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December 4, 2011 20:10

Aliens in ancient icons:

After reading the Old Testament, I was convinced that the Old Testament God Yahweh is not a fantasy of the ancient Hebrews. Indeed some three thousand years ago in the Middle East turned up a very unusual type. And not one and the same team as him, but under his supervision. I wish to warn the reader — not to look at my research through the prism of religion or something like that. I am unbiased in the sense of faith in God. I spend a dry, unbiased analysis of the text and the psychological component of the scriptures. So the first — God Yahweh and his team are not humans. That is, they are aliens from another world. Do not be surprised conclusions. Pay attention to the manner of treatment as Yahweh himself and members of his team to the people.

The expression "Son of Man" is used to, in the language of psychologists — known distancing. Neither Yahweh nor any one of his friends, and they are described, not correlate with people. Father-in-themselves are not human children. Second — do not you think it strange that Yahweh in those times has the knowledge and abilities of the current level. Anyone who is familiar with the text of the Old Testament should know. Yahweh familiar with virology, bacteriology, medicine, gene research. Aware of the effects of nutrition on the human body. And as strong in sociology and military dele.Trebuet comply behavior inherent to modern society, albeit with some nuances — of which later …

Not only in his possession a rather impressive size aircraft and several smaller ones. And not in a balloon flying on a pancake-shaped device made of metal the size of a movie theater, and with beam weapons on board. The machine can fly independently, using jet principle. And moved with the four screws provided with the carrier as a helicopter, also foldable. Carriers have landing gear as in modern spacecraft and ingenious sectoral wheels. Equipped with manipulators for screws that are in the covenant of the prophet Ezekiel described the likeness of the human hand. And I can not think of, and I did not noticed it. So many people have long been engaged. From about the middle of the last century. Moreover, at a high level. Read in the Old Testament book of the prophet Ezekiel, but carefully! You'll be surprised at the plot. The book describes a kind of "Praise the Lord", which occurs earlier in the Scriptures. First chapter of Exodus. But only after reading Ezekiel can understand what it is.

Few people know that the Old Testament "Praise the Lord" takes a leading specialist, NASA engineer Jozsef Blyumrih. It is quite accurately reproduced in the drawing "Praise the Lord." And unravel the device sector wheel this flying glory of God. Also patented the invention. Anyone who sees it for the reconstruction immediately exclaimed — "Oh … a flying saucer!" Although not need to be an expert to see that NASA in glory diskolet gentlemen with guns. Just read carefully the text of the Bible, and imagine that describes the Prophet. The modern reader, there is one advantage to the reader of the past — the knowledge and the opportunity to compare with modern aerospace technology. It is clear that the ancient Hebrews such a thing as a space ship and the one who controls them — not only as God has arrived. Unprecedented weapon with which Yahweh kills tens of thousands of people in minutes. With noise and clatter of arriving and departing, raising its cloud full of light the flame. Sometimes reading is struck — how can all be described in the Bible. But diskoleta theme runs through the entire Old Testament. It is for this reason that Yahweh strikes fear into all the nations in the Middle East. And the Jews are afraid of all to whom they attack. He burns the fire of sacrifice, who took the blue. Split the rock and the ground opens up. Strikes ulcers and other diseases of people — it was not known to people at the time. Of course in their eyes he is a god! But what surprised me is his "earthly nature." And the nature of his very nasty! For all its difference from the people he acts like it on earth, according to a human being! That's a mystery so mystery. They say the aliens in plain language to people. They look like people, which is also well described in the covenant. Eat and drink for human beings. Wear clothes, though not such as the ancient people. Ezekiel met at the entrance to the hangar for diskoleta a man who looked like a shiny copper … (Ezekiel gl.40) Hard to think of a reason for this difference from other people. Apparently metallic jumpsuit. In his hand was a measuring stick and rope. He had a long and thoroughly acquainted with the device Ezekiel hangar and the whole complex of buildings around it. Prophet was ordered to document all the details and send to people. Please note — the people! Here we go again. And they then who? However, and punishers of the devastating weapon in the hands of different attire. They were sent to destroy the inhabitants of Yahweh of Jerusalem for the worship of other gods. But here we see a process of elimination in the description. There were six of them, but one was in linen clothes with the unit clerk. Clothing other weapons not described. But obviously not have been wrapped in a cloth, if quietly and effectively destroyed most of the inhabitants of Jerusalem. What and reported after the operation man in linen clothes himself Yahweh. Who are they? Weapons obviously small size since it is said that everyone in his hand. Residents do not run away from the noise and shouting. Personally, I have formed the view that Yahweh a military rank of the stranger, who was hiding on Earth from more powerful forces. Perhaps after the war of the gods, which is described in the chronicles and legends of antiquity. The place is well known to him. People of Earth, too. And apparently waiting for help from his, he was waiting for a ship with a team who will take them. And not to waste time "tame" his small nation for personal gain.

