Vedic Russian alphabet. Alphabet Shining Light

"Spiritual Council of Holy Russia, Russia," given a lot in the light of Vedic Knowledge of the Faith, said together with the Group Intelligence Light, the story of the Russian language, his writing is calculated long before the Tower of Babel, which was nothing but a manifestation of the clash of good and the forces of Light Evil forces of darkness. For, starting the conversion was Russian letters form a word for God, and the Word was with KIND, gave the Russian soul to keep the Light of the Trinity Universe with Vedic truism plan Triune Universe … shows how to accelerate time in human spiritual connection with biological life forms form of life to the conservation of the divine nature of man, because every Aryan / Glagolitic / Russian letters was the Word … and the phenomenon that reflects at once four-dimensionality of the space, time, speed, movement: to provide surge / wave / teleport light flow of the Light (ineffable light) in the light this Light Real / terrestrial worlds: The letter? Word> Number.

The majority of scholars hold the view that the cause of all cases of mass death of living creatures on Earth were extraterrestrial in nature, despite the absence of any evidence that it was.

According to Kabbalistic worldview, the culprit is the Milky Way. "Star of the Dark Lord of countless armada and depends on the actions of the people" … a stuffed star Milky Way galaxy — a floating island made up of more than 100 billion stars, fine … but carrying a huge power potential disaster. Armada Death Star clearly able to sow destruction in our galaxy.

Comprehensive power called Kdusha provides the Death Star (Sitra Ahara, the other side) vitality. The problem facing humanity … (comment AS-P), that is, in fact, Jewish, "- is the support that we provide the Death Star. The only way to destroy the Death Star was surrounded by the dark side of the galactic consciousness embracing the light … (comment AS ~ P), which is understood in Judaism as the number-letter grid / network darkness of evil, having the ability to be monstrous force of darkness and evil at certain combinations of Hebrew letters -characters and numbers and is issued for the light of the Creator — Yahweh, Jehovah, Shaddai, Adonai, "… two thousand years before the world was created a comprehensive single unit twenty-two energy intelligence, form the main communication system through which the evolution of all that and power subsystem come down to us in the form of letters of the Hebrew alphabet … (comment AS ~ P), understood in Judaism as energy hexagrams (Shield) of David, Light of the Torah, can change the shape of God — Svetovita — the Milky Way and its contents through the lock Polaris — material embodiment of the genus, which is to the Aryan / Russian manifestation of God — all sorts — Compassionate — Triglav — Mother of Glory!

And under the Light of the spiritual aspect of justice Kabbalists of Judaism (the Torah and the Bible) is understood aspect of justice … based on gold, silver and copper … in the work called "The Shining Bahir," ie, the Light (the Hebrew translation of the words "Bahir" — appealing to an animal reflex and incite reflection release the energies of fear, pleasure, power flickering blood quanta fun extracting vital energy from other living spaces by loan interest and loan (investment) capital, through the introduction of one-dimensional truism plan dimensions and the light of Torah and Kabbalah, right on killing kosher technology corrected their victims. "

Laitman in 2003 reveals: "The secret part of the Torah — Kabbalah — is composed of two parts: hidden — is not described anywhere, transmitted orally, and open — described in many books. The latest to be studied, and only on its study depends arrival of Moshiach. But the light that fills the Torah, only affects absolutely loyal and faithful to the Creator … (comment AS ~ P), appeared as the black prince of darkness through the names of Yahweh, Jehovah, Shaddai, Adonai and to show alphabetical plan of one-dimensional dimensions of the Hebrew alphabet, "Open Channel Black Grace … "he heard and recorded horned Moses in the so-called period of darkness," who believe in his good actions … that is, (a comment AS ~ P) took abecedarian plan dimensions of one-dimensional, expressing the "light" of the Torah and prioritized according intelligence of the soul, Numbers above the letter of the money conscience, the rule of Israel over RUSSIA … "Creator," so is, Yahweh, Jehovah, Shaddai, Adonai — its different names, "not finished setting up our world. His addition to the perfect, whole entrusted to us. How bitter fruit at maturity, so we see our world. Its correction — our task … (commentary AS ~ P), ie, the happy people of Israel, as well as Ashkenazi and Sephardic — ethnic Jews, "geopolitical migrants", differing in the title in the residence country and aimed at controlling over the government and the mental space (understood as the soul) of this country by the rabbis of synagogues, on> the tent, and satrapata Judaism, the various sects of Judaism and the organizations' management … "punishment — reward" or control "luck" to periodically replace each other, and this increases test faith.

