UFOs Magnetic transport vehicle

February 7, 2012 17:22

Our interlocutor — Vasily Mikhailuk, physicist ufologist, grasp the principle of the engine UFOs. His invention patented in Ukraine as "Magnetic transport vehicle" (Patent B64G1 00 9 00. № 60455 04S5 and F 00 № 54238). Now lives in the village of Riverside Saki region of Crimea.

— Aircraft instruments can themselves turned on and off from the influence of the magnetic poles of the Earth. And if you close UFO, which also heterogeneous with different sides of the pole, and the plane falls to her in one pole, the plane abruptly fling or simply fold. A UFO, I think energy refueling lightning. And if both are in the same storm clouds, it will break down all the relays, and the plane is doomed. Because from the very strong influence of the magnetic field lines "dish" pilot can not do anything. Especially if the plane is flying not the side, and the top or bottom. And on the death of Gagarin was a lot of controversy. If I could have somewhere to present their work … But I need support, the people who would have realized and saw in them the truth.

I put their patents on the Internet, they can be used to take himself and the armed forces. Not long ago I called Egorov, who ran together with Medvedev as president of Russia. He became interested in my materials.
When I was talking to a man and he is crazy, I understand that it is not. Everybody has a grand way and little hallway … A scientist can not be normal, he inevitably "shift" in their science. Yes, it happens that jumps …

White mark on the real eternity

— How did your invention?
— July 11, 1968 night, I came back with the youth "party." On one side of the road was the steppe, with other private buildings. Three hundred meters to the house I suddenly something stopped abruptly. Looking around, I saw: my way quietly moved growing bright white light. Flying at an altitude of approximately 80-100 meters at a speed of 60-80 km / h, he disappeared behind the horizon of the steppe.
Even more amazed me is that for those "light" for 4 — 5 miles stretched bright plume diameter of about three meters. However, he did not around to cover. Soon began to disappear with a bang, becoming a mass of individual white lumps.
Later, trying to understand what he saw, I read mountains of literature, but nothing could explain this phenomenon.
Eight years later, I came into possession of two permanent magnets. Manipulating them, unexpectedly became aware of their direct involvement in the long-standing phenomenon.
Thus began my designing innovative power plants, completely new modes, including aerospace applications.
— You probably have tested their theory on the specific models …
— Sure. The first successful "modernization" has become a piston engine, the energy that has been laid for at least 5-6 years of continuous work.
— And how did he look?
— The two heads of the block of permanent magnets, magnetic piston between them. Homogeneous poles repel, and the piston was at the epicenter of a strong pressure. Interrupting the screen plates, we got to do the piston reciprocates.
In a modified rotary engine we used centrifugal force due to rubbery material from which was made the basis of the stator and rotor. Design feature is that the magnetic rotor is mounted, and is constantly hanging on a magnetic cushion yuloobraznyh stators. When operating an induction field that the force pushes the object from itself, and its polar opposite, inside, with no less force attracts. Weight of the machine is minimal due to centrifugal forces rotating shaft.
On the same principle, I developed a high-precision combat system Toon-1 (transport object of special purpose) that can be hundreds of times faster and cheaper to deliver Label cargo anywhere in the world. Applicable even to neutralize the dangerous extraterrestrial body (for example, the meteorite). Not only physically, explosion, but also by creating a powerful artificial magnetic field, due to which the body will do its course and not disengage from the destruction of the Earth.

