UFO prevent another Chernobyl

January 29, 2012 12:18

Voronezh region has long ranked among the so-called "ufozonam", where there is increased activity of UFOs. Ironically, witnesses of the paranormal were quite serious people — scientists and the military … So, for 27 years of the mission control center Talovsky its radars often fixed objects of unknown origin.

Senior Engineer Talovsky MCC Alexander Zakurdaev repeatedly photographed over the territory of the native center strange things in black with a metallic tint.

According to him, it can not be the aircraft flying at a great height — their speed is much higher than the speed of flight liners. And the engineer Gennady Tarasenko says that sometimes appear on the locators objects similar to aircraft, but too large. They are visible on the screen a few seconds, then suddenly disappear. It is not supplied any information about a plane crash. Consequently, it is about aircraft of extraterrestrial origin?

But this story, which involved the security bodies like, until recently it was known only by its direct participants.

UFO Alexander Mosolov — aircraft engineer by profession. In 1978 he became interested in the UFO problem. Since 1979, the Deputy Chief of the study of anomalous phenomena in scientific and technical society of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Communications after A. Popov. Author of "UFO in Voronezh" and "Three Steps to UFO mystery." Mosolov states that saw the unidentified flying objects 26 times.

In autumn 1989, on Voronezh repeatedly observed a UFO. It was then in the hands of Alexander got a picture taken on November 8 cadets Voronezh Higher Aviation Engineering School in the local reservoir. In the picture was captured spherical object. Mosolov showed photos Moscow psychic, a physicist by education Dmitry Musatov. He suddenly announced that the invasion of "plates" due to the possible explosion in Voronezh NPP.

On his return to Voronezh Alexander delivered a letter from Igor Yadykina aircraft technician. From the letter indicated that, at the same time the students filmed an unknown object, Igor also faced with the inexplicable phenomenon.

That day … Yadykina way to work in the airport went through a ravine. Going down there, he said in 100-150 meters away any object emitting a greenish glow. Near, Igor saw a ball with a diameter of about one meter. Suddenly there was a crashing of branches and the trees came a tall man. On his head is a kind stranger adorned helmet with shield in place of the face. And this panel was lit, and it is on the screen, the image appeared … recent Chernobyl disaster. Then the screen came Novovoronezh NPP, surrounded by green. The image on the second went out — and suddenly replaced by an entirely different picture — something explodes, people rushing around in a panic over the city anxiously circling flocks of birds … Then Yadykina "show" Voronezh construction CHP and again returned to Novovoronezh. Next Igor did not remember, woke up lying on the ground. Next — no one …

In early 1990, a UFO was repeatedly observed in the plant. In January, the New Voronezh in the snow appeared glowing ring, presumably left by an unidentified flying object.

Mosolov wrote to the Regional Directorate of the KGB letter which provided information on the latest developments, from a photo taken cadets and ending event with Igor Yadykina. Authorities have responded in a serious way. Yadykina summoned to the KGB, to ask in detail about the aliens from the "screen". He was even asked to do a sketch of the area where he met a strange "man." Security staff also told him that at about the same time, when there was a contact, radar revealed three unidentified flying object near Chertovitskoye.

It was not long — and Novovoronezh suspended the second power and heating plant construction freeze. According to official explanations, these facilities did not meet safety standards … of the role in this whole affair played UFO, of course, nothing was said.

Margarita Trinity

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