When approaching the days of Mashiach operates mainly management success, and it seems that there is no justice, and it is — for the correction of creation.

In the days of the Messiah, in the late days of the world, fully revealed the greatness of the Creator and the knowledge of His ways — through the inner comprehension and prophecy. The letter — it is not nothing but a recording of certain conditions certain spiritual object. What is the use of graphic images in the study of letters without understanding their inner meaning!

The nation of Israel is also connected to Klipot leg, ie, the radiance of spiritual powers of man (a Jew) through the Tree of Good and Evil (comment AS ~ P). Peoples of the world and unclean animals belong to three impure Klipot related to Leo Evan (rabble — conductors intelligence armada of evil Death Star that can not be fixed before Gmar Tikkun (the end of correction.) Why the Jewish people ("Yehudi" — the word "ikud" — connection merging with the Creator, and the word "miyuhad" — particularly as exempt from self-love, and only these can be called "Yehudi") only comes from generations of Jacob. These people consisting of a shower (AS comment ~ P), that is, the people, "in the last correction circuits — gilgulim from Adam to Jacob. And Jacob started correcting souls called" banim "(sons), concerning souls of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, called" Avot "(father).

In Egypt they were all Egyptians. But by working on yourself stand out from the crowd part — E kerev goy goy — that has become a separate nation. That is netsutsim (part Yisrael), which fell in Klipot (part-Mits Raim — Egypt), fixed — chosen and raised in Atzilut (Israel) — part Klipot, and so there was the nation of Israel.

Department Kelim G "A and beans from the West" and Malchut of the world of Beria is called "sweet" — circumcision. Separation Kelim G "A and beans in the world Asiya called" akizat ladies "- the selection of blood. The rise in these Kelim of Atzilut adds it Yechida op, and the rest are called Kelim clip Ash Mitlakahat.

These "Tikkun" — fix the human soul. Animal, that is, people of the world and unclean animals belonging rabble conductors spiritual intelligence armada of evil Death Star and three unclean Qliphoth "(Commentary AS ~ P) if it is kosher, corrected, as Klipot addresses specific, regular killing and laminating (salting) — allocation, rather, stopping blood flow (comment AS-P), that is, this means constant sacrifice in blood … in the form of extracting blood to the tabernacle at the "ignoramuses"-Russian and "barbarians" Slavs and other ethnic Aryans (Germans, French, etc.), unclean animals — for kosher food and cooking breads on human blood, and their distribution in the holiday of Purim to enhance the flow of the reflected / secondary energy light from the letter-character Alef and other energy intellects — the Hebrew letters, a letter — character Alef in Israel and living space in the firmament of Atzilut, since Alef character is not able to open the primary or the Infinite Light. "

Through the Torah and the commandments man can, realizing what is good and what is evil, to separate them, and raise good, that is, make the most out of the Kli "spiritual body" in Atzilut. And so over and over again until you split the leg and will drop it in a good part of Atzilut — and on this end his earthly task — and it is the task of each of us, while not call together the arrival of Moshiach.

Fulfilling His will, we create a vessel that can take pleasure without doing — harming only themselves. So keep in mind the way of the Torah, Kabbalah, altruism — just for our benefit.
The fruit trees, ie vegetative level of creation, corrected release clips for the first three years (the eagle) if growing them in the Land of Israel. These Tikkun also occur when correcting flora and level of the soul of man.

After all, there is a strong connection between the root of (spiritual) and branch (material). And it can grow from a single root, several branches … (comment AS ~ P), ie, the one-dimensionality of the truism plan dimensions grows one branch — Judaism, which opened the channel for receiving and enjoying the darkness of evil and darkness attracts the reflected light. " Therefore, we can call them the names of the world spiritual roots-forces that cause these branches to life … (comment AS ~ P), for example, in alphabetical plan Triune Universe so-called Indo-European branch was grafted truism plan dimensions of one-dimensional dark darkness of evil that process of sucking the "life-wind" transformed and dropped their plan language in alphabetical plan polar world order, which gave a second branch in the form of rationalism (reflecting the light of the moon), on the one hand, and in the form of original sin morality of Christianity, on the other hand, wrapped in a net of darkness 27 Jewish symbols and a network of 32 darkness of evil Jewish character. "

Naturally, such a language can develop only seeing both a root and branch, cause and effect, that is, who is at the same time in both worlds … a person in this world, and can simultaneously enter into the spiritual world — the infinite, the eternal world of souls. Live in both worlds at the same time, to comprehend eternity, to comprehend the spiritual worlds, while in our material world, — is not a worthy goal for a man! That is — for a Jew — a happy man of Israel, under the leadership of the tzaddik, or righteous, for example, producing "Mila" — the Jewish circumcision of the flesh of infants or ethnic procedure in Russia, leading to the strengthening of Jewish mysledeystviyu sky mentalprostranstva to Atzilut and quietly executes Customer ineffable light of Vedic Trinity Universe truism plan of the Russian language in the minds of the Russian people for the "light of the expected triumph" — the arrival of the Black Prince of Darkness Darkness evil — the Messiah (AS comment ~ P).

