Vedic Orthodoxy

Vedic Orthodoxy

Since at present our past is filled with dense evil myths, we suggest the reader to learn more detail about the concept of "Orthodoxy", which really is an integral component of nationality Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian and other Slavic peoples.

Find out why truthful content ancient word "rights" and "Glory," which are the basis of the above dvukorennogo concepts. The native Slavic word "right" was the basis of such sacred notions as justice, truth, the right of the righteous ruler. All these words that we associate with good, light — all sorts of virtues. The reason for this is that in the ancient world, where they lived Vyšna Gods, was referred to as a right. Consequently, the words that have the root of the "rights" associated with God, divine, divine, and therefore have a positive value.

Has a right to Native gods and souls of Light Ancestors. Thus, the right — it is not only the world of the gods, the laws by which people live and the gods. Pradedovskaya faith in the rules never disappeared, it is impossible to overcome, because it is the living soul of the people. No coercion or torture government not forced our people to take chuzheverie. Because foreigners, substituting the concept and giving the names and traditional rites, thus customize them to suit your faith. So, our God of hosts was Svarog, the Great Mother was known as Lada only Mother of God, of the many names of Veles were only Blasius and Basil

Perun renamed Ilya, but left the God of Thunder, from Dazhbog epithet was only Son of God, made in the Holy Sventovita Twisted and the like. These things led to the gradual loss of meaning, practice and family names, distortion and simplification of the Vedic faith of their forefathers. Today, many Ukrainians, Ruthenians, Russian, Belarusians, Poles realized the beginning of new growth and prosperity of the universal Vedic spirituality. Tradition says that the sacred "rights" "- a set of divine laws that rule the universe. The second component of the phrase Orthodoxy — "Glory" — is the name of the Goddess, which has, in heaven worthy of soldiers killed on the battlefield. Thank Goddess (Red Dawn) — a manifestation of the Great Mother Lada.

Glory embodies a way bequeathed Slavs native gods, and is an expression of our faith, because we call ourselves the Slavs: "Glory to our fathers and mothers that taught us about the gods and led by the right hand paths. So go, and not only hleboedami. Because we are Slavs — Russ, who sing the glory of the gods, and so are the Slavs "(Veles book, 8 (2)). Path of Glory Mother marks typically a combination of noble qualities, which allow to rise to the highest level of development of the soul — a life in the right. It is worth to recall that the inordinately Slavic names contain a particle of "Glory": Svyatoslav, Jaroslaw, Rodoslava, Miroslav, Stanislav, Bohuslav, Borislav, Bratislav, Veleslava, Zoreslav, Vojislav, Zvenislav, Volodislav, Ladoslava, Pereyaslav, and Pravoslav so on. Consequently, the concept of "Orthodoxy" literally means the "right slavlenie" and ideologically, depth, as the "right to the World * Vyšna gods." It is in this sense, used the word "Orthodox" in the ancestral faith Rusinov.

Orthodoxy — a spiritual path Slavic people, Even now, there is only a word in the languages of our fraternal peoples. When we refer to ourselves Slavic confessors of the Faith, then define your way in the world explicitly aimed at the unification of Rod Heaven and earth kind. Calling Vedic confessors of Orthodoxy, we determine the direction of our spiritual development — in union with the gods Vyšna Rights. Where do the so-called "Orthodox Christianity"? Annals of X-XIV centuries. strongly suggest that hristosianstvo came to Russia from Greece under the name of "faith of Christ", "new religion", "true faith", "Greek faith", and most of all — the "orthodox Christian faith." I want to particularly draw your attention to the first time the word "orthodoxy" is found in the "Epistle of Metropolitan Photius Pskov" under the 1410-1417 years., That is, 422 years after the introduction of Christianity. And the phrase "Orthodox Christianity" and that later — first in the Pskov chronicles the year 1450, over 462 years after the baptism of Rus-Ukraine. This makes us a major surprise!

If the word "orthodoxy" really has to hristosianstvu (as claimed by our opponents), why not use it yourself for half a millennium hristosiyane?! Therefore note, based on hard facts, confirmed by documents written by monks yes Priest: "Orthodox" HRISTOSIANE were only 597 YEARS AGO. 422, they called themselves the ONLY faithful. And it is absolutely right, because the Greek word "orthodoxy" in translation means "orthodoxy." "Orthos" — means "right", "forward", "doksos" — "thought", "belief", "faith". That is why in the Western world of the Eastern rite Christians call it as "orthodox."

Strange looks Church translation of the word "orthodoxy" — "Orthodoxy", because the word "glory" in Greek is pronounced "kyudos", hence the name of the ancient city of Cydonia in Crete, which translates to "Glorious." According to this, if the Eastern Christians really "Orthodox" religion itself must be called at least "ortokyudos." The denouement of this contradiction we know. Greek orthodoxy (orthodox hristosianstvo) in the XVI century., After the capture of the Ruthenian lands Poland, was in a tough fight with Roman Catholicism. Therefore, seeking a foothold, the church came to the only saving exit — partially adopt the Vedic spiritual practices Rusinov. First of all, they made the "orthodox Christian faith" in the "holy Orthodoxy" (which completely took over the priests of Rus-Ukraine Moscow Patriarch Nikon). And then they have ceased to struggle with Vedic customs and have adopted as their Eggs, ancestor worship, green holidays, Kupaly holidays, cover, Kalita, carols, Strachan (Candlemas) and others.

To return to harmony and unity with the native gods begin attainment of spiritual wealth, which is preserved for us the essence of the true ancestors of Orthodoxy — Mother of the Orthodox Faith, Vedic orthodoxy. Our faith for centuries has been and will remain forever the Orthodox, because it always shows us the way to the native gods are right. Orthodox eternally our fathers were, and we be the same! "Orthodox Christianity" — the term is as absurd as the "Orthodox Islam" or "Orthodox Judaism."

Bohumír Mikolaj

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