Where the Jews — alien sadness?

April 13, 2012 11:01

Who said that the knowledge of the ancient advanced civilization lost and hidden in the ruins of old worlds? Without knowing it, people use this knowledge for thousands of years. However, not all, and not immediately.

Where the Jews - alien sadness?

On grains, gradually moving away from the primitive instincts, growing and forming a single civilization Earthlings, they comprehend more complex laws of the universe. Time will come when our descendants will be destined to join the ranks of our teachers and acting as gods on other planets and to transfer knowledge of diverse race and people of boundless universe. The expansion and development of intelligent civilizations never stop.

The more knowledge we share, the more we get back. A return, notice is always more! That laid the main principle of the existence of modern civilization, and the meaning of life of a rational being. Losing the ability to receive, synthesize and store information, the person completing the life cycle.

However, the information field of human memory of it, continue to exist for as long as necessary to other consumers of information. The more information the individual is created, the longer it lives its information field. In principle, it can live forever. And each of us has a chance to achieve immortality information. We just have to leave a memory for ever.

Here, only the short history of modern civilization shows that to achieve this goal people try different ways.

But back to the main theme of the expedition to the source of knowledge — the Ark of the Covenant. In the Holy Land, we have tried to solve the greatest mystery of the human being and the right to answer a few questions of the history of system:

— Who are the representatives of the civilization of the gods?

— Who were the keepers of the unknown "lost" civilization knowledge of the gods?

— Who was the first earthling to get and keep your password information in a universal web?

— Under what conditions and when it should take place once contact with our head teachers and examiners?

Some answers to these questions can be found in the film, where, together with colleagues, I tried to share his own version of the history of civilization. I have no doubt that the unique expedition Andrew Sklyarov on the right track and I wish her every success!

Let's not forget, it is impossible to understand the future without knowing the past. I'd add the true past. But the real truth, we learn very soon …

The new film by Andrey Sklyarov filmed in Israel, continued research related to the search for traces of the ancient high "Civilizations of the Gods."

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