Where flew aliens?

November 22, 2011 20:22


Historical archives of all countries are full of reports of mysterious aliens, "ride on their carts" gullible humans not only in "heaven", but also in time. Chinese chroniclers of the first millennium, reports: "… Lu Gong, surnamed Wen-ching, with the servant and the servant sought healing means between the ridges. Suddenly he saw a ravine three. Turning to Lyuyu, they said: "We are immortal celestial beings of the chambers of the Great Great purity and harmony … if you follow us — you will discover the secret of immortality." Following this, together with the inhabitants of heaven Lu disappeared for two days. They taught him the mystery of the curse. After just releasing Lyuya, said: "You are worthy, spent two days with us, but the people in the world have passed 2 years." Lu Gong returned, but found an empty building. The sons and grandsons there was no one … "(" Purple jade ", the Chinese narrative prose I-IV centuries. 1980).

In other chronicles reported Huang Di, who in the twenty-first century BC. e. came down from heaven and his assistants in the area of the Yellow River. After becoming emperor, Huang Di taught the people to dig wells, acupuncture treatment, make boats and musical instruments … But most of all earthlings surprised not new for them knowledge, and amazing tripod, which operates flights "to nowhere" their teacher. This unit could "rest and go", "to become light and heavy", "fly in the clouds, like a dragon," in addition, he "had no obstacles in the past and the future"! ("Anomaly", St. Petersburg, 7-1991). The saga 'Sailing Bran, son of Phoebus, "the main character, after being at a party in the" big house "one day and returning home by ship, said that during this time several generations of people, and be remembered only by the ancient oral legends.

In 840, in Lyon ravaged crowd coming down from the "celestial ship" three. Accidents claimed that they are local residents, and they only "short" flew through the sky, but in the whole town there was no one who would remember their faces and names.

According to historians, Avinskogo Turin, in the archives of the University of Kazan kept a report of Yashke bondsmen, who, after meeting in the woods with a strange man in white robes and flying in the sky on a big shiny "coppers" went home with donated "miracle coins" in a few years …

In these sagas and chronicles replace obsolete words for modern and you get a description of the events that are indistinguishable from the contactee stories of the day. Of the hundreds of reported cases of "contacts of the third kind" with an invitation to humans "fly" in UFOs everywhere there is a small percentage of cases in which contactees mixed in Time

In the thirties of this century, the world has to know about the phenomenal abilities of Edgar Cayce, who predicted the future (some prophecies came true later) and doing non-traditional methods of treatment, about the same as it is now in a modern psychics. Supposedly all the knowledge Casey received from the aliens that are "rolled" him to "ease" at the beginning of HH1 century. He spent the entire flight from the inside, listening to the stories of his good guides and fascinated watching was devastated San Francisco, Los Angeles, Japan, Northern Europe. According to the aliens, because of shifts of tectonic plates in the Atlantic and Pacific giant cataclysm captured early in the third millennium almost the entire planet, but … Russia. (Angulo Hull "And here come the noise of thoughts", London. 1975).

In 1980, the Paris suburb of Cergy-Pontauz 19 — year-old Frank Fontaine disappeared after his "pickup" covered the glowing nebular sphere. Appearing again on the same spot just a week, Frank long believed that there was no less than five minutes. ("Volgograd truth", 02/04/1983, the message "AFP", "Reuters", "Tribune de Lausanne". Switzerland).

Corporal Armando Valdez on the night of 25 to 26 April 1977 near the Chilean village Putra in front of his men approached the UFO landed and … disappeared. After 15 minutes, he reappeared and fell unconscious. According to Corporal came out that he was staying with strangers for several days, but it seemed at first all solid sleep. But her face was a week Vyaldesa beard, his wrist watch behind on 15 minutes, a calendar showing hours on April 30 instead of 26. He was absent in our time 95 hours 45 minutes! (G. Kolchin "UFO facts and documents", Leningrad. 1991).

