Underground Agartha country — the spiritual capital of the world

June 4, 2012 17:19

Humanity does not leave hopes to uncover the secrets of Atlantis, Hyperborea and Shambhala. But there are legends about another mystical place, hidden from the consciousness of the people — the country Agartha, the spiritual center of the universe.

In the holy book of the wise men of Tibet, "Jiang Book" tells the story of two world sources of power: "The source of the left hand" and "the source of the right hand." Was the center of the first elevated country of violence, anger, and violence — Shambhala, which was ruled by King Fear. Made an alliance with the ruler of Shambhala conquer the world. That's why the most bloodthirsty tyrants in history, such as Hitler, tried in vain to find the mysterious country.

 "The source of the right hand," by contrast, was hidden in the sanctuaries of the country's underground Agartha. This center has a much more powerful force generated by the contemplation and meditation. But he is of little interest to the powers that be, because they do not promise the world of power, all the best and fantastic weapons. Ruled the country Agharti Almighty King of the World, who directed everything happening on Earth.
The first who wanted to find an underground world of meditation, was Ossendoevsky Anton Martinovich. A Pole by birth, he was in Siberia, the Far East and Central Asia. While in Asia, he wrote his memoirs with the words of the Buddhist priests of the mysterious subterranean land Agartha. Subsequently, more recent studies based on these records.
What is a nation underground Agartha, the spiritual capital of the world?
Legend tells that 60 thousand years ago, an Asian ruler hid his people from earthly problems vpodzemnom world. Later another tribe found the entrance to the country of Agartha, fleeing from Genghis Khan, and disappeared under the earth forever. Underworld exist without wars and violence, crime and violence, it is thriving culture and science, the mysterious country open for everyone who is tired of the insane "top of the world", and who is looking for it.
No one knows the location of the center of Agartha, but its underground possessions stretched across the globe. Some residents have disappeared Hyperborea and Atlantis disappeared from the impending disaster in the underground country.
Lama told the governor that Agartha "King of the World" lives in a castle surrounded by palaces guru. Power guru huge, they are able to command everything in heaven, on earth and in hell. Life and death is subject to them, they heal the sick and raise the dead. They can dry the sea or on the contrary sink continents, raise mountains and blow up the earth's crust.
Asian reveal the "mystery of mysteries" is prohibited. However, some favorites, called "first", yet the country descended into the underground Agartha, and rendered invaluable knowledge to mere mortals. But if an uninitiated person, will find herself in Agartha and returned there will reveal the secret knowledge and talk about miracles, lamas cut off his tongue.
Sometimes it happens that the open secret knowledge not one person, but a whole nation or tribe. There is a legend that says that the Roma have gained their skills skillfully read the cards, on the grass and read lines of a hand, going down in Agartha.
Legend has it that the ruler of the underworld himself "King of the World" five times rose to our mortal world from the depths of Agartha. The ancient walls of the monastery Erdeni Zuu, built on the ruins of Karakorum, the king saw the World five hundred years ago. In 1890, the ruler of the mysterious Agharti blessed with a visit Narabanchi Kure, a monastery in eastern Mongolia.
Interestingly, the researchers and the records of travelers, ever been in Central Asia, the mention of the subterranean Agartha country are extremely rare. But the "Source of the left hand" Shambhala records and legends missing. In Mongolia, as no one had ever heard about Agartha, no stories about her.
At the moment there are only two sources describing Agartha. The first belongs to the above Ossendoevskomu, the second came from the pen of Alexander mystic Saint Yves d'Alveydra and called "Mission of India in Europe." Later, the author was declared insane, calling into question his work.
Memoirs Ossendoevskogo were analyzed, since he mentioned the real place names. The results showed that the gate to the country Agharti located not in Mongolia, and in Russia, in the Western Sayan. More entries scientists discovered nothing. Well, we hope that the "mystery of mysteries" of the Central Asian country of great underground Agartha open to people in all its glory and bring peace to the universe of knowledge.

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