Unidentified flying threats (The International Herald Tribune, USA)


LONDON — In the afternoon, November 7, 2006 pilots and ground staff O'Hare International Airport in Chicago saw an object similar to the disk for a few minutes hovering over the runway. Since the radar did not show any marks, the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct an investigation is gone. But radar can not detect all aircraft.

Planes made by technology 'stealth', invisible to radar. Many radar systems is filtered signals, which do not correspond to the usual characteristics of the aircraft. Is it wise to have completely ignored observations of several witnesses?

A healthy skepticism about extraterrestrial space travelers leads people without much thought to disregard the objects similar to UFOs. But in the United States, it becomes over-reliance on radar data and indifference to an unidentified aircraft of any kind. This weakness may well be used by terrorists, as well as all those who are trying to conduct espionage activities against the United States.
U.S. authorities do not investigate sightings of a UFO in 1969, when the U.S. Air Force completed its project 'Blue Book'. It was an attempt to scientifically analyze all the appearance of unidentified flying objects in order to understand if they represent a threat to national security. Britain and France, unlike the United States, continue to study and investigate cases of UFO sightings. They are concerned that some of these objects may be foreign warplanes that violate their airspace, and is a foreign space-based systems that are of interest for exploration.

Most of the cases studied in the UK has a simple explanation. This is either the stars and planets misidentified as UFOs, or Side navigation lights, satellites and meteors. But some cases raise concerns about national security and the safety of air traffic.

So, December 26, 1980, several witnesses at two military air bases in England, the United States reported seeing a UFO landing site. The examination of the site revealed that there are indentations in the ground, and the level of radiation in the area is much higher than usual.

An even greater number of witnesses to the same base reported seeing a UFO in the coming days.

The deputy base commander reported that the aircraft sent rays of light on the most vulnerable point of the base. This was a clear breach of the security system.

30 and 31 March 1993 on the invasion of Britain watched the whole UFO. One witness described the aircraft is of triangular shape, which is slowly flying over the air base, and then with a huge acceleration in an instant disappeared over the horizon — many times faster than any jet.

The British military said at the time: 'In this case, there is some evidence that an unidentified object (or objects) of unknown origin are over the territory of the United Kingdom'.

April 23, 2007 the pilot of passenger airlines and several passengers reported the appearance of cigar-shaped UFO near the Channel Islands. The pilot reported that the object may be a mile wide. While air traffic controllers told the pilot that appeared on their radar kind of mark, but it was an 'unknown signal'.

In addition, there were cases where the UFO was almost faced with the aircraft. It even made the British Ministry of Defence and the Civil Aviation Authority to give advice to pilots that in the case of a meeting with such an object, they do not have to maneuver, and as far as possible just to leave behind.

The United States is not less than Britain and France are subject to threats to its national security and the safety of air traffic. U.S. Air Force and NASA to resume the study of the UFO phenomenon. This does not mean that the country is suddenly obliged to believe in little green men. It is a simple recognition of the possibility that radar alone can not always determine what's in the sky.

Nick Pope — the author of the book 'Open skies, closed minds' ("Open Skies, Closed Minds"). From 1991 to 1994 he directed the research of UFOs in the British Ministry of Defence.

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