In such circumstances, a resident of East Jutland hit in 1976 GV Ukrainian Kernosenko in 1989; Tukin Aitmatov in 1990, and other contactees. September 27, 1989 in the old park on the outskirts of Voronezh in front of crowds of 16-year-old disappeared for several minutes after the three-meter alien from UFO elipsoidalnogo sent him half a meter up …

Archaeologists and Jose Sabittini Augut Benavides in 1992 told the world about his discovery in the Guatemalan jungle. According to them, the newly night Indians living close to the lost in the jungles of ancient Mayan temples, about 100 km from San Mateo, were awakened by a strange noise. The sky above the jungle has become a bright violet color. Again in the morning there was a noise, like a roar of an airplane, and then all was quiet, and the Indians took a chance to approach the temple. Not far away the trees were flattened and scorched like a round pressure diameter 186 m, within this circle were three muffled track diameter of 90 cm in the same Indians allegedly found coin minted in 2164 … and the words "Tom Sullivan, July 2172 "It's hard to talk about the reliability of this information, especially as an official confirmation from archaeologists have not yet received, a message is printed between the world in questionable publications (for example, in the Polish newspaper" scandal ") …

Serious puzzle for archaeologists and strange findings are in layers of soil that do not meet the time of appearance of these objects. Lain for millions of years on the ocean floor, "California" automotive spark plug, a giant rock carvings of ancient America, belonging to the ancient Greeks, Alexander the Great, the Turkish admiral Piri Reis map yet undiscovered continents passed the Ancient Mariner inherited thousands of years of accurate maps of the Earth, found on Easter knight on a horse and ammunition, with the things and coins belonging to the period of a few centuries before the discovery of the island, crystal skull, perfect star charts and other products that are technologically difficult to do even today — how it got in the last century? One must have a great imagination to the explanation of these facts does not think about UFOs and time travel!

If we assume that some part of us flying over unidentified objects is a interstellar alien ships, it is necessary in this case to bring at least some preliminary theoretical basis for the obvious in this case, the violation of the ban on ultra-fast (super-light) speeds. A great way to "trick" the theory of relativity — merge into one spaceship and the Time Machine (CF), in which case the limit is the speed limit will remain at around 300,000 km / sec., And will vary from zero to infinity, depending on the mode of on-board CF . General relativity converted into a special case, is only true for spaceships with disabled CF. Now the depth of penetration of the ships in the universe will not limit the time of flight, and energy and power supply DC.
Numerous experiments conducted to study the characteristics of UFOs (direct measurements of parameters of flying saucers held in the U.S. radar surveillance aircraft, indirect measurements — equipping the diverse hardware enthusiasts and experts around the world), allow a high degree of reliability to judge the principles of flight, not hypothetical alien ships . Most of them create a field around itself change the time by a special mode of emission of electromagnetic waves, or the entire surface of the device, or several luminous structures ("balls") on the bottom and side surfaces of the UFO.

Confirmation of this — a great many from UFO landing sites (they change the normal flow of time) to the recordings of the sophisticated equipment in places of safety facilities and eyewitness …

October 16, 1954 in Sierra de Riviere (Haute-Garonne), a farmer, who was returning from the field in the rain, saw flying at an altitude of 50 meters grayish-foot drive. When a UFO flew over the witness, suddenly "time has stopped, the rain hung in the air, rain thus stopped trembling mare, like forgetting about the Earth's gravity, gradually rose in the air …" continues this "freeze-frame" as much as time people and animals are within the sphere of influence of the object (ie, a few seconds), and then as soon as they were again outside the sphere UFO "dramatically faster flew, the mare fell to the ground, the rain also thrown down." This occurred, according to an eyewitness, a … 10 minutes and did not before!