To secret UFO movement

For me, however, important to design studies to distant space Magnetic transport machine (MTM). Agree that the current bulky expensive machines that burn fuel and completely independent of the Earth's gravity, are outdated. During the flight, almost the entire structure is destroyed. Say, from the American system, launched from the Earth to the Moon, has returned less than 1% of its total weight. My own design without the high cost of energy can at least ten times a day to take off into space and return an integer.
— How did the development of the magnetic transport vehicle and its control systems?
— I established in the form of a magnetic machine whirligig — heavy duty power inductive field. Manage it, however, for many years it was not possible — it does not take a radio signal control because surrounded by a strong magnetic field induction. Real case put everything in its place.
One day my wife and I noticed the "fantazersky" story of our son Taras: just with some guys in shiny suits he flew a round space ship, where there were lots of flashing lights and various buttons. Among them were two large red and two white. One of the white, he was allowed to use. The hard pressed — and the ship flew …
This seemingly childish fiction prompted me to think that the car should be divided into two independent parts, the two halves will be on and off the red and white buttons. After such an innovation machine began to create a magnetic field around it manageable, and so do a back-and-forth movement between the poles. This design with the love and pride I named in honor of his wife named "Hope".
Stunning confirmation of the idea was an article in the "Interesting newspaper» № 8 2004 "Wunderkind extraterrestrial origin." It was about eight years old boy Boris, who visited the UFO is very similar to "hope." There is no doubt that in the Galaxy, we will certainly meet the brothers on reason, flying on such devices.
Unique and cheap energy humanity uses a permanent magnet for a long time, but somehow afraid to call this source of constant battery power.
Everyday example. Price of magnetic and electric suction furniture cabinets about the same. But if the value of the magnetic over the years will not change, then the electricity in one year, taking into account the current consumption is expected to double. In other words,
permanent magnets give at work many times more than they contain.
— What happens when you use permanent magnets? — When they turned to each other and the large areas of uniform poles vector lines to half screened, and the rest are deployed in opposition to one another, and is a perennial one-sided pressure (movement) without a break and "recharge."
The use of artificial magnets and their ability to create mechanical motion radically changes the world level of science, all our lives.
MTM "Hope" is able to do any manned traffic, completely replacing all of our vehicles.
Technologically, the mass production of magnetic transport vehicle as easy manufacturing compact car, with the addition of computer processor, the cost is 10-15 times lower …
— It is hard to imagine. Can not you feel … … yourself?
— Offered by wanting to create a simple prototype MTM. Put on a water raft permanent magnet. Like a compass needle, he engages in the natural magnetism of the poles. Now, cover one side of the magnet iron-screen — and the raft will float to the north or south. If you put the screen on the other end of the magnet, the raft will move in the opposite direction. This is the key to the mystery of the movement of unidentified flying objects!
When accelerating the flight because of the interaction with the natural magnetism machine reserves the white plume … So for me to finally solve the mystery of the night the white plume in 1968, and then I have often observed in the night sky.
Probably occurs freezing cold water energy converters.
The second turbine upgrade was designed on the basis of steam where the rotor thrust homogeneous, one-sided pole permanent magnets. The application of this principle in the airliner would reduce its weight by 25 — 30, the motor — by 35 — 45%.
Then came the rotary magnetic motor, based at the usual three-phase electric. It can not only give energy to the output shaft, but the electric current through wire coils placed around, that is, in the induction field. This mikroenergoustanovku can, for example, put in the lamp, refrigerator, TV or vacuum cleaner as an energy source for many years, until stocks of magnetic field lines.

Running from the hot light?

— So whether it is necessary to mankind burn oil if invented supercheap converters?
— If you use them for the engine, power is enough for 60-70 thousand kilometers; airliners without landing and refueling may be in the air for 5 — 6 years. Think about it without choking oil and gas Ukraine can (and should!) Become a world exporter of super-cheap energy technology!
Also, I am sure that in the near future it is possible to stop the environmental catastrophe of our planet.
If people are fully able to apply a clear influence on the natural magnetism of earthly bodies, and designers have created a steam engine the pressure on the piston or turbine power lines the walls of permanent magnets, would not have to do to mine coal, oil, gas, uranium, build power plants, including including nuclear, power line with substations, railways and roads …
— Is it too all fantastic!
— Burning oil … accelerate the already catastrophic warming on Earth. In the near future our Sun, the Earth will warm by 5-10 degrees, after which it will disappear vegetation, animals and people die.
— Why do you think so?
— Because due to the increased temperature of the Earth loses its magnetism, after Mercury and Venus will come out of orbit and spirals will merge with the Sun.
— Sad perspective … There is no escape? As they say in science fiction novels, it's time to move
on another planet, with the best living conditions?
— Even if there is such a planet, many centuries will go to upgrading the scientific and practical man, mass migration and settlement. In order to regulate the climate, you need to really understand the mystery of the Earth in its orbit and its rotation around its axis.
A simple example: A tourist made a fire. At first felt the warmth and comfort. But a fire broke out too much. What to do?
— Go away.
— And necessary for the survival of humanity push back the planet from the Sun at a safe distance. And learn how to divert it from collision with other space bodies.
— Is that possible?
— Yes. It is no secret that all the bodies in the world surrounded by a magnetic field and are affected by natural magnetism. So, it can regulate the climate by temporarily shielding the magnetic poles of the earth sections of iron plates. If necessary, they take a horizontal position. Partially cover such "blinds" on both poles, humanity would weaken the influence of space on the vortex magnetism magnetism of the planet, and the Earth "move away" from the Sun, has created a new, distant orbit.
— But it's terribly expensive! And due to what will work are "blinds"?
— Energy source — heavy duty generators supercheap cars yuloobraznoy form. For development to improve the climate necessary to start today until the intensive melting of glaciers.
To control the movement of the Earth will need all the intellectual efforts of scientists and politicians of the planet, a large economic and industrial potential. But another way of survival for mankind is not there.

