Valeriy Sedov was found. On Akrestin

Democratic activist 90s Valeriy Sedov, who was arrested during the action of solidarity with political prisoners on January 19, is in prison for administratively punished Akrestsin Street.

"So, Sedov Valery is in us. How long was arrested — not specified. Would be released 31 th at 20.10" — said "Freedom" on duty insulator.

Evening of January 19 Valeriy Sedov the call of pro-democracy activists came to the Red Church in Minsk, where people lit candles in solidarity with the repressed members of a protest rally against the official results of the election on December 19.

Valeriy Sedov publicly demanded freedom for political prisoners and to bring to justice those responsible for electoral fraud. After 10 minutes at the exit from the Independence Square Valeriy Sedov was detained by plainclothes. January 20, the police did not say where the person detained, but the Internet was reported that Sedov in Akrestsin and that he received 12 days in jail. January 21 officially confirmed this information.

In 1990 Valery Sedov participated in the anti-Communist march in Minsk, when the then Lenin Avenue were placards with anti-tens thousands of people. To the monument of Lenin protesters laid symbolic "gifts of communism," which brought the communist regime in Belarus: barbed wire, the gallows, the prisoner of the Gulag jacket.

Valeriy Sedov was trying to attach a rope to the figure of Lenin. Later activist was arrested and detained for several months in prison in Volodarka. In defense of the Sedov in Belarus began conducting numerous solidarity actions. The leader of the parliamentary opposition Belarusian Popular Front activist Zenon Pozniak attended by Volodarka. As a result, criminal case Valeria against Sedov authorities stopped.

"I was then supported by the people, so I decided to support the current detainees" — so Valeriy Sedov said "Freedom," his act outside the church on January 19.

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