Where people disappear?

January 20, 2012 19:32

Every three minutes on Earth disappears one person. Among the reasons — domestic, criminal, and the like — a special group in the sad statistics settled mysterious disappearances, mysterious, unexplained. On them will be discussed in this collection.

Strange disappearance

In December 2011, the United States and two children almost the same age and at the same time lost their homes.

In the state of South Carolina disappeared 21 months Jason Barton, last time the boy's mother saw him in the evening, before going to take a shower in the bathroom. When she came out of the shower, the baby was not there already.
Assuming that the boy went into the street, she runs around all around, alerted the police and neighbors. More than 200 people took part in the search for the child. A day later, on a rainy cold weather finally found the baby. He was sleeping … 5.5 mile from the house by the river, much to the astonished rescuers and police.
According to the sheriff, the child of that age can hardly go somewhere further than a mile. More so in the evening when it's dark.
Jason immediately taken to the hospital and examined. Doctors found he had no abnormalities and damage.
Meanwhile, in Maine, the 20-month-old girl Ayla Reynolds vanished from her bedroom during the same time in which the missing boy from South Carolina. Police and parents find it difficult to tell the exact time of the disappearance of the child, since the last time they
saw the girl when it was put to sleep at night in her room. Morning at 8:00 am, they found an empty bed in the bedroom. There were no traces of tampering or traces of strangers. Around the left, that kid went out of the house.
Police searched the entire neighborhood. There is not as deep and dense forest, so they can skip the child, but no one to be found. At the moment, the search for the girl continued.

Disappeared into nowhere

In the history of mankind's many cases of disappearances. One of the oldest was registered in XVII century in Novgorod Chronicle. Kirilov Monastery monk disappeared during the meal. Chronicler also wrote about a controversial tradeswoman Monkey Kozlihe, which in the eyes of the people in the market day was gone, right on the square of Suzdal, what the people were saying that it, they say, "the devil took away."
In more recent times, the most famous victim of disappearance was Lucien Buse, a neighbor of Dr. Bonneville. It was in 1867 in Paris. Lucien evening came to a doctor, so he looked at it and to consult about weakness. Bonneville to conduct examination, the patient told to undress and lie down on the couch. And he went to get a stethoscope lying on a table. Then, going to the couch, the patient was not found. Only the clothes on the chair remained Buse. Immediately, the doctor decided that he had gone to his home, and he went to the patient, but no one answered. Bonneville said to the police, but the search yielded nothing, a man with no clothes missing.
Another mysterious disappearance case occurred in 1880 in America. Local farmer David Lang and his wife and children sat in the yard. Seeing close to home the crew of his friend, David hastened to meet him, and suddenly disappeared in front of the family. Wife and neighbors carefully examined the place where literally vanished Mr Lang, but did not find anything but the spot is not known from what yellowed grass. Ironically, since the day pets, living on a farm, avoided a mysterious place party.
December 12, 1910 25-year-old niece, a judge of the U.S. Supreme Court and a prominent social worker Dorothy Arnold at 11 am out of her luxurious mansion on East 79th Street in New York City to buy a formal dress. About two o'clock in the afternoon, she met her friend on Fifth Avenue — Gladys Keith, girls chatted and parted. In parting, Dorothy Arnold cheerfully waved — and it is no longer seen.
Similar stories are relatively often in different countries, on land, at sea and in the air, in homes, on the streets, forests, fields, in transport. 14 people witnessed the disappearance in the bus, which was traveling from Albany to Bennington December 1, 1949. People saw a soldier James Thetford took his place, and after the bus drove off, immediately fell asleep. On the way, the bus never stopped, and when he arrived in Bennington, on the site of James was a crumpled newspaper and bag. The police investigation was inconclusive. As, however, and 26 years later, when in 1975 the young women went missing and Martha Wright. Jackson Wright and his wife Martha was driving his car in New Jersey in the center of New York, in Manhattan. Was heavy snow, and they hid from the weather in the Lincoln Tunnel. Wright came to clear the snow from the car. March wiped back with dripping, and her husband — the wind. Upon completion of the work of Jackson Wright looked up and saw his wife.

