Ural pensioner died, getting a giant bill for utility services — forgot a comma

In the city of Pervouralsk crawled sinister rumors: the local press reported the sudden death of the pensioner, was discovered lying on the floor and contract in hand receipt for utilities. This gave rise to the assumption that the woman died from the shock of receiving a huge bill from the management company.

Pensioner died in the Urals, getting huge bill for utility services - forgot to put a comma REN TV

Pensioner died in the Urals, getting huge bill for utility services — forgot a comma

Some publications even claimed that such deaths were two. However, the second part is not reported, suggesting that this is just an exaggeration.

As for the death of the pensioner, the way the RIA "New Region", the police initially denied this information. In oblprokurature stated that these do not correspond to reality. "According to the available receipts paid by relatives of the pensioner, the accrued utility payments for October 2012 does not exceed three thousand, more than half of which — Payment for heating", — told the agency.

However, the regional Ministry of Housing later confirmed that the pensioner could really ruin a receipt with a huge amount. First Deputy Minister for Energy and Utilities of the Sverdlovsk region Gennady Zverev told reporters that, according to him, it was because punctuation local settlement organization.

"Settlement Center gross mistake by putting a comma in the wrong place. And instead of 6.3 cubic meters of water consumption with 63 thousand cubic meters. Do not know what's really there, pool, think, or what? Thus, it was a purely technical error. RC, who made a mistake, is conducting an investigation, and they will receive the corresponding sanctions "Eats, Blogs." And I assure you — in this case, the comma will stand where necessary ", — assured Deputy MinZhKH.

It is worth noting that it is wrong for those accounts for utilities come Pervouralsk residents is not the first time. Moreover, the error in charging is not down. So, earlier this month it was reported that in a difficult situation was an honorary citizen of the city, Mikhail Shevchuk — eight-time world champion and six-time champion of arm wrestling among police and firefighters.

Man is always properly paid all the bills, but in October received a receipt for a fabulous sum — one million rubles. Management company he counted 70 768 000 rubles for the cold water and 378 000 — for the hot. Another 153 thousand 574 rubles were charged to the tenant for the other utilities.

Attempt to understand the situation, neither led to nothing — Shevchuk could not even get into the building management company, because there are many hours before the doors of the queue. According to Shevchuk, the error in the bill is a clear, but how to fix it — not yet clear.

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