It follows that the Hebrew alphabet letter-characters — a "creative" product of previous experience with the system defeat the forces of darkness of evil in a "period of darkness" to the destruction of the Aryan / Russian alphabet, which displayed earlier Vedic Trinity Universe alphabetic plan on earth, in the sky, Originally a sixth of the Earth Aryan Civilization for spiritual investment project to the magic square of the (3 × 3 = 9) Arkaim show gathers light — RUSSIAN, "if not lose the Russian soul" in the geopolitical spaces of the Eurasian continent, and to fix Holy Russia-Russia as mental and spiritual core of the Earth, the Milky Way galaxy and with their spiritual leaders. That is, the Hebrew alphabet, consisting of 22 characters, materialized as the retention system Channel Black Grace and energy harvesting fear desire enjoying themselves — energy flickering blood satisfaction with the desire to share, was stacked with the philological laws: Law closed syllable, Law closed the alphabet " is the screen is closed, or Masach "truism plan of one-dimensional dimensions that are constantly needed and required the closure of vital goals / energy to produce flashes of light on the earth and under the earth, and the great fault in the galaxy" for the Transparency of the closure reflects light ", to use an analogy examples of electric current, electric circuits, circuit capable of producing, and the Big Bang theory seems to be educated our universe, through and after closing the "space" areas of the Hebrew letters, the Creator of the Jewish characters, known as Yahweh, Jehovah, Shaddai, Adonai, open the Information astral and the mental field, open / horned Moses gave Channel Black Grace Darkness Evil "structured alphabetical plan dimensions of one-dimensional", known as "the desire to receive for himself", in Judaism called "Throne of Mercy", and "Power of positive energy Alphabet intelligence. " The strength of the Hebrew alphabet is used TSsdikim Jews against what form KIND God — Svetovita — Mother Glory — the Milky Way, which is "worried" Rabbi Philip Berg: "In time the armada Stars suffer a major defeat, which would break the spine of the Dark Lord … Space Bet (Hebrew letter -character) liaise with certainty, with an area that is not subject to the claw of the Dark Lord, and all that he represents. Shekhinah (the Holy Spirit) is the confluence of all the potential energy flow and the point at which light is revealed. To connect with the illusion of reality, the metaphysical with the physical space required code of the Torah, revealed the alphabet. This "spirit in the body," is the basis of what makes people "- that is, the Jews. Happy lyudyami Israel accidentally received in the second half of the XX century, the main mystery prize "as a result of organized or short — the Second World War," the life of incomplete spaces, structured plan Alphabet Alphabet polar world order and plan of one-dimensional dimensions, called Jerusalem. This is confirmed by the "orthodox" Rabbi Philip Berg: "Jerusalem is the Holy City because of its" integrity. " He is the energy center of the universe, and therefore, as a natural consequence of this, the Holy Temple (meaning the Jewish temple sacrifice in Blood) and was built in Jerusalem. Jerusalem — the energy center of the world (comment AS ~ P), that is implied in the first place, all the Jews "- are ground space station space superpower … Beth (comment AS ~ P), ie Hebrew is the letter-character, which is, according to Jewish tzaddikim, shield security superpowers of clarifying the impact of the Milky Way shown by a native to the dark forces hostile to the vortices that are enclosed in the Torah, Kabbalah and the Power of the Hebrew alphabet). While there is space communications between us and the power of (the Lord), there can be no change, because changes exist only in the world of illusion — the birthplace of the Dark Lord "- that is, the genus, is the National Shrine of the Russian people / Russian / Vedic modern Russian alphabet, consisting of 33 Aryan / Heavenly Russian letters can be heavenly power of the transformation law: Nothing is impossible!

