Unidentified flying object landed in Namibia

December 23, 2011 5:09

This object has fallen from the sky puzzled authorities Namibia. Photo: focus.de

Residents of a Namibian village were astonished when he heard an explosion, after which they found in the crater of a metal ball. The origin of the object is unknown, but there are many indications of the fact that he came out of the universe, according to the German magazine Focus on December 22.

Possibly fallen from the sky metal ball charade asked authorities in Namibia. Weighing six pounds, 35 cm in diameter was found near a village in the north of the country, about 750 km from the capital Windhoek, according to the head of the department of criminology Paul Ladik country. An unidentified flying object is not dangerous, police said.

Ladik said that the ball was found in the middle of November. "The villagers and employees of the police station, which is located nearby, heard a number of small explosions in three kilometers from the village. Five days later, was found a round metal object, "- he said.

Hollow ball inside and consists of two halves welded together. He was found at a distance of 18 meters from the spot where he supposedly fell — crater four meters wide and 33 inches deep. After a multi-week studies to unravel the mystery object is not outlandish.

The authorities have reached their limits, will now be connected to U.S. space agency NASA and the European Space Agency ESA. "Maybe this round object fell from a spaceship."

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