Ufology going to Vishki


As already wrote "Hour", in Vishki local people saw a mysterious glowing objects in the sky. However, local wags have already said that the visit of the UFO is a direct result of immoderate consumption of beer on Midsummer.

But the Metropolitan Research Center anomalies UFOlats reacted to news from the Vishki seriously — and in parish descended UFO landing. Ufologists in their investigation helped journalist.

Scene one. Road

So, our cars are stopped at a roadside scenic country road that lies south of the parish. On the left hand — the picturesque ruins. Chapter UFO Yevgeny Sidorov concerned, first of all, the works of recent days. Again and again, he makes the head of the township to repeat the story.

— May 29 it was — patiently explains Mr. Kudinsh — Standing on this spot, I saw and photographed a luminous object. Yellow-white star with purple-red border I watched about four minutes. A community services worker Valentin Shnitko saw not only a glowing ball, but falling to the ground, and blue-violet beam diameter of 5 — 6 meters.

Highly experienced Yevgeny Sidorov is the story does not surprise me.

— No plane was it? What? The aircraft can not hover in one spot? Yet as he can! It all depends on the angle of view of the observer. If the aircraft is at an angle toward him, and even with the lights switched on, it might give the impression that the mysterious object is frozen in the air. How many times have we come across such cases!

However Kudinsh these arguments do not really convinced:

— Maybe so, but what a plane can dramatically soar vertically up? Nor would say over our parish constantly circling planes …

Ufologists went to the parish.

Scene Two. Parish

Find Valentine Shnitko we have not succeeded. It is said that the endless questioning him so tired that he now strongly deviates from the visitors. A significant role was played and ridicule that wags showered Vishkskoj "contactees" — they say that it is necessary to know the measure in use of intoxicating drink.

But we were able to talk with a local woman Tatiana Kolosha. And what kind of outlandish and even chilling story she told:

— It was in early March. The snow is already gone. At half past three in the morning, we went to work with a co-worker on the farm. Dark Circle. Suddenly we saw a bluish beam coming down from the sky. The road ran near the local cemetery. And then …

At first we thought it was someone walking between graves with a flashlight. When they came, they saw that it was not a flashlight in his hand man, and a huge one and a half meters in girth, luminous ball, slowly kativshiysya over the land. All the monuments were clearly visible when the light. And the silence … The horror! About five minutes, we looked at everything, and then the ball slowly disappeared in a grove behind the cemetery. We are in the hands and feet running …

Thanking Tatiana, ufologists began to deliberate.

— Well, this woman even agreed to talk to us — said researcher Lyudmila Chaupenok. — Many of the witnesses of unusual phenomena are constantly exposed to ridicule. Who wants to hear about himself that he was drunk something dreamed …

As for the substance of the story, then catches his similarity to many other similar stories, when people saw the mysterious objects, called on the UFO language Shong, that is, spherical objects of unknown origin.

Scene Three. Cemetery

Small rural cemetery was deserted. Dissolving the gate, we were cautiously between the graves, carefully examining the ground, monuments and trees. There is nothing unusual in her eyes dropping them.

One of the researchers, Anatoly Slavik, mused: "It may be that fireball?"

— At the moment we have two versions — summed up Yevgeny Sidorov, when we left the cemetery. — The first of them: in Vishki saw a fireball. Ball lightning is also poorly understood. Fireballs live about as much as watching a mysterious object that woman.

It is possible that some of the fear she has exaggerated its size. She does not remember the characteristic odor of ozone ball lightning and electrical crackle, but it is probably also due to fright.

Finally, the second version: the women saw a bright glare emanating from some source. Several monuments made from polished to a high gloss plate, it seems to me, could play the role of a mirror. It is clear that only a preliminary version …

With the collected material we return to Riga and now we will analyze it.

Well, again, contact with aliens is not fixed!


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