Ukhta (Komi) resumed production at the plant construction steel

Plant for the production of metal founded in 1972. Last year, began a large-scale reorganization of the company to date, the plant has reached a stable production.

Start of production of JSC implemented a "PK" Stalkonstruktsiya. " The plant launched a new line for the production of oversized, heavy-duty on the size and weight of steel structures for bridges and large structures, such as stadiums, shopping centers, warehouses.

At present, the company employs about 50 people. Annual production of 10,000 tons of metal structures per year. 

JSC "PC" Stalkonstruktsiya "is the new organizational structure of the former factory building metal (JSC" ZSMK "), a bankrupt in 2010. In 2012, the assets of the company were bought out by a group of companies" SeverRos "and on its base registered a new company.

The plant manufactures metal fabricated buildings and structures of the multi-purpose light steel structures for industrial and civil sectors. This includes hangars for storage of aviation and military equipment, tents, sports facilities, industrial buildings and factories of various specializations, warehouses and storage, exhibition centers terminals, frame construction, tent-type structure.

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