Dissolve in the mist

If the loss of one person can try to give at least a more or less logical explanation, with the mass extinction and it is even more mysterious.
B 1915, during the First World War, when the British were fighting in the Balkans, 145 well-trained soldiers Norfolk battalion moved toward the enemy. Stayed on as comrades-in-arms have testified if 'battalion was suddenly enveloped in a dense fog. When the fog cleared, there was not a soldier. People simply disappeared.
A year later, thousands of miles from this place, near the French village of Amiens, lost company of German soldiers. The English attacked the German positions, were surprised when the opponent did not make a single shot response. When the English department was included in Amiens, it turned out that the German soldiers somehow left the trenches. In this charged guns are still in place, the fire was drying clothes and shoes, in kettles bubbling soup.
There have been cases where entire communities disappeared. In 1930, Joe Labelle miner decided to visit one of the Eskimo villages in northern Canada. He once worked in these places. So Joe went into the village, but sleep was empty, no one has ever been, everywhere silence. One gets the impression as if the villagers had disappeared instantly, without having completed his business in the house. There was a fire, pots filled with food. Thus all things, including rifles, without which the Eskimos never went far from the village, remained in place. In the huts lay nedoshitaya clothes, it had been inserted needles. Thinking that perhaps people have gone down the river, Labelle sent to the pier. Kayaks were also in place. But the most surprising was that the Eskimos somehow left in the village dogs, animals were carefully tied, and, judging by the fact that huskies were not hungry, people disappeared recently. Labelle notified police about the strange case. During the week, the area around the village carefully combed, but no trace of the missing people have not found.
In 1935, the population of the island mysteriously disappeared Elmolo in Kenya. To find missing people Elmolo, was called a plane. But the search proved fruitless.
March 5, 1991 at 4 pm Venezuelan jet "DC-9" took off from the international airport of Maracaibo (350 miles from Caracas). It was an ordinary flight. After 35 minutes the plane was due to arrive in another major center of the oil industry in western Venezuela, Santa Barbara. However, after 25 minutes of the flight was lost radio contact with the ground, although air traffic management has not received any distress calls. News Agency published hacks with 38 missing people, including a child, and five crew members. Day on the same course flying search plane, then a helicopter, but they did not see any signs at the bottom of the crash.

Cruise into obscurity

24-year-old Rebecca Koriam disappeared in March from aboard a luxury ocean liner whom the Disney Wonder, commits a cruise trip from the U.S. to Mexico. The vessel had 2,400 passengers and 945 crew members. She worked on the ship for youth animator. One morning she did not come to work. Rebecca's cabin was empty. No trace of the girl was found. And after a few months of searching, which may have failed, it was concluded that she had committed suicide by jumping overboard. But her parents, Mike and Ann Koriam, conducted his own investigation and found that last year alone during sea cruises lost 11 people. And since 1995, the number of missing persons is 165! And never managed to track down these people.
Unfortunately, Rebecca's parents have not been able to bring the investigation to the end. According to Mike Koriama, he and his wife faced enormous opposition: cruise companies have spent millions of dollars to not detail what was done, and the true cause of disappearance remains a mystery.
In 2004, with the ship "Mercury", floating toward Alaska, disappeared 40 years Marian Carver. All things in the passenger cabin remained in place. Father women Kendall Carver hired private investigators, but the search proved fruitless.
In the same year the ship «Silver Cloud Silversea» missing 48-year-old citizen of Switzerland Rama Forman. This occurred in the Arabian Sea. The absence of a passenger noticed when entering a port of Mumbai. Mrs. Foreman cabin was locked from the inside, but the woman was not there. Relatives do not believe in suicide, as shortly before Rama called his sister and discussed her plans for a family celebration.
Last year, from the ship «Thomson Ship Spirit», cruises on the Red Sea, lost 63, John Helfort. On the eve of the disappearance of John called his wife. According to her, he was in a good mood.

