UFO that conceals the government?

January 14, 2012 16:12

If numerous stories of crashed UFO with alien bodies, however, means that the governments of different countries certainly know more than they recognize. But how much they actually know about the pilots alien ships?

Our human nature makes us suspicious of those who have the power, when they are obviously hiding some information from us — if you rely on history, much of this lack of confidence is justified. However, it is our imagination takes us there, and we become victims of our own fears, paranoia, and that we are open to those who are taking advantage of our human nature, give us a clear lies and exaggerations of what is actually known power powers that be, and what they hide from us.

What if the only thing that the government knew about UFOs and those who govern them are: 1) they exist, 2) they come and go in our atmosphere, and will continue to do so, and 3) our military pilots had several crashes during the persecution of them ( When the UFO let them get too close), and 4) the fact that these devices are sometimes fall and allow us to understand some technical puzzles and try to apply them to our advantage?

In terms of our age, we can imagine that if there is a new foreign government, our officials would try to establish diplomatic relations with it, and it would not go unnoticed society and media. Of course, a new species of intelligent beings is a slightly different type of anxiety, rather than a new country, but I wonder whether it would be a standard diplomatic protocol? What if this new formation would be possible and technology is many times larger than the real potential of our 'super powers' and their choices just come and go as they wish and not to engage in diplomacy or formal representation of themselves? This may be the reason for the lack of information coming to us today from the world of government representatives about aliens that are likely to visit our planet and doing it for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Obviously, our government were not familiar with the pilots formally UFO before the crash in Roswell (piece of New Mexico, USA) in 1947, according to an official response in the press. First, the army said the fall of 'flying saucer' which was discovered on a farm in the north of Roswell, then the application was denied, and measures were taken to eliminate the consequences. To hide what was open. Now we have several different official explanation of the incident, which were presented in the last sixty years. Even if he had established diplomatic relations with an alien civilization would not have done any press conferences or public statements, as Government would have to admit that it has some information. If our government has already had contact with visitors to our planet, the military services have ordered the media not to cover extraordinary cases, such as the incident in Roswell.

Now let's discuss the 'Holy Grail' for most ufologists — official disclosure of the entire U.S. government information or part of it, about UFOs and aliens visits. Even if we imagine that the government concluded a diplomatic agreement with the aliens, and made some arrangements, under any circumstances, the Government will not disclose the fact of what we are not supposed to know, just as it was not able to recognize the sale of the nuclear potential enemy country . It would have caused a huge public outcry and irreversibly undermine confidence in the government, even if the facts which have become known, was half a century ago.

Now let's reverse the scenario where the government did not have any formal relationship with the aliens, never attempted to contact the government and all their attempts were left by aliens, flying in our skies, with no response. The only information the government has about these mysterious visitors, was obtained from the crashed vehicles, radar, visual observations and eyewitness accounts. In this case, the most reliable data were obtained from the crashed UFO unlikely captain would leave the log book — indeed, even if the aliens would have a written language, what is the guarantee that we would be able to decrypt it. Thus, the mystery grows with the helplessness of the government, which can not actually get the aliens to get in touch and do not do anything about it. All attempts by the government have been met with silence — the same government that has to protect its people from intruders can not get a word from the aliens of their intentions. So what disclosure can be expected? The easiest way to hide your head in the sand and pretend that UFOs do not exist — it's just too much imagination, hallucinations or incorrectly identified terrestrial objects. It is much easier to try to convince the public that there is no UFO phenomenon, authorizing the Company to enter academia misleading. Much easier to just close my eyes, than to admit to the people that the government is aware of the daily visits of aliens in our airspace and does not know why, and can not do anything about it.

What is the correct scenario? And will we ever, how many actually know the government?

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