Victims of a UFO in the area were Kunashak hares

February 10, 2012 7:46

Kunashak area became a place of pilgrimage. More and more people come here to see for representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Interest in outback South Ural shown and journalists. More than a week in the village Ashirova runs NTV Group.

Almost the first night of their stay in the area Kunashak Muscovites managed to shoot an unidentified flying object. Luminous point hovering in the sky above the marshes, which are close to the village. In the morning the film crew went in search of the source of light, but the encounter with the unknown was not possible.

After a while the quiet village healed stormy life. UFO hunt was announced and people of the region. Armed with a special technique for communication and tracking, amateur ufologists went to forest jungle. This time was able to observe the light that came from as if the earth. But how many meters cars not driven in the direction of an unusual, approach it was not possible.

Time to drive the machines did not work, the UFO hunters went into the woods on foot. Now, before the eyes of the witnesses turned an unusual pattern — away fire burned. True, once the expedition drew attention to it, the fire went out. But the place to be on a fire were found two fresh carcass hares. Traces of the shots not only singed hair. Mystery!

In this investigation metropolitan journalists ended. However correspondent Artem Kolodkin promised to take carcass hares in Moscow, there to specialists to understand the causes of death of animals. It is possible that in the near future experts will give the final answer to lyutuet Kunashak area UFO or just a good joke locals.

Earlier, the "First Regional" extraterrestrials Ashirova yanvarya./news/proisshestviya/inoplanetane- noticed at the end of a huge object is at a distance of about ten kilometers from the village. Outwardly, he looked like a train. People tried to get closer to the object, but he was in the marshes, the car can not get to it. Glowing lights placed around. It was later learned that sometimes they pursue those people who are in the dark themselves in the forest.

According to scientists, there are no aliens in the southern Urals not. Glowing lights — is an optical illusion that occurs due to the refraction of light when the car is driving on rough roads. It should be noted that for 12 years, no case of invasion of alien civilizations in the South Urals was not confirmed.

Daria Batovkina

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