"The Voice of the Sea"

In October 1944, members of the U.S. Coast Guard boarded the vessel Cuban "Rubicon". They were met by a half-dead dog. More on board was empty. Personal belongings of the crew were in the cabins. The ship itself was fine, but he was cut off the tow rope and missing all the lifeboats. It was completely unclear what made the crew to abandon ship.
In 2003, the Coast Guard plane Australia discovered Indonesian schooner 'Em High 6 ", which holds were full of caught mackerel. Where are the 14 sailors — a mystery. In the same area, but in 2006 there was absolutely deserted tanker "Yang Seung." In the same year found no people, Coast Guard Italy have detained two-masted sailing ship "Bel Amica" off the coast of Sardinia.
In January 2008, the press service of the Russian Transport Ministry reported a loss of connection with the Russian vessel "Kapitan Uskov" move from Hong Kong Finds No freighter or 17 members of its crew were never found. In February of that year, Japan's coast guard found the deserted Rescue Motorboat with the missing ship.
Similar incidents have always been, but the answer to the question about their reasons no one has so far. One version appeared in 1937. While passing on the Kara Sea hydrographic vessel "Taimyr" one of the experts pointed out that when he approaches the ear sounding balloon, filled with hydrogen, felt a sharp pain in the eardrum. When he moved the ball, the pain goes away. Located on the "Taimyr" Hydrophysics Vladimir Shuleikin interested in this strange effect, calling it "the voice of the sea." According to him, the wind in a storm creates not audible to our ears, but harmful to human LF infrasonic vibrations. At a frequency below 15 Hz exposure increases, there is a disorder of the brain centers, such as vision, and at a frequency of less than seven hertz people may even die.
Modern research has confirmed that the application of infrasound animals and people experience anxiety and irrational fear. But a storm is generated infrasound at a frequency of about six hertz. If the intensity of vibration is less lethal, on the crew of the breaking waves of unfounded fear, terror and panic. This condition is enhanced even more if the ship itself, with all its equipment is in resonance and becomes a secondary source of infrasound, under whose influence distraught people throwing everything, run the ship.

The famous magician could, but did not disclose the secret

The case of the American William nave baffles anyone who undertakes to explain (or "expose"), the mysterious disappearances …
During his speech, the magician Nave accidentally discovered his unique gift … Once in front of the shocked public, he disappeared into thin air and become invisible.
Speaking at the scene, the illusionist magically made to disappear any items up to a couple of live leopards, but hardly anyone could match William nave, made in the 60's sensational trick his disappearance.
For the first time it happened during a performance in Chicago.
The second time — when the nave was at home, and suddenly, without warning (as he put it, "accidentally"), disappeared into thin air, and then appeared again to his wife, the reaction is hardly enthusiastic.
The third such incident occurred during a performance at the theater Nef "Paramount" in New York. Among the spectators was accidentally radioreporter Knebel. Such a witness could only dream of, because everyone knew about his active opposition to the supernatural.
Later in his book, "The path beyond the universe" Knebel shared personal experiences. According to him, the figure began to lose Nef visible outlines — until it became completely transparent. But what is most surprising — his voice has not undergone the slightest change, and yet the audience holds its breath, listened to every word.
But as Knebel describes it, "return": "Gradually tread vague outline — like sloppy pencil sketch."
Ironically nave no idea about his unique gift and did not even notice that it becomes invisible. Not to mention the fact that they manage, and to tell the world about another open secret …

