Undeclared viral space war

March 15, 2012 17:32

One of the most painful and the thrill of the fear of the unknown and alien. The lack of information or lack of opportunity to give imagination run wild, filling the mind chilling visions. And even if they are not supported in fact, that leave their mark deep in the human subconscious, and it is often the reason that a person does wrong conclusions.

Another long-standing belief that if a comet appeared in the sky — hence, mankind expects violent epidemic. At first glance, such prejudices may seem illogical, because such a small celestial body, like a comet, can have effects on the geophysical and biological processes of the planet.

Maybe our ancestors knew something about the comet, and that is what contributed to her "bad reputation", which they feared. And it seems that this is not the fear of a clash with the globe and its consequences, than trying to scare us today.

Try to understand this mystery, back in the beginning of the last century. In 1906, the provincial Tobolsk hospital began receiving patients with very strange symptoms — blisters, cramps, high fever. The doctors started talking about some unknown virus, because increased number of patients with terrible force. Explain the disease no one could, however, according to local residents, just a few days before the first patients in the morning they noticed a pinkish mist that appeared from the taiga and concern not only in humans but also animals. After two weeks the disease itself has passed, but the marks of abscesses in patients remained.

Other spontaneous mass disease began in 1949 in Kamchatka, where there have been several minor earthquakes were born several geysers. Almost immediately in nearby housing estates started terrible and unknown disease, after which people died. It is expressed in the fact that it is absolutely healthy person suddenly begins to choke, started to turn blue and swell, and died on the fourth day in great agony. And when the samples were taken from the geysers, it was found that they contain a huge amount of poison that causes paralysis of the respiratory tract. Residents had time to evacuate.

In the fifties of the Yenisei River began to notice a disc-shaped flying object, which causes the appearance of the water in the Yenisei literally boil the amount of fish, sailing there. Naturally, the local fishermen have not disregarded this fact, and every time they get a huge catch. However, immediately surrounding villages began mass poisoning deaths. The doctors could not explain the cause of an unknown virus, but the relationship between him and an incredible catch was evident. Stop the spread of the disease was possible only after the drive has disappeared from the sky, but after a few days on the Yenisei floating dead fish.

Another example — the fall of the Tunguska meteorite began to spread the deadly flu virus — "Spanish flu".

Explain all these facts from the scientific point of view nobody has so far failed, but recently scientists have sensational version that on comets and other celestial bodies can live quite complex organic matter, bacteria and viruses. And when the comet flies close to the ground, these substances as a "blow back" from her solar winds, "are on the planet, and cause serious epidemic — flu, etc.

We know that in the middle is the nucleus of the comet, which has substance ice. Ice in space can not be formed — this is absolutely impossible. Therefore, this nucleus is formed in a crash that happened to a planet that has the hydrosphere. And it is the time to get microparticles alien comet from traveling with them in the galaxy.

And perhaps our ancestors caught a direct link between the span of the comet and the beginning of the epidemic. Of course, to explain this relationship is unlikely they would have been, but the fact was to generate fear of these "tail" stars.

At the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Academy of Sciences for many years studied the question of survival of organisms in space. According to scientists, this space can be completely normal plant seeds, spores of bacteria and mosquito larvae.

This program is quite expensive, and if you do not take measures to stop the contamination of our life forms of other planets, and vice versa — Earth alien infestation, then one day the consequences of such an exchange, can be catastrophic.

Laboratory studies of antimicrobial protection terrestrial organisms that travel in our space stations. It turns out that in 2001, the space station "Mir" mold could even eat into the device, completely dissolving the insulation of wires that eventually caused the flooding of the station.

Laboratory studies specimens of bacteria and fungi, which are received from the ISS, and then tracks the changes that have happened to them.

For many years, together with the Institute of Microbiology, Academy of Sciences are developing a project called "Biorisk": on the outer edges of the space station are attached multiple containers, in which the Petri dishes are a variety of micro-organisms — are bacteria, larvae, fungal spores, fish eggs and plant seeds. Caps cups made specifically so that all these organisms are in an open space. Of course, the ISS is in the area of the magnetic field of the Earth, and therefore more or less strong, it is not exposed to radiation. And it turns out that the mosquito larvae in space come alive, plant seeds germinate and bacterial spores were the most tenacious.

This means that these microorganisms may well mutate into space and return to Earth is in a transformed state — in the form of viruses.

Scientists, particularly biologists, still can not say exactly what the virus. And the only thing they say with confidence — this particular form of living matter, which can reproduce only in someone else for her body.

Known today about two thousand varieties of the virus, but it seems that this is not the full list …

Viruses are constantly changing, there are new varieties, sometimes fatal to humans. Their study shows that they are not subject to any earthly laws, and so many scholars to study them, repeat with one voice — it's the aliens from outer space. Viruses do not eat, rather they look like primitive beings who seek a living cell to fit into it. But when and who set them such a task?

S. Zhmur — Doctor geologogicheskih Sciences in 2008 suggested that all life on earth must not originate cells and bacteria, and viruses, born in circumsolar space billions of years ago, right after the supernova explosion.

Zhmur claims that the outbreak was formed some substance that was literally packed full of viruses, and later out of it formed the earth and the other planets in which the virus is initially present in the form of fetal life. And then the virus through the water began to divide, and eventually there was a bacterium — a full cage, which gave life to everything on this planet. Confirmation of this are many: this study of meteorites found in Antarctica and the Murchison meteorite, which fell in Australia, and Italian Renatstso. Scientists agree on one thing — from space to Earth were recorded organic substances that are involved in the emergence of life on earth.

It turns out that everywhere in space there is a single substance, which can give rise to life on any celestial body, including on the comet. And what kind of virus will comet to Earth, where she had the "catch" is anyone's guess.

Man, there are about two million years, while the age of viruses counted, apparently, billions of years, and the viruses in their "caretaker" status immortal.

Decoding the human genome has shown that there is a huge number of ancient viruses atavism — about ten percent. The reasons for their finding is not yet known. Over millions of years, viruses have adapted perfectly to the foreign cells. The only thing we can say with certainty — not all of them fatal, otherwise the person on Earth would already existed.

Mankind already knows a lot of viruses that have killed millions. Every time it seems that life on Earth is in the balance of destruction, but each time it ends more or less well — the virus retreats. Maybe all this is not accidental, and it was originally programmed?

It is likely that AIDS is a deadly disease of extraterrestrial, cosmic origin, and for this reason has not yet found a cure for it. And how many more of these mysterious diseases come to us from outer space? Poor man …

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