Who implanting implants in human bodies?

December 8, 2011 14:48

Aliens implanted in our bodies their microchips

About 20 years ago, American ufologists started talking about strange new phenomenon: implanted into human bodies tiny microchips, the purpose of which is still unknown. However, the fact that these devices are of the highest technological performance, suggests their extraterrestrial origin. For this reason alone implants should be the subject of careful study in scientific laboratories.

 Volzhanin Valery I. asked to meet with me to determine the kind of foreign body, which he accidentally discovered the forearm right hand.

-I looked once, something rolled under the skin, — said he. — At the touch of a solid, black, shines through the skin, can see for yourself …

He wrapped up the sleeve of the shirt, and I saw a tiny, little more than a millimeter, dark bump under the skin. Felt — quite tangible speck, hard, angular …

-Though I now can vykovyrnut it — assured man — but first decided to show you as a researcher. Can explain what this might be? Who and why would I put it?

Of course, the fact that I microchip implantation into a human could not be interested. I was faced with similar and, of course, read about it in the UFO literature. By the way, once, in 1992, we have already lost this evidence. Miniature wire 4 mm long with hooks on the end removed from the scalp of N. Pakhomov, a retired worker from the village. He discovered the "thorn", when it touched a comb. Removed with tweezers, but so far considered, dropped on a fluffy carpet — and meet. But the most interesting — Pakhomov had contact with aliens, and, therefore, posed "beacon" could not be accidental implantation.

-You've never encountered a UFO? — Interests of Valery carefully.

-Well, of course! Not once! — He said. — Even photographed — the mobile phone, and even on the camera. But it turned out not very convincing. Star as a star … Sometimes dreams strange dream …

After talking a bit c guest, I advised him to get rid of the unknown "gift." If nothing interferes, then if still present. And three months later, Valery was again: another implant appeared on the ring finger of his right hand.

The survey is clear: under the skin of the finger pad was felt, and it was obvious inclusion significantly larger than the first implant in the forearm. Diamond-shaped body the size of two to three millimeters.

Such persistent stigma of the same person surprised — something Volzhanin interested unknown aliens …

We have decided not to take the effort to remove the foreign body, and watch what will happen next and how it will affect his well-being and health. During this time, it is good to have to find experts who would be able to fully explore the chip-impantaty.

Flashlights for the stranger?

Riddle implants long been ufologists. The purpose of their implantation in the human body is not clear. And, for example, in the American village on Whidbey Island (Washington), they were found in almost all people, men and women, on the inner side of the thigh. Doctor Madi Nolan writes that these "bugs" have the form of small cylinders and seems a radiated signal. Priborchiki connected with the nerve endings of the human body and of no rejection of a foreign body was not going to talk!

In fact, we are dealing here with the material traces of the newcomers, so if someone does not have enough evidence of the recognition of their existence, then it can become a serious argument presence on Earth of extraterrestrial civilizations. However, we prefer to ignore even obvious traces of a mind. While acknowledging the reality of physical implants and their extraterrestrial origin could change the outlook of humanity in relation to other intelligent life in a matter of days or even hours.


Forty years of Alexander Vasilyev Kotovo lives in Volgograd region and is actively interested in ufology and bioenergy. He himself has some psychic abilities. Once, in a conversation we accidentally touched upon implantation of people. He is a math teacher by training, suddenly perked

-In the 90 years I have decided to do farming, until they realized the futility of this idea — he began his story. — Magisterium already could not provide for his family. Well, mow the grass one day for their calves and suddenly feel something twinge in my calf legs. Pulled up his pants — a tiny speck of a bloody, I rubbed it and then forgot. And then it became a place to scratch herself, expecting trouble. Bumps formed, does not heal. Once notched razor and snatched some splinter. Surprisingly, the blood is not then folded three days, oozing slowly.

I had a microscope, and in it I have carefully examined the "thorn." She looked like metal shavings trehmillimetrovoy length. I even touched a needle — well, the metal as metal, does not crumble under the needle. And decided that it was a hangnail on the blade of the spit. Just how much she dug up — is unclear. A "chip" I threw it away.

But from my intervention then had serious consequences … Somehow broken blood clotting. Any cut, damaged skin on the hands — and without it in the economy? — Sore and will rot, blood for weeks. Sometimes all bruised hands: old and do not heal, and the new adds. Plantain put, as before, no effect. I had to go to hospital. Composition with chloramphenicol helped. Gradually, all returned to normal, and I'm in the field of the incident forgotten. But the scar remains.

Alexander P. lifted leg left leg — the calf was a clear little white scar of a few millimeters.

Then he tried to put a "chip" in the neck, arm, back … And every time the body rejected the alien — a place run up, hurt, and sometimes had to take the implant surgery. Doctors did not keep strange turn, relating them to splinter …

-One can see, my body does not tolerate foreign implants, — concluded Alexander. — It seems so, and ship …

Not long ago, an e-mail sent to me by a photo and a postscript Andrew Dukov someone saying, "Take from the tibia (under the skin) some crap. While there was, it had a green color until fotkal, was another silver … about 2 mm in size. "

Well, let's hope that one day implant mystery will be solved …

APPENDIX In the subject

UFO implants analyzed by laser emission spectroscopy. This, in particular, are engaged Darrel Sims, surgeon Roger Leir and others. Darrel has created a new organization in the United States: Interactive Research Foundation Space Technology (FIRST) to develop rules for such operations, micro-analysis of implant materials and proper logging of results. Dozens of operations, and identified the elemental composition mikroapparatov implemented. In fact, this whole factory items! Part of one of the implants: AI, Ca, Fe, Ba, Cu, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Pb, Zn, Si, Ti …

Very similar to the composition of the devices used in computer technology! Maybe, they function exactly the same?

Gennady Belimov

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