Black hole

We can only rely on modern science, which has no explanation for all these strange cases. However, there are a number of versions, but all of them — only theories, not confirmed by any evidence.
Some researchers believe that, just as in the universe a black hole capable of absorbing stars, their systems and even entire galaxies in person at the submolecular level that accurately
the same hole. They absorb people from the inside, leaving no trace of it, and perhaps they suck "temporary whirlpools" when disappearing in his time, the people there are in the future or the past.
prominent writer and scholar from the U.S. Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914), who studied the complete disappearance of people recognize the impossibility natural causes of such events. He put forward the theory that the visible world there is a kind of holes and voids. In this hole dominates absolute "nothing." Through this void not penetrated the light, since there is nothing to see him off. Here, "do not feel anything, there can be neither live nor die. You can just be. " According to this theory, it turns out that the person gets to this "nothing" and gets stuck there forever. How vividly explained the scientist, "Our space is like a knitted sweater: it can be put on, though, if you look closely, a sweater is … of holes. Suppose, on the sleeve got ant. It can accidentally fall through the hinge and into a completely different world for him, where the dark and stuffy, and instead of the usual fir needles — warm, soft skin … "According to this theory, the Earth, there are anomalous zones, where there are" empty space "
Researcher Richard Lazarus in his book "Beyond the limits of the possible" offers the following version: all the fault of meteorites. Falling to the ground, the heavenly bodies are charged to such power that their potential could reach billions (!) Volts. And if a meteorite hits the Earth's surface, there is an explosion of enormous power as near the river Tunguska. But sometimes a meteorite destroyed before the fall — as a result the Earth with the force has a huge wave of energy: status appears electrostatic levitation — large groups of people, as well as ships and even trains can take off into the air and be transported over long distances.
If you believe this theory, the fog that enveloped allegedly threatened people — nothing like a cloud of dust rising under the influence of an electric field. But Can I keep people on long distances, is still open.
The famous naturalist and cryptozoologist Ivan Sanderson gives his interpretation of the mysterious disappearance. He set on the earth contains a place where earthly laws and the magnetic attraction acting in an unusual mode. Such places he called "the Devil's Cemetery." Sanderson identified 12 such zones symmetrically located, or abnormal areas that are evenly spaced 72 degrees of longitude, and the centers have coordinates 32 degrees north or south latitude (the "Grid Sanderson"). In these cemeteries, according to scientists, there are electrical vortices, carrying people and objects from one space-time dimension to another.
The version of geo-active zones finds the most appropriate and Voronezh scientist Heinrich Silanov "I am deeply convinced that the energy of the fault zones — not just a geophysical phenomenon. Perhaps going from earth energy — it is the bridge, where you can travel to parallel worlds. That is only to use it we have not yet learned. "
Professor Nikolai Kozyrev argued that there are universes parallel to our own, and between them there is a tunnel — "black" and "white" hole. According to the "black" of our universe goes into parallel worlds of matter, and in the "white" of them coming to us energy. However, the idea of the existence of a parallel world has a man from time immemorial. Some researchers believe that even the Cro-Magnons believed that the souls of the dead and the dead tribesmen hunting animals just go into these worlds, which is reflected in their drawings.
Australian parapsychologist Grimbriar Jean came to the conclusion that in the world there are about 40 tunnels leading to other worlds, of which four are located in Australia and seven — in America.
The possible existence of parallel worlds modern science does not dispute. In spring 1999, scientists of the University of Innsbruck (Austria) for the first time in human history, have implemented the experience of quantum teleportation. To implement the experiment, researchers disassembled light on the fundamental particles — photons. The experiment was the source light beam at the same moment recreated elsewhere. Among other things, the existence of this phenomenon confirms the possibility of having multiple parallel universes, between which there is probably a certain spatial relationship.
Although the … More recently the British physicist Stephen Hawking, author of the theory of black holes, has denied the possibility of a theory of traveling in space and time, and if we assume that the mysterious disappearance of people go through this "channel", then … the question is still open and same enigmatic, mysterious … and inexplicable.

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