Vedic account the multidimensional worlds

In ancient times, the Slavs have always known that the world is multi-dimensional, as the knowledge obtained from the Vedas. Think of Alexander Pushkin's "Ruslan and Lyudmila":

"A green oak, a golden chain on the oak …

There miracles there goblin wanders mermaid sitting on the branches. "

Why would it suddenly with a fish tail mermaid sitting on a tree? Not about whether the intersection of two parallel worlds, it says here?

In the Vedas, we can find the answer to this question.

It turns out, used to be a 4 "subsistence": Reality, law, Nav, glory. Now we have three-dimensional world and Triglav, the trio, "three points" … Reality, law, Nav … where is famous for?

Ostensibly it is expected that 2012 will bring a kind of transition in the 4 or 5 measurements — The Golden Age of superpowers and new discoveries may again return glory to us? .. And yet … I want to talk about it …

Our ancestors, the Slavs called themselves Orthodox, because they are famous (read) rights.

There are some concepts of the Old Slavic — Jav, Nav, Glory and law.

Reality — is manifest world, the material world. And not only the material. It is also a world of ideas, thoughts, and intentions. Because they are too conspicuous to the level of our images.

Nav — is unrevealed world. What is not manifest in this world.

Glory — the love of God, worship of the divine powers laid down in all that God created, including in man.

The right — the world of the gods. Regulations, laws of the universe, established by our fathers and grandfathers — the gods.

Our ancestors were all in the form of a cross.

Orthodox Christianity, ancient Russian concept, has tens of thousands of years and has its roots in ancient Vedic Russian national religion, which described a world order with the concepts of "Reality" (the material world), "Nav" (peace prototype), "right" (the world forms ) and "Glory" (the creative world) — (four-level structure of the world system) — while the Russian people have praised the "rules" were in the Truth and called — Orthodox.

Accordingly, the "Orthodox" in the Old Slavonic language means a magic act, forming the world of perfection. Currently, the concept of "Orthodoxy" perverted, and even appeared absurd phrase — "Christian Orthodoxy," which is used in the sense of "Christian orthodoxy" and refers to the same context as the "orthodox Islam".

The term "pagan" means "other languages". The term has previously served simply to identify people who speak other languages. Subsequently, the term "paganism» (pagan) saturated with negative images that successfully or incorrectly maintained in all media.

Understanding the foundation of the universe — Reveal, Navi, rules, glory — Russia invaders required to prohibit and to translate the energy of thought of people in their own use, to introduce the concept of "hell", which in Russia did not exist.

Our ancestors had no pagan religion and the Vedic worldview.

Never Magi, KEEPERS scientist with divine knowledge and mysteries of the universe, does not define his great knowledge of the terms "paganism."

"Veda" — is to know.

Hymns to the gods in the song called at the time hymns. Arrangements to the gods rarely accessed, believed that the gods should be thanked. Brought to the gods in the form of a drink, and it was called Soma (the herbal composition).

Glory of the Creator, the Supreme Mind. Name of the Lord, they were transferred to their way of life. Image and all household items were imbued service rights in the name of light. Remember, as called rusoslavyane first room in his mansion — "bright room," a place for ritual called "sacriplaces" princes styled light, many names have roots in Russia, "light": Svetoslav, Belosvet, Velesvet, Svetobor and others.

Through love and light acts nature endowed knowledge. The ancestors were very intuitive, feeling that is, they have a sixth sense — a good sense. In this condition, they were given a lot to learn. They pinpointed and have seen good and evil.

Feature of the Vedic worldview kosmogonichnost was his whole life was permeated with a sense of the cosmos.

Slavs knew and felt the influence of the cosmic rhythms of our lives and try to be with them in harmony. Therefore, the main celebrations were dedicated to their light, the sun, the rebirth of nature.

Sounds and colors — are mechanisms that help to connect with the cosmos. Delicate feelings helped to hear and see more than we do.

The modern man is so far away from nature, he found it difficult, and sometimes stupidly funny that the Slavs called Earth — Mother, Fire and Sky — Father, Vodice — Queen, considered animals his younger brothers and understand their language.

So back to the multi-dimensional world. Nav — this is the 1st and 2nd dimension. Our World Reality — This is the third dimension of fame — 4th, 5th and 6th dimension, right — 7th and above. These worlds can intersect with each other. This phenomenon became known as the gateway to another world. Coming to a place, a person can disappear and never appear. Similarly, to get us to the inhabitants of those worlds. Of places around the world a lot, where people can make a quantum leap.

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