USA is so lies, those that amuse the world with his inventions

1. Saudi Arabia does not believe in the "Iranian plot"

Saudi authorities do not consider Iran initiated the attempt on its ambassador in Washington and will not allow the enemy to use the provocation to make the split between the two Islamic countries.

This was stated by the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Iran Osama bin Ahmad al-Sanossi (Osama bin Ahmed Al-Sanoussi) during a meeting with Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, the head of the Department of the Gulf and the Middle East by Amir Hossein Abdollahianom (Hossein Amir Abdollahian) in Tehran. According to al-Sanocsi, no one country can not be charged as long as until the end of the official investigation into the case. He noted that Saudi Arabia supports the further development of relations with Iran, the agency Salamnews.

2. Former Pentagon official: American accusations against Iran — an attempt to mislead the public opinion

A former Pentagon official Michael Molev America called the accusations against Iran that Iran is allegedly intended to commit terror of Saudi ambassador in Washington is an attempt to mislead the U.S. public opinion. On Thursday, in an interview with Press TV, Michael Molev said that this adventure is yet another attempt by America to the cooperation of Zionist Israel against Iran's nuclear program.

"Do not you have better ways to share the U.S. and Israel against Iran" — called to answer a former official of the Ministry of Defense. "In America, there are serious concerns relating to economic issues and I think the charges are made to evade the public from worries related to living conditions in the country", — said Molev. U.S. official called the charges an attempt to mislead the public opinion and to focus people's minds on trying to implement a foreign conspiracy in America.

3. Blasti Saudi aware adventure unfolded America

Iranian Foreign Minister said that the government of Saudi Arabia informed adventure unfolded States. Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi on Wednesday night in an interview with Al-Alam called the U.S. allegations against Iran that the latter allegedly involved in the terror attempt Saudi ambassador to Washington, a loose script, and said that the Saudis are aware that this adventure, and well aware of its consequences.

4. Who he is, a terrorist, which the Americans called planners of terror the Saudi ambassador to the U.S.?

The man whom the Americans accused of membership in the body "Quds" and the development of terror Saudi ambassador in America for ten years serving his sentence in a prison in New York for stealing. Iranian citizen Mansour Arbab Sayar, who lived prior to incarceration in Texas and who on Tuesday accused the U.S. government to develop a plan of terror the Saudi ambassador in Washington, in 2001, was arrested in New York on charges of theft and thrown in jail.

Despite everything, the main point of failure in the venture created by American experts is to not mind public opinion, both the U.S. and Iran and the world at large, which, in any case, does not agree with the fact that some of the government of a terrorist attack in the heart U.S. will use a person who is a citizen of that country, and under the control of law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities of a crime.

5. Shock in the Washington

No concrete evidence linking Iran has been submitted. There is only the testimony and the testimony of the Arbabsiara "killer werewolf." However, I will be objective, this is not all. There are mysterious Gholam Shakuri. He is, according to those same intelligence, could corroborate Arbabsiara. But then, the thing — as a shy officials said "now his whereabouts are unknown." About him nothing but the name is not known.

To the credit of the United States, the first version of the criticism came just from U.S. law enforcement agencies. It was right from the start extremely skeptical attitude to Iran's involvement in the version. They drew attention to the fact that the testimony Arbabsiara formulated the principle of "the appetite comes with eating." Primary evidence — of plotting the assassination of the Saudi ambassador. A few days later — about to bomb. Another week — and before we planned to testify about drug trafficking in Mexico. And all this — testimony of a man who is not only a member of "al-Quds" was not, but hooked-it was, in his words, only in the month of May 2011.

6. Iranian plot to murder: the unanswered questions («The Guardian», UK)

All this is very reminiscent of far-fetched Hollywood thriller. Even involved in the investigation of a high-ranking law enforcement official admitted to journalists that the alleged plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. does not fit into what is known about the methods and habits of its suspected members.


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