However, the Aryan / Russian word ABC Heavenly Almighty Svarog VOLHVAMI Heavenly Abode (the Plan), optional KIND, were piled with fixing philological trends: the law of open syllables, open the ABC Act (see Table 1), which are a manifestation of the hidden gates of Light in terrestrial worlds, the astral plane, the mental dimension, the etheric continuum. Space, Heavenly Plan (consisting of at least seven sub-levels), which includes galaxies with a conventional center of the constellation of Sagittarius and the Bull as 6000 years ago, but know what VOLHVY Stars "and materialized cosmogonic form God — Svetovita — Mother of Glory? Milky Way. Although the Russian philologist, including linguistics, language typology system and linguistics Law open alphabet reason not open … what prevents these disciplines to see that fateful word "alphabet" is composed by law to close the syllable and letter-alphabet characters that match the philological structuring Hebrew alphabet characters, heard horned Moses, according to the law closed syllable by law to close the gates of the alphabet block light, but require constant circuits — for example, small, medium and large explosions, the simultaneous presence of good and evil, fear, pleasure, and satisfaction of the blood, wealth and Crime, the calculation of the mind and of the Holy Spirit for a little story about a poor Gide, Force Alphabet "Lord" and the collection of interest on loans, bondage, economic / financial and Kabbalah spiritual ferment of an unclean / animals "three Klipot" with uncorrected soul for final remedy "Tikkun "by kasherizatsii under the" light "of the Jewish holy book the Torah reflecting two languages — the language of the intellect and the body language (vessel — Kli), for one-dimensional and speaking Hebrew language — black channel of grace. This channel Black grace the dark forces of Darkness and Evil was laid during the Torah all evroyazyki from English to Swedish, "which airs in the guise of ethnic Enlightenment did not notice" through the Latin and Greek alphabets contained and containing alphabetic plan polar world order, which is an open and latent threat to the national security of the Russian language and Russian geopolitics, luminous space Arkaim planet Earth Rod.

Table 1

With some alphabet based on Latin script

Number p / p Russian alphabet German alphabet Alphabet Italian alphabet
1 Aa and Aa and Aa hey Aa and
2 Bb BE Bb BE Bb Bi Bb Bi
3 Centuries ve Cc tse Cc B Cc Chi
4 Gg ge Dd de Dd di Dd di
5 Dd de Ee e Ee and Ee e
6 Her E Ff ef Ff ef Ff Efe
7 Her e Gg ge Gg gee Gg gee
8 LJ PVCs Hh ha Hh HLB Hh Akka
9 Ss ze Ii and Ii ouch Ii and
10 Yee and Jj whit Jj DJ Ll Ella
11 DQ and a brief Kk ka Kk kei Mm emme
12 Kk ka Ll ale Ll e Nn enne
13 Ll ale Mm em Mm em Oo about
14 Mm em Nn en Nn en Pp pi
15 HH en Oo about Oo ou Qq Ku
16 Oo about Pp Peh Pp pi Rr Erra
17 Nn Peh Qq Ku Qq Kew Ss essay
18 Pp er Rr er Rr ar Tt ty
19 Ss es Ss es Ss es Uu at
20 Tm te Tt te Tt ty Vv Wie, wu
21 Yy at Uu at Uu th Zz zeta
22 FF ef Vv FAA Vv VI Jj idungo
23 Xx ha Ww ve Ww double w Kk kappa
24 CC tse Xx X Xx ex Xx X
25 Hh Th Yy upsilon Yy wai Ww Dopp integer
26 Shh sha Zz zet Zz Zed Yy igrek
27 Schsch schA            
28 Bk hard sign            
29 Yy s            
30 Lb soft sign            
31 Uh e turnaround            
32 Yuyu th            
33 Yaya I            

In Russian, the Russian people that channel Black grace dark forces of darkness and evil, between Torah introduced: Christian missionaries Cyril and Methodius in 861, in the form of the Cyrillic alphabet, by planting a binary philosophy of the Bible and Christianity as a doctrine of Kiev Prince Vladimir and then apostate bishops RPHTS , a replacement name for the country's leaders ABCs name "Alphabet Letters" of the Russian language, he showed that the three languages: the language of the Russian soul, the language of the Russian spirit, Russian Language Body, and showed only the language of intellect and body language (as a vessel of darkness — Kli the Jewish designation) in Russian, concluded either under the plan truism polar world order, or in the plan of one-dimensional plane truism dimension coinciding with impersonal Informatiology philosophy, which states' information is primary, matter is secondary. "

A leveling Heavenly Words ABC with the one "information" with alphabet, followed by a broad introduction to the verbal practice of the Russian people and the Russian-speaking, the theory of Philology completed in the first half of the XX century Ozhegov SI, determined that the "Alphabet — A set of letters taken at this writing, is located in the established order, the alphabet … Russian — is East Slavic peoples that make up the main population of the Russian Federation …

