Wedding superstitions — believe it or not


For every girl's wedding — one of the most exciting events in life. Consequently, this must pass day is ideal. If something goes wrong … This is what makes most brides (sometimes grooms) to believe in omens and superstitions wedding. What of them is the truth and what fiction? It turns out that most of the popular will is a logical explanation.

Myth 1. You can not get married in a leap year.

Leap year — this is a purely human invention for correcting the calendar. If it is a leap year was somehow undesirable for the church in terms of marriage, it certainly would be reflected in the canons of the church.

Myth 2. You can not get married in May, because age will suffer.

They used to say this: "I'd love to get married, but May will not allow it!" "Good people do not get married in May — work." This is primarily due to the fact that in May in the village of winter stocks have run out, and summer food yet. So the main reason for the May wedding of prejudice — it is prudence villagers …

Myth 3. If the groom sees the bride before the wedding, the marriage will fail.

In many countries, this prohibition applies not only to the groom. Before the ceremony, bride could only see itself Brac and seamstress to it … do not steal, because the dress was given as a dowry, and they tried to make as richer.

Myth 4. You can not wear a wedding dress with open back and above the knees. Wedding myths and superstitions are centuries-old prejudices and fears. This myth is out of date. Perhaps in 60 years in the Soviet Union really was not worth putting on a dress with open back and above the knees, but the time is different, and the myths of those years are just myths.

Myth 5. If the bride is getting married in old shoes — good luck …

It is only logical, because they groom would not be able to rub the calluses. This sign expresses a purely practical point of view. But if there are no suitable old collection of shoes to the dress, it does not mean you can not buy new ones, they just need to deliver before the celebration.

Myth 6. The last night before the wedding, the bride and groom need to separately.
Apparently, this myth was invented to, bored, young wedding night spent properly.

Myth 7. Unexpected rain on your wedding day — to wealth in a young family.

The sign has the power in the countryside, where the rain — a symbol of harvest. A crop will be and prosperity at home.

Myth 9. If you give someone trying on her wedding ring — and so to give fate.

Psychologists explain this as follows: when the bride sees her friend on her engagement ring, she unconsciously begins to think, "I'm not the only one, either could be the owner of this ring" — and gets jealous husband to her friends. Many simply give in stereotype, which is devoid of absolutely no reason, "I gave a try on the ring girlfriend … now I just give up my favorite."

Myth 10. If the ring is slipped or fell in the time of registration or at the church — to the separation.

It is the most widespread prejudice. Sociological studies show that in most cases the bride to inspire yourself to the idea that "once the ring had fallen — all the bad end," that eventually actually leave. As explained by psychologists, the effect of self-hypnosis works.

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