UFO flying over the Kremlin 200 years ago

November 15, 2011 23:06

The aliens are looking at the white stone long ago?

In the archives of the State Historical Museum found a description of an unidentified flying object in 1808.
In this age of "flying saucers" are nothing new — they are written about in the newspapers, on TV talk, and some lucky people even claim to have seen them yourself. However, in practice it often happens that they saw a UFO at all, and weather balloons, rockets, oddly lit from the earth or sun, aircraft or train them. Skeptics point out that the mass UFO sightings began with the Second World War, when the sky began to flare up the battle, just as massive as the battle on Earth. Like, people barely mastered the airspace, as immediately appeared uneducated Crank, who believe in UFOs. With this statement is hard to argue. But what about the UFO sightings in doaviatsionnuyu era?

Archive privy councilor

Leading researcher in the Department of written sources of the State Historical Museum (PGI GIM) Candidate of Historical Sciences Alexander Afanasyev, for over 30 years specializing in the history of our country late XVIII — early XIX century. He is the author of many works that have made him one of the leading experts on the period.

— I recently analyzed a collection of papers of prominent Muscovite, who died in the middle of XIX century senator, privy councilor Peter Poludenskogo. Small archive — memoirs of the years of study at Moscow University, where he graduated with a gold medal, official documents and this curious manuscript apparently attracted his attention. I am not a great connoisseur of modern UFO literature, but it seems to me that the paper describes a UFO.

Does not look like a fake

Indeed, the behavior of the mysterious object is very similar to the current stories about UFOs: the ability to stay sharp and fast moving, quickly changing direction, a bright light, regular geometric dimensions. Can this document be fake later time?

— Excluded — says Afanasiev. — Recorded on the rolled twice sheet of letter paper with water marks which indicate that it was made in 1805 at a factory in Kaluga Athanasius Goncharova. By the way, the granddaughter of industrialist Natalia Goncharova became the wife of Pushkin. Text on spelling, punctuation and style of presentation is fully consistent with the rules of spelling the beginning of XIX century. It can be assumed that the author — an educated man. This follows from the definition language, the use of chemical and physical terms and accurate, up to the minute, the time of appearance of the object. Perhaps it was one of the teachers or students of Moscow State University, because at that time he was near the Kremlin, on Moss Street.

— But that's what this recording was made, and the picture itself — a mystery to me — continues historian Afanasiev. — At first I assumed it was a sketch of an article for the newspaper. But in "Moscow News", which he published university or in other metropolitan newspapers for 1808, this information has not been published.

Master of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate chemistry …

Afanasyev seriously interested in this manuscript and decided to consult the astronomers that observed in the sky as the unknown author. But scientists unexpectedly helped establish the name of the observer.

— In 1805, a white stone was founded the Moscow Society of Naturalists, still exists today — says scientific worker stories Astronomical Observatory of the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg Galina Ponomareva. — And by good fortune in his archives preserved handwritten minutes of meetings of the time. And in the book of 1808, we found a record in French: "September 23, Mr. Chebotarev made a report on the observation of their September 1 meteor." Of course, this was not a meteor, but at the time was called meteors all objects flying in the sky — the term "UFO" was not yet in sight. And the author, as we later found out, was ignorant of astronomy.

The lists to the Moscow University for 1808, researchers found the employee by the name of Chebotarev. This was a 24-year-old Andrew Kharitonovich Chebotarev, Master of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate (Senior Lecturer. — Ed.) Chemistry and technology.

It is known that in the university at the time he gave lectures to young industrialists and manufacturers on the theme: "Foundations of Bleaching, dyeing and stuffing Arts" and "The Chemical Basis politehnologicheskih sciences."

— So naturally, — concludes Galina Ponomareva — that associate Chebotarev in the description of the object as a unit of length used the "yard", and color of the "Burning of the club," he reminded the glow of burning phosphorus in oxygen.

