UFO in Tatarstan ufologists suspect Almetevsk


Last week, in the region of Tatarstan Verkhneuslonsky near the island Svijazhsk a congress of UFO and paranormal investigator who came from different regions of the Volga Federal District. The fact that discussed on this forum, as well as unusual events in our region, we have talked with the head of the group "Kosmopoisk" in Kazan Maria Petrova, who returned a few days ago from the Congress.

— Why Congress Volga "Kosmopoisk" took place precisely in the area of RT Verkhneuslonsky opposite the island Svijazhsk? This is a special area in terms of the UFO?
— No, this area is a special area. When we were looking for a place to camp, the first thing came out of the necessary conditions for it — the presence of water, firewood and other things. And, besides, we Verkhneuslonsky study area for several years, the work of our group in 2002 and just started with him. Although the anomalous zone, the area is not drawn, the fact that there are from time to time, attracted our attention. There is a small UFO activity. It is of interest, and the island itself Svijazhsk, built up monasteries and temples. But we know that they were built for a reason, and in places with powerful positive energy. Even the churches are able to accumulate such a positive energy. There, in that place, there is a confluence of three rivers, but this is also a powerful force that carries water. And by putting a camp opposite the island Sviyazhska, at the same time we wanted to show the participants of the Congress one of the local cultural attractions of Tatarstan.
— What was devoted to the Congress, which issues it discussed?
— The congress was devoted primarily organizational issues, their decisions.
Different issues were discussed: from the techniques of writing research reports and finishing plans for the future. In addition, the congress was a conversation about our projects: "Project Dromos" and "five-time camouflage." In a nutshell, the first of which is devoted to contemporary problems of ufology. A "Five-camouflage" developed methods of finding UFO bases. It is believed that they may be located in the deserts, mountain passes, in the marshy areas. And then there is the assumption that all of the evidence on UFOs — it's camouflage. Aliens or those who want to pretend to be them, specially fed false information to hide the traces of their activity to the researchers of this phenomenon were looking for is not there.
— From the point of view of "Kosmopoisk" is there any interest in Naberezhnye Chelny? Sent to the eyewitnesses of the abnormal phenomena Chelny you my testimony?
— Unfortunately, despite the fact that there is Chelny people interested in anomalous phenomena, we receive very little information of your city. But we hope that in the future we will have a more complete picture of what is happening in Naberezhnye Chelny. After all, any witness may write or call us.
— Tell us about JuR'EVSKIJj AL'MET'EVSK caves and arches.
— St. George's system of caves located in the Kama-Ustinskaya area between the village of the Republic of Tatarstan Kama mouth and mine "January 9" on the banks of the Volga. The cave was first described by A. Stupishin in 1967 and is a natural monument in 1986. Here we organized an expedition in 2004. Here we learned about the cave, as well as with the old abandoned galleries, which were created at the beginning of the last century in the development of gypsum. In a cave and tunnels we conducted an experiment on the perception of time in an enclosed space in which really convinced that these conditions greatly affect the man and his vremyavospriyatie. The majority of participants in the internal "clock" in a hurry.
Almetyevsk the arc, as the name implies, are located in the Almetyevsk district, or rather a little north (about 10 km) of the city. They were discovered through observation spelestologa Alexei Gun'ko (ROSI) and service Google Earth, which provides satellite images of earth high resolution and good quality.
As a result of viewing these photos were seen interesting glade in the forest with striking the right arcuate geometry. And during these imaginary lines cuttings are placed in line, bypassing the crops, were a continuation of each other. Was there a tempting analogy with the figures on the Nazca Plateau, which the researchers are taking over the star chart, compiled nezemlyanami.
It is possible that this phenomenon was associated with oil production in the area.
— In UFO research, you're driving to and from the paranormal. Tell us about this area of your business.
— In our group there are a few people who are mainly engaged in precisely this area of activity. Conventionally, we call them "Ghostbusters." For example, last year they had studied seven sites in Kazan, including Park recreation center "Chemists" garden "Hermitage" and the house of Fuchs. This year, the focus of "hunters" caught street highway, but at the moment at this address all the "pure". The garden of "Hermitage" was famous in the nineteenth century, there lived a gentleman-murderer, were particularly brutal in dealing with serfs. In the same place then it was illegal cemetery where people were buried without a funeral service. Now, no matter how they tried to revive, to equip the park, he still is in decline. That was the case in its history at this site. A DC "Chemists" is built on the former cemetery of the monastery. In Soviet times, all the graves were leveled and built on the bones of the building. There was a time when the guards reported that they see ghosts. Now the monastery is restored and there is no such activity.
— Where can handle eyewitnesses various anomalous phenomena, so that later on you can start examining the evidence set out the facts they?
— Witnesses of paranormal phenomena can call our hotline number: 8-950-311-3977, or send an e-mail kazan-kosmopoisk@mail.ru We are always ready to listen to a message on the anomalous phenomenon. And more than a witness describes it, the better.

In the picture: This picture was taken in the ghost of Kazan in 2006, activists of "Kosmopoisk" engaged in the paranormal

Natalia Garipova

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