In flight — Baba Yaga

— I would like to understand why, for instance, the approach passenger and military aircraft, even manned by experienced pilots, are often very far from the runway. Usually the cause of looking at the "human factor." The same problems exist in the aerospace, marine transport.
— Here is a practical example. Take a two-goal lead — the usual and pasted flat plates of permanent magnets. The second fall much later. Inevitable as the difference in direction, distance, speed, trajectory.
— According to Galileo, the body moves in the fall under the influence of gravity and air resistance … — It could be accepted by the great scholar, if the Earth did not exist the natural forces of magnetism. Outside plate has one magnetic pole, inside — the opposite. Hence the difference between ordinary global bodies and the same aircraft, which concentrated around a uniform magnetic field.
— In many fairy tales, says about the flying carpet that without any engine itself is flying through the air …
— Obviously, in ancient times it was known that the body, surrounded by a homogeneous magnetic field, can controllably move, interacting with the natural magnetism. I am amazed, and other "hardware" in fairy tales. Say, flying mortar Grandma Yagusi had a cylindrical shape that resembles the magnetic rotor machine with artificial magnetic pole around with "cargo" place in the middle.
I assume that a UFO in the form of plates or cylinders — free technology "license." Earthlings watched the UFO, even in the form of a pyramid, which are hard to understand. Give my assumption.
According to my calculations, the pyramid — super simple design of four hard generators, capable of creating a magnetic field that globally more reliable "cornered" and to a minimum reduces the system management. Efficiency of this design increased to 1.
— And what about your ideas thinks science?
— Generations of scholars only within the strict limits of physical laws on the path of scientific and technological progress. However, the detected events that were inconsistent with the familiar. Fearing ridicule and possible suspension of your favorite things, hardly anyone of them openly criticized the apparent shortcomings of the scientific world. Simple fellow intellectuals "Kulibins" of the people, knowing only the original foundations have been thinking unconventionally, which often leads to amazing inventions and discoveries of the world. Although, however, are often at the root of jealousy cut and megalomania pundits. That is why the official science, having exhausted its resources, has come to a standstill. For example, in the development of global aviation today is nothing new. The laws of the Earth's gravity and the laws of aerodynamics are still dictating the shape apparatus, strength steel intensity of the heat engine. To reduce the weight machine designers reason do not want to use the centrifugal forces of the rotating parts. But the disc-shaped aircraft would bring the total weight to zero.
World spacecraft also doomed, because gravity does not allow them to cost-effectively get off the ground and get into weightlessness. Without the use of centrifugal forces never have to climb to space Shuttle times ten, fifteen per day. And in space apparatuses need constant energizing. Marking time scientists and engineers led to the fact that the world is not cheap, light, strong, safe, versatile and long lasting sources of energy, including the aerospace industry. Persists and the dependence on gravity. And it's so simple.
On the Earth and the Moon have different strength and shape of the magnetic field, as well as different flow moving magnetism dictated speed of rotation around the axis. Accordingly, different and attraction of bodies to the surface. Artificially surrounding earthly body strength lunar magnetism and giving it a "zero" speed, we will bring the weight up to the moon.
Our planet holds and "pulls" for a disproportionately magnetized moon was due to its own natural magnetism. At perigee and apogee Moon demonstrates the existence of poles of magnetism on Earth. Which, in turn, is strictly kept in its orbit by the space vortex magnetism and solar energy. Powerful thermal and magnetic flux pushes the Earth from the sun itself, and one of the vortex flow space formed from the spiral Milky Way, from all sides pushing it to the sun through the natural magnetism of the Earth, forming a neutral Earth orbit. Unlike the Moon, the Earth has proportional to the magnetic poles of power, and because of space vortex rolls Earth in orbit for a year. Likewise, unique rings around Saturn confirm the presence of the magnetic field of the sun borders, Saturn and vortex flow of the cosmos.

Magnetized swallow

— All this is easy to understand layman …
— Here is a good example of the impact of natural magnetism on the human body. In professional sport can achieve the desired result is not only a physical force, but by putting the clothes … the magnetic doping. From the outside, one magnetic pole, inside — the opposite. My friends dubbed this phenomenon incidental "magnetic wind". The result, as we know, a ball thrown horizontally with a uniform magnetic field by a circle in the competition will really play up to his team …
In nature, this fact is clearly visible during the seasonal migration of marine life and birds. I've always wondered, "non-stop" flights of birds, for example, from Europe to Latin America. It is easy to assume that our "winged brothers" have long learned to create around the magnetic pole and the magnetic flux through the Earth without stopping travel thousands of kilometers.
In the early twentieth century academician GS Landsberg, said: "It is necessary to establish clearly that we neglect the deformations of a solid or liquid." This phenomenon is just a new era of physical laws that allow the design to solve the mystery of UFOs.

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