What happened to Skype?

Have law enforcement to listen Skype? — A question which is raised from the beginning of the week, almost all online publications. The source for the discussion was an article on the website Slate.com, which refers to the fact that the new laws "of observation" in the U.S. and Australia require manufacturers online chats leave backdoors for audio conversations. As an example of the long resisted service is Skype as having reliable encryption system, including also because Skype voice traffic is not transmitted on a single channel, and on a distributed network of user machines. In this edition mentions reports that this spring, Microsoft began to alter the architecture of Skype, which allow changes to the law enforcement agencies "connect" to the talk of service users. Microsoft officials said in response that the proposed changes to the program are ordinary modifications of the product and there is no indication that the administration is trying to develop a service backdoors for the government "wiretapping." In representation of Skype in Russia our program said "put into operation supernodes" (so-called supernodes), located on dedicated servers. But it was done to improve the performance of service and did not change as a distributed architecture, Skype (P2P) network. Probably — we can only guess — Slate.com journalist compared the fact that Microsoft is buying service Skype, with the presence of Microsoft technology patents "legal intervention," which allows police "connect" to the conversations of users in different VoIP-services. Folded so these two facts, the journalist, seems to have made a simple conclusion — Microsoft introduces a mechanism Skype listening. However, none of the parties has not confirmed this fact.

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