Who built the pyramids underwater?

August 14, 2012 11:41

Underwater Archaeology of about 100 years. And during that time, researchers have made many amazing discoveries. Thus, in different parts of the globe to the bottom of reservoirs are repeatedly mysterious constructions, similar to the ancient Egyptian pyramids …

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Rock Lake is located 40 miles east of Madison (Wisconsin). On cloudy days, the water in it looks cloudy and the bottom can not be seen. But one day in April 1936, when the weather is clear, a certain Dr. Morgan, flying over the pond on his sport plane, accidentally looked down — and saw under the water stitch outlines three large objects. Morgan declined — and his eyes appeared a distinct silhouette of the pyramids with truncated corners!

After this incident was reported in the newspapers, Rock Lake interested researchers. Soon on the bottom of the lake down the team of divers. Young biologist W. Kennedy was able to consider the water a stone wall of a building. After rounding it, the scientist was convinced that the construction and in fact has a pyramidal shape. He took with him a trophy — the broken-off piece of masonry. But when Kennedy tried to get back to the pyramid with his friends, to find her failed.

A few years later, at the Rock Lake came another group of enthusiasts, taking the equipment. Underwater archaeologists surveyed the entire body of water on the square — and found the first pyramid?

The facility was well shaped and had a rectangular base measuring 9h10 pm It certainly is the work of human hands. Later, the researchers found another building, is somewhat different from the first parameter.

In 1985, off the coast of the Japanese island of Yonaguni diving instructor Kihachiro Aratake stumbled across a strange object, consisting of a stone platform covered with geometric designs, and stepped terraces. The whole structure was surrounded by a deep trench. In appearance it resembled the pyramids of ancient Sumer. Arrived on the team of archaeologists discovered a nearby building a sculpture depicting a man's head in an Indian headdress of feathers.

It turned out that the unknown origin of underwater structures is similar to the high mountain sanctuary Machu Picchu, built by the Incas in South America. In both cases were used for the construction of L-shaped blocks providing "seamless" connection. In addition, and here and there the master to the unique processing technology that protects the structure from the effects of natural disasters.

But how did the Inca temple of the coast of Japan? We are talking about the culture that originated on another continent! Or are we still do not know much about the history of civilizations?

Not long ago, another pyramid was found at the bottom of the lake Fusyan China (southwest Yunnan province). Its height is 19 m, the length of the base — 90 pm The facility was built of stone blocks and has a stepped structure. At the bottom of the lake there are about a dozen such facilities and about 30 other types of structures … the whole architectural complex area of about 2.5 square meters. km.

But if previous findings date back quite a long period of time, who will explain the mystery of so-called Bermuda pyramids? For the first time this phenomenon in the summer of 1991, said at a press conference in Freeport renowned oceanographer Dr. Meyer Verlag. He argued that when examining the bottom in the area of the famous "Bermuda Triangle" at a depth of 600 m devices discovered two giant pyramids. In size, they exceeded even the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

According to the scientist, the two structures were built for an unknown technology, from a material similar to the thick glass. But the most interesting — they have built a total of about half a century ago! Did aliens?

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