Ukraine has intensified its efforts to create a national air defense system Dnepr


Ukraine has intensified work to create a multi-aircraft missile system of medium-range "Dnepr". Promising complex designed in the ground and ship variant.

According to available information, the Ministry of Defence has set deadlines for prospective developers SAM. Since the first prototype should be ready in 2014. As conceived by the military leadership, SAM "Dnepr" must be installed on the project 58250 corvettes. In case of violation of or non-compliance of the tactical and technical characteristics, the complex will be replaced with the French equivalent of SAM «ASTER-15."

The newest Ukrainian medium-range air defense system "Dnepr" the product synergies Ukrainian defense companies:

— NPK Spark (multi-function radar station missile guidance);

— NPP "Aerotekhnika" (para. command and control for the "Dnepr");

— "Ray" (flares);

— Lviv Neary (developer GOS) — KrAZ (chassis).

Overall project management "Ukroboronservis." The main purpose of prospective air defense complex "Dnepr" is the struggle with modern and advanced aerodynamic means of air attack in a difficult interference situation, issue of generalized information about the traffic situation and the information on the results of the battle for higher command post.


The values of TTX

1. The number of channels on the target


2. The number of channels on the rocket


3. The maximum detection range of targets such as tactical fighter, km:

  • 7 km in height.
  • at a height of 0.15 km.
  • at 0.02 km altitude.

no less than 150

at least 50

at least 28

4. Maximum speed of purposes:

  • meet, m / s
  • vdogon, m / s



5. Range of sustainable support for tactical fighter, km


6. Lethal area

6.1. The minimum height of defeats the purpose, km


6.2. Maximum height of defeats the purpose, km


6.3. Range to the range of the engagement, km


6.4. Maximum distance to the far end of the kill zone, km:


6.5. Maximum course setting goals km


7. Time Grip one goal for automatic tracking, p.

2.5 — 3

8. The number of simultaneously connected launchers.


9. Start-up time (cycle) of the complex to the combat operation, min.

Not more than 4 min.


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