democracy based on the rule of law and respect for human rights. The assistance includes programs aimed at strengthening civil society, supporting independent media, the development of non-governmental organizations, as well as the program of market reforms and private sector development. Social and humanitarian assistance will contribute to the fight against transnational threats, supporting the most sensitive sections of the population. "

The amount allocated to Belarus — one of the most lowest in the region of the former Soviet Union. In comparison to the Ukraine in 2011 will be allocated $ 124 million for Georgia — 90.1 for Russia — 68.7, Armenia — 45.2, Moldova — 22.7 million dollars.

And the largest amounts, as expected, are allocated to Afghanistan (3.9 billion), Pakistan and Israel (by 3 billion), Egypt (1.5 billion), Iraq (729 million) and Jordan (682 million) . The total amount of U.S. aid to different countries of the world in 2011 will amount to $ 58 billion (1% of the federal budget).

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