Language — sound system, vocabulary and grammar tools work objectifies thinking and are the instruments of communication, exchange of ideas and mutual understanding of the people in the community … Language — The system of signs (sounds, signals, etc.), relaying information …. "That is, data determining the ABC / Russian alphabet and language failed / given to the manifestations of the Russian language in the period of the Torah only as a language intelligence (information) and body language (as a vessel of darkness) that are able to provide and display as above, so below, the system of the dark forces of darkness and Evil in the expected / anticipated period of "the beginning of the third millennium" joining the Black Prince black alchemical fire — the Messiah as one of the faces, called the Devil, Satan, Shaitan, a demon, an unclean thing, the power of darkness in the Aryan Russian Slavic-Turkic Vedic Civilization.

For example, at the bottom, and folklore of the Russian people in the cathedral of the Russian tradition has identified a manifestation of "the language of intelligence (information) and body language (as a vessel of darkness) in the saying," a husband and wife — one of Satan ", which shows in a humorous way held alienation of such a" pair " time from the generic "ABC" unified image of three languages: the language of the Russian soul, the language of the Russian spirit, Russian language of the body (of the ineffable light kind). Today, at the beginning of the XXI century, the number of such "couples, the husband + wife" and single women with similar consciousness in Russia rather, expressed a number of features, one of which is the most action-packed show "effect cuckoo" tossed in / reset their children in homes and orphanages from the feminist motivation, which boils down to the language intelligence (information) in order not to interfere with the right / beautiful / bright living body language (as a vessel of darkness), not knowing / not knowing that his "life-wind," they do give system in favor of the dark forces of darkness and evil, in favor of joining the Black Prince Messiah through alchemical black fire produced a short circuit / transition of their consciousness, the subconscious, intuition, their plan is a truism Trinity Universe and the cathedral of the Russian tradition in the living space of one-dimensional plan truism Extent dark energy which we can not call on the "Russian" transformation "clairvoyant, clairaudient person who took the vessel of darkness with Masach — screen of darkness" sing heavenly soulful words KIND "'ll get a star from heaven, and will give a keepsake!" as "Russian" transforms fallen / fell in the alphabet Letters truism plan dimension of one-dimensional, not stopping even in world-view is a truism plan polar world order.

It follows that the ABC is a native Russian language structured four-dimensional space to materialize the full (three-dimensional, Catholic) being the spiritual life as one of the pillars of the universe, giving the consciousness of the Holy Spirit and the Soul of the biological life form being truism plan by Trinity Universe, the structuring of light in the Gate sensory spaces of the Russian letter for / storage / return of flowing grace "ineffable light" to the spiritual life of the cathedral pairing being a biological life form for the manifestation of being "human" time in conjunction with the cosmic time, the ability to give the Russian letter Heavenly Consciousness cosmic level, divine consciousness cosmos, ether, mental, astral, real terrestrial worlds.

Alphabet-linguistic construction Alphabet Letters cuts Heaven Consciousness cosmic level of awareness and Divine Cosmos by truism plan polar world order, "is a truism plan dimensions of one-dimensional", the ability to give the mental flash of light and mentalmyshleniya, shimmering vibrations of the astral light / astral body of a mighty man, "if he Transform the system did not become the dark forces of Darkness and Evil, "a time to keep from falling / failure in Alphabet Letters truism plan dimensions of one-dimensional, which requires for its development energies of fear, anger, violence and hatred. Alphabet letters (characters) is structured in a two-dimensional channel for receiving biotransformami Black Grace, who used / uses letter characters, unlike transforms arising under their impact / influence through introduction in living spaces truism plan polar world order which is a truism plan Triune Universe.

For proper organization / competent preventive impact / influence infiltrated biotransform characters on the media plan for the Trinity Universe is a truism of the Russian language to primary school, secondary school, college and higher educational institutions continuously from generation to generation, open deep Vedic knowledge of the Russian language of the ABC with the knowledge of the Law of the open syllable, the law of open syllables of the alphabet, the law opened the alphabet, and in the community for its continuous education, and Vedic knowledge as a means of protection must be used all kinds of technical means to this knowledge Measures Distinction flashed / reinforcement / Educational seventh, a new Russian Space Age and the seventh, spiritual civilization of Holy Russia, Russia with matching boost to national security and geopolitics of Russia.


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FROM THE BOOK: Modern Russian Vedic alphabet. Alphabet Shining Light. Andrei Sviridov

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