Interestingly primitiveness of some requirements of Yahweh. For example sacrifice ritual compulsory for Jews. High technology and the sacrifice as it does not tally with each other. Sacrificial meat Yahweh laser burns, causing awe in people. But this is clear — to surprise and forced to believing in themselves great. But why would he bother to use such primitive at his level? Are the needs of the team and the entire complex have involved a whole people? Yahweh very greedy robbing Jews. Best provisions, skins and fabrics, oil and precious metals. Lead is also required, which is very interesting! Probably not for the profit of Yahweh was saving it all … probably was a need to change the gold and silver supplies for maintenance of a fleet of aircraft. But with whom he love me? It can be assumed that the necessary equipment is on the base. Then Yahweh bought from someone for gold and silver only raw materials. Such as metal. But the production of fuel, steel production, and other high-tech operation that's the whole enterprise. And apparently on the basis of it all was. And workers have to be trained and fed. Provide housing. This explains his greed. The wait staff was very base plentiful. Apparently these were the Levites, trained newcomers. Podbnoe training we observe in the construction of the ark of the covenant. Yahweh himself tells Moses that he has put wisdom and skill to master Hebrew. The area around the complex covering dozens of square kilometers. And in the Jewish Passover holiday proinosili the base fifty carcasses of bulls, not counting more than sheep to the slaughter. Wine, bread and so on. In general, all described in the best book of the prophet Ezekiel. There's your answer — Yahweh contacted primitive and generally only a small nation of utilitarian considerations. They provide it. And as the Jews were relatively few, and in the desert will not escape — Yahweh could easily control their slaves and to punish them if they revolt. That it periodically and made with a weapon in his diskolete. Fifteen thousand Jews laser cut for a few minutes … and rebelled against Moses began to squeeze. Moreover, Yahweh freed the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. They are now as he would have to …

But where Yahweh and his entourage took up at all? Who are they? Lived for centuries without dying in any case he Yahweh. His words, "I swore to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, in faithfulness to you." And it is at least three generations. So highly developed civilizations on Earth at this time nebylo. And according to the text of the Old Testament Yahweh already quite a while near the Earth is spinning. And they look like people. How to reconcile with the time of high technology in two — three thousand years ago? Remains one version — the aliens from outer space who are familiar with the Earth and its inhabitants. And they do not like us, and we to them? Probably not too far from the solar system is more advanced civilization. Fly away to the Earth is a few hundred years. Its representatives used to arrive to us and act like owners. Most likely this is our creators. Surely the gods. Only sometimes good and kind, and sometimes such cheknutye paranoid as Yahweh. A thousand years later humans in religion play. Well now you can here so quietly around to investigate. It is time to draw conclusions without God. Ripe!

What is interesting in the sense of the psychology of Yahweh?
He is capable of friendship, yes, real human friendship! Moses for example. Moses was so loved by God, that Yahweh listened to the opinions of Moses, and often made concessions at the request of the latter. Because of Moses Yahweh killed fifteen thousand Jews. That is the life of Moses was valued above life of the Jewish people. The Jewish camp saw Moses went into the tent, away from all the people there and talked with God as a friend. In this case, necessarily fell from the sky cloudy pillar. Sometimes it says that fall glory of God. While Moses and close relatives were also approached to Yahweh. Brother Aaron, sister Miriam, and their children. That is, again, those were purely human characteristics in behavior. I can not stand when the believers of Yahweh make some heavenly chimera. No abstract being available, of which all the world operates, and you can not touch it. But I understand their motives. But the Old Testament book is very true and nothing like this there. Yahweh constantly communicates with people. Exclusively through intermediaries. See it, hear and suffer from it in the case of misdemeanors quite real. And nowhere in the Testament does not say that Yahweh somewhere out there … in the clouds. The more his staff from the team. How then are they descended to Earth. And even a person as Yahweh not hide. And of course the most unique contactee is Moses. In Numbers chapter 12 we see that fell from the sky and the glory of the Lord Yahweh himself examining the scene of Moses and his brother Aaron and sister Miriam says, "If someone I'm in a vision or dream, not so with my servant Moses. He is faithful in all mine house. Face to face, I say to him, even apparently, and not in dark and the image of the Lord, he sees. And how do you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses? "And Miriam was struck with leprosy as snow. And the glory of the LORD departed from off the tabernacle of the meeting — flew diskolet. Then Moses pleaded with Yahweh heal my sister. Yahweh calmed down and complied with the request of Moses. So what's the heavenly chimera? I have an allergy to the faithful. Rather on their archaic text perception Testament. Modern adults, and read Testament as three hundred years ago — literally. And if you have the letter and about the flying saucer — are beginning to bear what is heresy and hide in a bottle. It is impossible to tell yourself dumbass. It is necessary to save face. Believer, as in any way. Well so many years to live moron. So even recognize it!

