Vladimir visited by aliens?


Several residents of the city over the weekend witnessed both in the sky above the city flew three luminous spheres. The e-mail we received from a resident of the South-Western district — he and his family saw a UFO from the balcony of the apartment. One of the balls hung over the house, and it failed to make out detail — according to witnesses, he looked like a comet with a fiery tail. This was at 10 pm on July 5. An hour later, unidentified flying objects spotted in the area of the main building of State University — three lighted ball moved slowly across the sky. At the bus stop at the time there were several people and even stopped a motorist. Nikita Sorokin tried to take the UFO on a mobile phone, but unfortunately the picture turned out not too high quality. But the impression of what he saw — there for life.

Nikita Sorokin, a student: "The three luminous objects flying in the shape of a triangle. There was no band behind them, did not look like a plane, a helicopter. And these were not satellites, as they are when flying long distances, the light faded a little, according to the all he was sent strictly to the ground, and I was able to view an object in black and slightly priplyuschen. UFOs probably is. Would love to come across them. "

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