Why the report has not been published

— In the archives of the State Historical Museum is the manuscript, the author of which was exactly Andrei Chebotarev — continues Alexander Afanasyev. — And his style was different from what was written document about the strange object in the sky. This is the only thing that interferes with absolute certainty declare that witnessed a UFO over the Kremlin was just Chebotarev. However, handwriting experts of the State History Museum believe that this mysterious document was a professional scribe. And Chebotarev could seek the services of such a person. It was a normal practice in the case of the manuscript passed to print. Chebotarev could prepare material for publication in the annual bulletin "of the Moscow Society of Naturalists." But for unknown reasons it was never printed.
Researcher Alex PGI SHM Jusko shows Tula diary Kazachihina tradesman.

Manuscript published in the media FIRST

THREE pages of the manuscript

The figure at the top left — the direction of the world. But why do some shows sloping line — a mystery to historians.

1. September 13, 1808 at 20 hours, 7 minutes, someone in the building on Moss Street heard a loud crackling and looked out the window and saw a rectangular object with visible dimensions of 6.35 x 0.35 meters, an arc rising into the sky.

2. At a height of 2 — 3 km, it froze over the Kremlin. And on the side of a bright fireball erupted diameter of 1 — 1.5 meters. The glow lasted 5 seconds.

3. When the flame was extinguished, the object began to slowly climb straight up and was visible for two more minutes.

Figure notable for the fact that we can consider the Kremlin early XIX century.

According to Alexander Afanasyev, the Kremlin wall in front of the river flows Neglinnaya — now it's hidden under the earth, and in this place divided Alexander Garden.

Building the wall (left to right: the Assumption Cathedral, Archangel Cathedral, Belfry of Ivan the Great (the tallest building) and the Miracles Monastery (demolished in 1930).

However, the Galina Ponomareva different version. On ricunke — view of the Kremlin from the Moskva River. And the pattern is not made by Chebotarev, in the same unknown scribe.
"The phenomenon of extreme … never even seen before."

The phenomenon could be seen in the University.

Researcher Alex PGI SHM Jusko shows Tula diary Kazachihina tradesman.

In 1808, in September the 1st day (September 13, the new style.. — Ed.) In 8 M ^ hours and 7 minutes in the afternoon the sky was clear and star-studded emergency never had any beauty and correctness of his for no peculiar bright light for no value of its terrible unprecedented phenomenon. As we have seen in the strong cod it in the sky, it was rising kosnovennoyu Arcuate linieyu on the horizon of 55 years [degrees] to about 90 [degrees]. Space which ran almost instantly stopped in the sky on a clear summer day, the clouds, as it were over the Kremlin and represented as a long, straight blade color phosphorescent glow in the eye, length of nine yards (6.35 meters.. — Ed.) Long and a half- yard (35 cm). Then the front end thereof in his direction that is in the south-west suddenly flared oval shapes club in two feet of length (1.4 meters) long and one and a half (1.05 meters), the brightest light which can only be compared with the radiance in oxygenic gas ignited phosphorus. Rowed without opening fire and sparks, but in a circle for five seconds to highlight all items in the brightest day, then went out the flame, a bright light was gone, but a bright light and the record remained very smoothly went perpendicularly to the top reached to the stars and back in them was seen as a long three-yard (2.13 meters) for about two minutes then not disappearing for extraordinary height to make it invisible.

(Spelling and punctuation of the original retained.)

The case was still

White kite in the blue sky

Employees of the State History Museum found another strange testimony.

Tula tradesman, a member of the City Council Andrei Afanasievich Kazachihin February 24, 1875 in his diary that he had seen in the sky, a strange ball that, up a "very high", failed transformed into something white, like a snake with a large round head and long winding tail. Watched these things member city council "for 10 minutes or more."

— Bourgeois Kazachihin diary "Monument of past events" is almost 32 years old. And for the rest of the recording, it does not look like someone who can fantasize knows what — say IRS employees GIM. — He wrote about everything — about traveling through Tula members of the imperial family, tour celebrities, elections to the Duma, kvartirovanii units, deaths acquaintances. And he wrote about the mysterious phenomenon of very ordinary, not attaching too much importance.

Andrew MOISEENKO, Photo by Ivan Timoshina

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