And now about the nuance of kotrorom I said a little earlier. Surprising an interesting fact — Yahweh forces carry the Ten Commandments and many other good rules which in general is quite good! Quite good by human standards of morality. But when it concerns the Jews themselves. Within the Jewish community. But in relation to other nations that are not it, you can do anything you want. Jews allowed to kill, loot and rape. Just hatred of the human race that do not worship him, and he was not subservient. In the book of Ch. 31 interesting to describe the behavior of the Jews against the defeated the Midianites. All killed, burned and looted the city. Captured women and children Madianskih. And Moses and Eleazar came out to meet them, shouting — kill every male and female. But all the women children, had known no man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves … And why? It's Yahweh ordered, and Moses only fulfilled. What right have you to divide the people of the Earth on its own and not their own? Why such a thirst for war and murder? Similarly raised himself from the military. Imbalance in the character, temper, vindictiveness. And that God created everything? Such scanty and primitive. Brought to rustle in the Middle East, after a quarrel with the Jews and the Arabs do not behind a decent left. Compare with the pyramids of Egypt. Compare with Theo Tiuakanom in Mexico, with Baalbekskoy platform in Lebanon. That's where the 'gods' job! That's where the miracles of technology. World historians are still in a stupor. Who could it be done? What machines and tools rock cut pieces of hundreds of thousands of tons. Yes as cut — in a plane. At any point on a cliff mounted. On all continents heritage. Those were the gods! And not ruined tens of thousands of people. And not forced to worship himself. Taught science, medicine, and agriculture. And Yahweh those other gods hated why — then. Paranoid with an inferiority complex. Yes, and perhaps feared, since Egypt was not killed. So do evil things, and hid in the desert. Yet Yahweh alien. If he was really powerful, it is not confined to the Arabian desert and the Jews. Throughout the Earth for quite developed nations and cultures. These he did not touch a finger! Would not pull such a burden. Limited to the Middle East. Although it boasted Moses — The whole earth is mine! Better would say the whole Arabian desert — it would be more honest.

In my previous article, "An Inconvenient Truth of History" I remember him otherwise, but delving into the text of the Covenant more disappointed in him. In his mission of good in the world. His behavior has given his low rank among the truly all-powerful gods. But once on the earth and no competition — pulled to the full! Apparently cosmic distances and relativistic effects of time in space flights as it allowed him to fall out of the all-powerful, who visited our planet. And while they were flying home, he returned to Earth. Or his "back." And nasvinyachil. Said gruffly but accurate. The fact of his disappearance. Where did he go along with the team? Periodically it is. Quite open and sign Yahweh appeared after the Lord's house built by King Solomon. That is, for the term of the Solomon can calculate the appearance of Yahweh in the area. "When Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices. And the glory of the LORD filled the house. And the priests could not enter the house because of the fact that the house was filled with the radiance of the glory of the Lord. And all the children of Israel saw how the fire came down from heaven, and glory of the Lord to the house — fell upon their faces, and worshiped on the platform. And king Solomon offered a sacrifice of twenty and two thousand oxen, and a hundred and twenty thousand sheep. "There is nothing so-so Jews were glad. Walked to fame … I wonder — is the expression of the text of the Covenant was born? So here I am not good at history, but the fact is obvious — after all, came a moment in the history of Israel, when Yahweh is no longer there. And why not? There are several reasons. He could go home. Flown by aliens. But that none of the prophets of Yahweh — intermediaries did not. He could finally grow old and die. After all, nothing lasts forever. He could have died in the accident diskoleta — also version. Flying technique sometimes falls … So the question of his disappearance in general remains open. His base on the mountain is not found so far. Although it generally is not looking. But the time was not so much what would. A postroechka visible. Terrasopodobnaya. 250 to 250 meters size. Also very cleverly arranged. And on the south side as the frame of a city (Ezekiel ch. 40). Maybe flying off ruined everything. Covered his traces in case. All that is left to us by Yahweh — is the Old Testament story. But it was written not by Yahweh, witnessed the events. So you have to filter the text seriously. Make allowance for the ignorance of the ancient Hebrews. Their specific relation to occur to them. Imagery to describe. Although they are great! Accuracy of the description is sufficient for the analysis of the text. Oh, how I wanted to be on the mountain where the base arrives glory of the Lord and look at this device. Look at the man who has the appearance of brass. See centrifugal folding screws cherubs and manipulators under them. Solve the mystery of the person of Yahweh. What's so terrible that people will die if you look. Not a crocodile is he?

In general, many are not aware how interesting disassemble the Old Testament. But the new covenant — nonsense on vegetable oil. The repetition of the myth of ancient Babylonian king Nimrod, the Virgin Queen Semiramis and their son Tammusa. And as Dionysus, Bacchus, Mithra, etc.. This story many centuries There is the Middle East. Long before Christianity. The same crap again told to — new. But not really — the worship of the solar deity. And especially anything to do with the Old Testament. No connection. This is a different story. Although religion us "teaches" that all is one and the same theme. And Yahweh is God the Father, and Jesus is his son. And because people believe it does not bother to pick up a Bible and read carefully. But I understand the motives of believers — I already wrote about it. They need God at all costs! This form of identity for them. Sheep. A flock needs a shepherd. Sheep bleat, and these aliluiyya shout and rejoice with the children. Maybe I understand was once little more. Though, and so advanced in this regard. Many did not understand and do not agree with. But in the debate with me reveal a complete ignorance of the text, or a strong interest in God. They are so easy to live — have someone shove their mistakes and failures. Is there anyone to ask about intimate, not to do — ask and believe that will give … But this is not about me. Knelt down — was lower than man. THERE WAS NO GOD!

Vladimir Kozlov


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