In the 15 hours of November 18, 1957 Cynthia Eplton twenty-seven on the second floor near the hearth suddenly saw a gradual, at first vague, then clearly, the appearance of the air "man" in tight clothes. Materilizatsiya stranger accompanied by a slight whistle. They had a mental short conversation, it turned out that the unknown came "from another world in search taytiema" (perhaps it was a titan — "tayteynieme"). After the disappearance of the "rights" no one had thought to check home hours, but were near stranger things somehow suddenly grown old, some lying on the ground badly yellowed newspapers.

In 1958 in Kazakhstan to stop the clock at all sitting near the fire students when over them at a height of 3 m flying large disk.

July 9, 1965 white cylindrical UFO for 45 minutes maneuvered over the airport of Santa Maria (California) in front of a large number of witnesses from ground personnel. After the departure of the object found that large clock tower in this time behind on 10 minutes.

In 1978, in the Atlantic for the same reason all the clocks have stopped at the passenger ship "Shota Rustaveli", and in October 1983 — a geologist E. Bachurin 12 km from Molebka in the Perm region …

When you approach people for UFO landed three variants of human exposure to the field of temporary objects: no visible changes (disabled engines UFO?) Eyewitness seems that all remote from it inhibited the movement of people, it has the same feel unusual ease (time about UFO accelerated) the movement of other eyewitness seem too fast, there is a heaviness in the body (Time slowed down). The last case is the most common, eyewitnesses describe various degrees of "inhibition" — from apathy to complete paralysis. Thought processes when either does not slow down or slowed down compared with the rate of muscle contractions in a lesser degree. ("TM" 8-1990).

Due to the slowing of time near the UFO numerous cases disruptive radios and receivers (in 1954 in Marion, Virginia, in 1957 — in Arrangua, Brazil, in November 1957 — in Baskatonge, Canada, in 1968 — in Tismane, Romania; in 1977 — the mother ship "Volga" in the Barents Sea in November 1978 — in the capital of Kuwait …) radar (in 1950 — two American aircraft over Korea, in 1973 — in g.Kolumbiya, Missouri, in 1977 — on a trawler "Vasily Kiselev" in the Atlantic, and in 1985 in Batumi …), electric lighting due to low voltage (in 1955 — in Bedford, Indiana, in 1958 — in Rome in 1961 — in Lekville, Mass., in 1969 — Tallinn, in 1973 — in Spezia, Italy, in 1979 — in Kuzhitsah, Poland, in 1979 — in Chudovo, Novgorod region …) engines with electric ignition (in the U.S. were more than 400 cases, 31 August 1961 in Kuntsevo, Moscow and in February 1989 in Progreso, Guatemala, February 28, 1990 near Naro — Fominsk, Moscow region …) and other appliances and units, in which great importance is a fixed frequency, and other time-dependent physical constants …

Do not, however, make hasty conclusion that all aliens visiting us are not really aliens, but "inovremyane." Most probably, time use only to move in space. And if, indeed, among the strangers that we are sometimes afraid of sudden meeting in deserted places, meet visitors from the future — our great-grandchildren? But no, say science fiction, it is dangerous especially for inovremyan themselves: if they inadvertently affect our events, then changed the story could hit primarily by our descendants. Do not worry, our great-grandchildren will be (or is) no stupider than we are with you: it is clear that if they are on a trip to the past has committed a fault (leak), then they will need to take action for compensation and information for there are no bad consequences. True, the smell of dry language of safety instructions?

Our grandchildren instructions honor! Read hundreds and thousands of stories of contactees, almost all of them are reduced to the standard situation: aliens employed obscure work, suddenly met a random event and witness … No, not "clean witness," this can not be, so that the witness is not uttered excess (which are, for example, information about the device aircraft of the future!), he just tell a lot of misinformation. Naive witnesses hurry to bring this knowledge to the public, but do not turn into heroes, accelerate progress, and ridicule for scientists. Perhaps, dear grandchildren, that in our "ancient" of the twentieth century have solved your trick?

V. Chernobrov

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