Who attacks the Kaluga children?


It came to our office tenants of a house on Gagarin Street. According to them a few days ago on the children, walks in the yard, was attacked by a strange creature.

— The children ran home very frightened, — says Alexander N., mother of 11-year-old Xenia and 9-year-old Egor. — They told me that their friend dived on top of a bird with a long snake tail and sharp claws. She broke up on the shoulder of the girl's blouse and scratched it to the blood.

The children fled in terror to their homes. They did not see where it came flying "bird", and where it's gone then.
— Now we are afraid of sending their children to the yard — continues Alexander. — A victim girl does not go anywhere at all. Her parents avoid to communicate with anyone.

Guys refused to go with her mother to show a scary place, and the correspondent of "Crossroads." However, the court made a bad impression on us, and inscriptions in black spray in an arch at the entrance to the courtyard of his only strengthened. In the yard we found a castle built for children and acting as a playground. But it was more gothic than positive.

For explanations, the correspondent of "Crossroads" addressed to experts

— Identify the animal with the words frightened children can not — believe peduniversiteta employees. — Children were considered as a monster, such as a bat. These animals are found in our area and can "land" on the person.
Another view a psychic, a member of the television show "The Battle of psychics," Alexander Agapito. We visited with him in the ill-fated court.
— Here is the energy of death, felt the presence of something negative — we were told by Alexander after some manipulations with maps and map dowsing — What happened here — no chance. Children did see something unusual. It was a bird … no, not a bird, probably a flying creature. It does not touch the earth, appeared out of nowhere and disappeared into nowhere. It is an otherworldly being.

— I think that the cause of the incident is in the family of the child victim — continues Alexander Agapetus. — Apparently, the father and mother of the blame for any wrongdoing. They realize this, but not completely sure. The parents and the girl herself — not baptized. There are ways to protect yourself from this. Be sure to go to church to be baptized, wearing a cross on the body, without removing it. From walking in this place should be avoided. It is no accident then had the first card of death. Here is commit violence or murder. Something terrible happened. And that's not all, there will be another death.

a at this time
In the river near Kursk wound up monster

The video, which roams the Internet and local area networks, sealed disgusting animal, looks like a monster from the movie "Aliens": a creature has a long tail and tentacles. To be touched with a stick, the animal becomes aggressive — beats its tail and throws tentacles.
Experts, which addressed the journalists of the local newspaper, recognized in the monster long known to science, the animal — protective crustacean. It turned out that these crustaceans are completely harmless. Reach a size of 5-10 cm

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Denis Markov.

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