UFO wreckage found


Ufologists are sure that aliens had a base in the Far East

In the Far East, crashed UFO. Military collect debris of the mysterious UFO, trying to figure out the origin of the unit.

May 27 at about 10:30 pm local time over the skies of northern part of the island of Phu Quoc there was a loud explosion, and then the sky fell down pieces of metal.

"Flying saucer" over the Dalnegorsk

One of them struck the iron roof of an apartment house, but no one was hurt. Locals have picked up six fragments of gray color. The largest of them measuring 70 by 150 cm The incident world news agencies have learned from the words of the commander of the military district of Nguyen Van Quy.


Vietnamese authorities are at a loss. They still find it difficult to identify the type of the crashed machine. "The explosion occurred at an altitude of about eight kilometers" — Vietnam News Agency reported VNA.

UFO wreckage at the site of the explosion on the hill height of 611

A similar disaster occurred on the Russian Dalnegorsk in 1986. Strange glowing balls that fly from south to north, the residents of this city in Primorsky Krai observed quite often. Head of the Far Eastern Research Center UFO researcher Victor Brier has no doubt: the aliens have a strict itinerary, if they are looking for traces of the events that took place here 22 years ago at the height of the hill 611. Then, on January 28 at 15.55, residents saw in the sky a reddish two-meter diameter sphere. Eyewitnesses said that he was a little povisel in the air and fell on the rocks. At the crash site found the wreckage of the object.

Vietnamese military perplexed

Scientists who have studied the samples found Brier iron balls found in their composition, except iron, magnesium, rare earth elements, Prometheus — the element produced by artificial means, which is not found naturally in the earth's crust.


Amazingly, and Vietnamese island and Dal'negorsk where the UFO crash happened, lie almost on the same track with VILYUISKY region of Yakutia, where the Czech expedition led by Ivan Matskerle found traces of alien civilization. There, at the bottom of the two lakes, found ten-metal boilers — "Life" written about it in the last issue. Ufologists believe that they may be hiding under the base of the aliens. We are preparing a comprehensive expedition with the assistance of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is to finally find the answer to the question of the Yakut phenomenon. Scientists and journalists of "Life" are hoping to penetrate the bunker rooms with metal underneath, of which there are numerous testimonies of local residents. Perhaps the key to the mystery of Vietnamese and dalnogorskoy disasters UFO hidden it there …


Elena Yarovikova


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