UFO over Vladimir


Residents Vladimir witnessed a UFO — three balls of light, flying in the sky.

One of the townspeople and the family members who live in the Southwest region, saw a UFO from the balcony of his apartment. One of the balls hung over the house, and it failed to make out detail — according to witnesses, he looked like a comet with a fiery tail. It happened at 10 pm.

An hour later, unidentified flying objects were seen in the area of the main building of State University — three lighted ball moved slowly across the sky. At the bus stop at the time was a few people. Nikita Sorokin tried to remove the UFO on a mobile phone, but the picture, unfortunately, a poor-quality.

According to the student Nikita Sorokin, three lighted ball flew into the shape of a triangle. Sorokin was unable to consider a slightly priplyuschenny to black. It is believed that these objects could not be any aircraft or helicopters because it does not leave behind a strip.

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