What is faith?

Pater DY explanation of "faith":

There is a notionVera(Ed.: should read in this chapter instead of solid character — another similar, but with a dash lower, "Yat", I just can not picture) is one, and there is a conceptfaith(Where "e" — a letter "is") is another meaning. These two concepts — not one and the same. "YAT" — is the link between earth and heaven. Therefore, this letter and sound like "s" — diftongovoe sound, "and" — it is a true heaven, and "e" — it is, earthly existence. When we say the old faith, Slavic belief, the Aryan faith, ancient belief we have in mind here is that the value of Vera Bb — is the Vedas, RA — ie the brightness shining wisdom of the ancestors, Shining Wisdom of the Gods.

This is a "faith" — in the sense — existential, ie earth this is a case where a person says, "I believe", ie he believes in the word, believe his feelings, believe what was told that speaking Soviet language here — a blind faith, a faith that does not require proof. And when we say: "Vera," that we mean that there is nothing to prove, so the person does not have to have one more argument, because for it is clear. And here — "faith" — the man had not yet clear: he simply said: "Go back to where you will be better", and the question of the person: "Why" — the answer: "Believe bezprikoslovno." And here the "Vera" man knows where he's going, he did some blind obey orders.

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