We have seen aliens


Yakut hunters testify about his encounters with UFOs

Journalists "life" during an expedition to the Valley of Death — the legendary place where, by the scientists of ufologists, is the secret UFO base — a sensational find confirmation of this hypothesis.

Locals talked about their encounters with aliens. And provide unique photographs of UFOs.

…Locations in Death Valley terrible. Around black scorched trees without branches. The birds do not fly, can not see animals.

— All animal tracks in the valley-through, I was looking — trying to block out noisy outboard our guide Glory Shepherds. — None of the maturation no! Beast in Death Valley is not spending the night. Feels something abnormal …

And the truth is, when turning off the engine, hangs over the river ringing silence. I can not hear any bird calls or buzzing insects. As if turned off the sound on the TV.

We were uncomfortable — as if someone invisible always watching us. According to the researchers of the anomalous zone, one of the Death Valley recorded the highest radiation background. Ran for uranium — even a trace of it there was not found. A radiation level suddenly went back to normal.

Picture of UFO hunters made

Geologist Alexander Mikhaylenko — one of those surveyed in the uranium-bearing area in the mid 90's.

— I do not know the reasons why all of a sudden decided to explore the vast territory for the presence of uranium, polonium and radioactive potassium. But shooting displays of uranium in the water and the bottom is the remnants gave a negative assessment. Uranus is not there.

If uranium is not there, then maybe something has increased the level of radiation from the outside, something flew us? Strange flying objects in the places they see all the time.


— In the mid 90's we spent the night just to the north of these places, — says Alexander Mikhaylenko. — There were five — two geologists, engineers, geologists technician and two students. It was getting dark, but the sky was still light. And at the height of three kilometers, we all saw drive steel color, October 15 meters in diameter, it hung a little bit sideways. Could see the light at the ports, and from the bottom of the beat blue cone-shaped beam. No blur — so clearly it was clear that I thought it was ours, "earth" technique. But then it disappeared so fast — we have no such rate is not, nor overload of no sustain. She first moved to one side, then turned around and flew away in a split second.


— We worked on a loop of the river Ulutoginskoy Viluy, 80 km from Olguydaha, — says Alexander Mikhaylenko. — It was the end of August night, 12 hours. Went to sleep on the shore in a tent. Not far from us stopped hunters. They began to call: "Guys, get out, we are here pursuing a ball of fire!" Look — the moon in the east and in the north-west is really still hanging bright red ball of fire. Once we have moved on a boat to see it — p-time, the impression was that the ball ran after us, already behind plume originated. Not on its own costs. I say that the peasants: "Now leave here in different directions." Just set off — the ball for us with the train. Where did this and that, God knows. The more we did not see him.

Space Physics

A scientist from the Institute of Space Physics Alexei Mikhailov collects evidence of unidentified flying objects observed in Yakutia 30 years.

— UFOs in Yakutia often see — he says. — Often, people take the remains of a UFO missiles, but there are real cases.

In 1991, a UFO has excited the whole village Sylgy-Ytar. The object flew over the village for two weeks — a low, inaudible, powerful searchlight illuminating the ground. He was seen by dozens of people.

On this road after visiting the UFO remained unknown to science of substance

— A woman from the village learned of his approach, when she went on TV powerful interference, television already rattled — says the scientist. — Even more amazing story is a local driver from the same village. At 6 am, he went to Srednekolymsk. An hour later, he saw that it flies directly over an unidentified object, shining a spotlight directly on him. He was frightened, feeling that the car is something incredible — it is like climbing up a mountain, but the road was completely straight. He opened the door and was stunned: between the cab and the ground was 5 meters in height. When the spotlight began to go forward, the car … just as smoothly decreased.

A road was the house where the men lived in horse breeding. Flurried driver ran into the house and found that the owners are under the beds. Reassured, they told me that an hour ago spotlight hovered over the house, they got scared and hid away from sin.

Immediately after these events on the tractor road village remained unknown substance — a rectangle 2 x 3 meters. Administration of the village caused the commission of the Institute of Space Physics and Aeronomy of Yakutsk.

