Unlock the secrets of the origin of Stonehenge

December 20, 2011 18:29

Sourced materials for the legendary monument of history. Quarry located in the town of Craig Ros-and-Feline.

What was created famous Stonehenge? About its true purpose, scientists argue for a long time. Some believed that it was the altar, others — that is an ancient observatory, and some altogether assured that it was … a dance floor.

An even greater mystery are stones of the monument — where they were taken and how to deliver? Recently, it was believed that the stone blocks can be produced on-site construction. And now there is a new guess.

British scientists Robert Ikser University of Leicester and Richard Bevins of the National Museum of Wales, stated that according to their data, the quarry, which mined blocks of sandstone and diabase (rock, chemical and mineral composition, close to the basalt) for the construction of Stonehenge, located approximately 300 kilometers from the monument in the town of Craig Ros-and-Feline in the county of Pembrokeshire (south-west Wales).

In their work the researchers analyzed the mineral composition of the so-called "blue stones» (bluestone). Having identified the ratio of silicon and other elements in these "blue stones", scientists have noted on the geological map of South Wales place in which to lie rock with chemical composition. And they found. It was a quarry, which was located in the town of Craig Ros-and-Feline. According to the researchers, in addition to mineral deposits in this quarry, there were ancient people as well — water sources. This may explain why the ancestors of the English and Welsh were ready to haul multi-ton blocks of diabase hundreds of kilometers from their place of production.

To test this hypothesis, the researchers plan to begin archaeological excavations in the area of Craig Ros-and-Feline. And there is hope to find tools that were used by ancient people for production and transportation monoliths.

Svetlana KUZINA

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