Ukraine has made a unique example of a new tank engine 1400 hp

According to chief designer of Kharkov Design Bureau, engine building (HKBD) already made a prototype perspective Tank Engine power 1400l.s., Held kosntruktorsko-development testing.


Development of long-term engine specialists State-owned enterprise "Kharkiv engine design bureau," has caused great interest of foreign experts and potential customers. It can be used in any climatic conditions (55 ° C) and for these indicators is unmatched. Now a new engine 6TD-3 is prepared for serial production.

6TD series engines are far ahead of time. And now on the tactical and technical characteristics, they are not inferior to the best foreign analogues. Volume data MTO motors — the smallest of all the tanks produced in the world.

The new engine will have a mass of 1200 kg, and the power will be 1400 hp Reduction efficiency of heat transfer is 30%, compared with four-stroke engines.

Previously discussed the possibility of delivery of the motors for the modernization of Russian tanks T-72 series. And in India have developed a version of modernization of T-90S tanks. On the tank is proposed to establish a new logistics with 6TD-3, a new defense of "Doublet", "Barrier", a panoramic sight and a number of other improvements have worked on the tanks of the "Bastion". This solution significantly improves the performance characteristics of the tank compared to the standard equipment.

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