— When we arrived at the place, the same breeders have shown us this stuff — grayish-brown layer thickness of 5 mm, — says Alexei Mikhailov. — We broke off a piece of it was brought to Yakutsk and sent to the Institute of Biology: "Check oil or not?" They said, 'No, not oil. " I put together a little part in a vial and sent to Moscow, the Institute of Low Temperature. A month later I was told that the substance is as follows: 80% of the water that is ice, 20% — for some unknown substance.


The most incredible case occurred in 1994 in Viliuisk area — right next to the "boiler". After the March school holidays in the village of Hampi lessons began. The teacher asked the student: "Where are your skis?" — "Home leave" — "Then go home for skiing!" And his house is 8 km away, in the neighboring village.

The child was 3 kilometers along the federal highway Viljujsk — Yakutsk. And, as said boy, suddenly next to him softly lands round disc. From it came out people … And then he remembered nothing. He woke up next to the road: "I'm sitting in the snow, my head hurts badly."

Seeing the child, who was obviously bad — he vomited, — stopped the car and took him to the nearest hospital in Lekechen. The most amazing thing is that Lekechen … is just the other side of Hampi, 140 kilometers to the south! Medics called to the school, "Your boy was with us."

"What — do you?" — The director of the school was taken aback. He personally saw an hour ago a boy went walking along the road from Hampi. And less than an hour later, the baby was 140 km from the place!

— In their roads 140 km per hour can not be overcome! — Says the scientist of space physics. — The boy told me that came out of a plate of "man" in broken Russian asked him to go inside. After the boy pursue excruciating headaches …

Scientist-space physics knows firsthand about the Valley of Death:

— I come from those places. The settlement Olguydah closed now — whether radiation, or something related to the environment. Who is more active, more bright, are long gone from there. Initially, the place was disastrous, not without reason called Death Valley because …


— One discovery I still can not explain to myself — says geologist Alexander Mikhaylenko. — On the northern slope of the river washed away the remains of reptiles Sandy — the lower jaw was not the top — half. But the safety of amazing! As if just a few years lay. Crest on the skull is preserved, preserved color, even meat left … and the remains of the ridge crest to the ribs and skull. Seven inches long, like a rooster comb. Where is he? In Hyperborea Sannikov land may have some reason — it is likely that in the remote areas of Yakutia island somewhere preserved ancient world c unique ancient reptiles. Otherwise, where it came from well-preserved reptile?


One of the most amazing monuments of Yakutia — Shishkin petroglyphs, ancient rock paintings made with ocher and dark crimson color. The ancestors of modern Yakut and Evenki imprinted here all they saw. And they saw not only the animals, people, weapons and boats.

On one of the Bronze Age rock paintings can be seen in the boats are sailing amazing two-horned figure. Most of the arms bent and lift up. As if they were saying goodbye to someone. Who is it?

Local authorities have reported UFO sightings

There are many versions. Perfume floating in the Land of the Dead, the Indians horned headdresses, finally, aliens in space suits with antennae sitting either in boats, whether in metal hemispheres …


Evenki preserved in their legends evidence of encounters with strangers, — the scientist and specialist on the Evenki Folklore Galina Varlamov-Keptuke.

— I myself Evenk engaged in the study of folklore, head of the Institute of the Indigenous Peoples of the North, candidate of philological sciences. I have collected many stories of encounters with aliens, that human life is brought from outside, that is, man was created by someone else for life on the planet re-mastered. And the other, and others perceived as Evenki spirits, until that time, a patron of the man. Etiquette contact with patronizing spirits (mind and numerous other forms of it) is clearly preserved and now. One of the latest forms of human communication, Evenki with them — this is our shamanism. In my opinion, we should pay attention to the folklore do not have until recently written language of the peoples, for example, the Evenki. Nations gained their writing for a long time, with this advantage lost another — ancient memory of encounters with strangers, and perhaps the memory of his appearance on earth. Our nations first requirement for the narrator, storyteller and keeper of folklore heritage — precision. This denial of personal fantasy and bringing personal perception and changing scenes. Not centuries, and millennia stories passed without changes related to personal experiences of human life. I want to draw attention to the fact that in the folklore of the Evenki of this genre is not at all like a fairy tale.

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Elena Yarovikova

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