UFOs: The open secret archives


Flavio Vanetti

A few days ago in Wales, a regular series of never-ending story: three helicopter pilot said they saw a strange object emitting strong light rays and that they attempted to chase the object. They failed, because at some point the object — poof — vanished. The usual story with UFOs, with the usual epilogue, which says that we become witnesses and witnesses of unexplained phenomena? Maybe yes, maybe — no, because three of these men said they were of sound mind and memory. In addition, if their condition does not meet the requirements of the safety of the flight, none of them would have found himself on board the helicopter. This three soldiers, in fact, acting, in other words — the people who must undergo regular health checks: their history, at least, should be examined more closely than the stories are more susceptible individuals, which were quite a few in the history of UFO sightings . But it has always remained a mystery. More or less serious. More or less amenable to unraveling.
UFOs and ufology again relevant, taking into account that they have never gone out of fashion. Prior to the facts in Wales again UFO sightings have occurred in Phoenix (historical area, where it is often possible to observe flying saucers and bowls), and the tense hours aboard the shuttle Discovery, when a beam of light began to chase the ship (later NASA astronauts reassured: it was a fragment isolation torn from the ship). Finally, and above all, we can talk about the steps governments, which have become more frequent than before, to remove code "secret" X-Files relating to this problem: in June this year it was the turn of Great Britain, and in the course of this year opened their archives of France and Ecuador.

Opening files stepwise. England made public eight dossier appears to be still others wait. The most interesting, as it seems, are the documents relating to the KGB report (127 pages of records about paranormal phenomena) and the evidence that came from Ecuador.

As for the 44 unclassified cases, the officer William Salgago claims without a shadow of a doubt that "we are talking about aircraft of extraterrestrial origin in our atmosphere and what we have to share our space with representatives of other worlds."

But why now the government reveal the dossier? "The UFO phenomenon has become a mass: response is needed — explains Enrico Baccarin, director of the National UFO Center. — Investigations and studies carried out by governments for decades, have generated more questions than answers. All this, together with the unending demands of ordinary citizens and various organizations led to the fact that the authorities were forced to release some of its own archives. " Remains to be seen whether this decision on the desirability prepare people or whether these steps are intended to put an end to secrecy, as there is nothing serious or alarming. This latter argument was used in the case of the opening of the British X-files.

"The theory of adaptation to the phenomenon — says the National UFO Center — implemented against the background of confidence in the fact that not all government secrets revealed to the end. State secrets, along with the danger of a possible culture shock forces to act with caution when releasing information." Meanwhile, the world's growing desire to see a UFO, meet aliens. This interest, according Baccarin, due not only and not so impressive nature of the phenomenon, "as the fact that strengthens the belief that life is not the exclusive monopoly of the Earth. Even the Vatican has admitted such a possibility (" You can believe in God and aliens "- said the theologian Gabriele astronomer Jose Funes), and the recent discoveries by the probes prove the existence of life forms of bacteria on Mars, and finally the discovery of planets outside the solar system similar to our own, proves the non-unique solar system in which we are . "

Why should we be alone in the universe? — Asks the UFO Center. "More than 60 years of observations in the sky made by military pilots, government officials, academics, ordinary citizens, indicate — says Baccarin — that the phenomenon exists. His studied dozens of government commissions, and not being able to classify this phenomenon, without making a conclusion about what the origin of these phenomena, earthly or extraterrestrial. Even in the Air Force has its own management, which is engaged in statistical studies of this phenomenon. reality is that the UFO phenomenon exists and interested representatives of various sectors like government circles, and those who study anomalous phenomena. "

In 2005, the former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Helle spoke at a conference in Toronto recalling that he took part in the meetings of NATO from 1963 to 1967, he said that since 1947 (when the pilot Kenneth Arnold reported that faced with a whole a group of flying saucers — episode took place shortly before the event in Roswell and the infamous detection spacecraft that crashed on the ground) UFO flying in our skies freely. And not only that the U.S. desire to return to the moon by 2020 is likely to be linked to the need to create a database that would allow to protect the Earth from intergalactic attacks. It is interesting that in the 70 years of talking about it to become a cult television series, Who does not remember the Shado — an organization created to complete secrecy to fight the aliens intent on survival, capturing people in captivity to be used as spare parts?

"Evidence of the fact that in our sky, there are unknown objects — says Baccarin — is irrefutable. Yet in the IV century BC. Oe. Julius Obsekvens Latin writer (author of the" Book of the miraculous ", a collection of various omens and portents.. — Ed. ) wrote of the "fiery shields" that have appeared in the sky at the time of the ancient Roman Empire. UFOs, so there sooner than we think, and the story itself acknowledges this reality. Today, evidence of the phenomenon is not discussed, debated its nature or the possibility of negative consequences social, cultural or technical nature. "

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