Who killed Marilyn Monroe?

November 20, 2011 14:06

It is now little doubt that the aliens hide their presence on Earth. And those who are too zealously seeks to penetrate the mystery, they are trying to neutralize all the means necessary, including murder.

Sheldon list

In the late 1980s, the problem of mysterious deaths of researchers associated with the study of UFOs and military space projects, interested famous American writer Sidney Sheldon. Collect material for his novel "The End of the World" (completed in 1991), Sheldon made a list of professionals who have disappeared or have died under mysterious circumstances.
For example, Professor Arshad Sharif, design radiokosmicheskie devices, in October 1986, came to Bristol — the city where he has not had any affairs. Immediately upon arrival, Sharif neatly tied end of the rope to a tree, made a loop at the other end and put it around my neck, got into the car and slammed on the gas.

 Just a few days in the same Bristol came another scientist — Vimal Dazibey who worked in a secret laboratory associated with the program "Star Wars." He, like Sharif, no business in Bristol was not (by the way, Sharif himself he did not know.) A few hours Dazibey wander aimlessly through the city, and then rushed to the bridge.
As found S. Sheldon, only in 1986, committed suicide or died 23 scientists. Some of them before his death met with some people dressed in black. Their identity police have not yet established.
Surveillance of secret facilities has long been one of the priorities of our "brothers in mind." In this case, they use a variety of means, including the bio-robots that resemble humans. Sometimes biorobots deploying real hunt for those who are involved in "undesirable" aliens for fields of science and production. It is possible that it is the "men in black" and killed the scientists from the list of Sheldon.

Death came down from heaven

In August 2000, the American public stirred up the case, which occurred in Washington on Pennsylvania Avenue. In the heat of the day, was killed here 40 years the National Security Agency employee Neil Hamerson from the sky at high speed down a small triangular-shaped UFO and opened fire on the man.
The point of it was immediately classified. Police said that he knew nothing about the death Hamersona and the FBI responded to all the questions that "do not participate in the investigation." However, the agency, which Hamerson worked for 14 years, secretly conducted its own investigation. Senior Detective Larry Badin found eyewitnesses. "The object was the size of a car and flew completely silent, — one of the witnesses, a Swedish diplomat Oscar Shlapfer. — When communication between him and the passersby was about five meters, has struck a bright beam and hit the victim to death. " And his girlfriend Kelly saw in overflown unit opened a hole poked out of it something luminous, and then flashed a ray hit straight into the back of the person.
The official cause of death was declared a massive heart attack. However Badin found a jacket that that day was Hamersone. On the back jacket had a strange dark spot. The analysis showed that it was formed from the impact of extreme heat.
Badin said that death Hamersona linked to his work: he was engaged in deciphering the coded radio messages. Perhaps he was able to pick up the code to any intercepted message of aliens.

She knew too much

Maybe Marilyn Monroe knew about government contacts with aliens — and paid for that

Shrouded in mystery, and death of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe. According to the official version, she died of an overdose of Nembutal.
Many, however, even then, they did not believe this explanation.
Not long ago, American ufologist Milo Speriglio able to shed light on the circumstances of the death of Marilyn.
Speriglio got hold of the secret CIA report dated August 3, 1962. It reported: Marilyn Monroe said Robert Kennedy — the president's brother, on August 5, it is going to hold a press conference and tell all he knows about the U.S. space affairs. By the time her lover John Kennedy already broke up with her, and she wanted him to take revenge. On August 4 screen star was found dead.
Speriglio found that Marilyn had been aware of the circumstances of the accident UFO near Roswell (New Mexico) in 1947. President Kennedy visited the actress not only UFO crash site, but also on the secret base that contained the remains of aliens. Probably, the lovers also visited the famous Base-51 (Nevada), which then could be living enlonavty. It is quite possible that Marilyn knew and on official government contacts with aliens.
Apparently, the information held by Marilyn, was so serious that aliens had to take the most urgent action. As rightly observes M. Speriglio one thing, if the truth about aliens says some scientist or a journalist, which is barely paying attention, and quite another — the great Marilyn Monroe, to listen to every word that tens of millions of people around the world.

It could save!

According to ufologist, has played into the hands of the murderers of the fact that Marilyn August evening in 1962 really poisoned drugs.
And it was so. Shortly after midnight, the maid, going into the bedroom of Marilyn, found her unconscious.
Maid immediately called "first aid." When the earnings of its employees J. Hall and M. Leib, in the bedroom, but the most Marilyn and maid were already people.
Marilyn was lying on the bed, but doctors decided to transfer her from the bed to the floor, because of the need of artificial respiration, the patient was lying on a hard surface. In this case, the actress has been dropped. According to Hall, forensic experts later found a bruise on her thigh — just at the point where she hit her in the fall. Bruise could not be formed on the body, it means that Marilyn was still alive.
At CPR Marilyn react. Hall was almost sure that it will be able to save.
When the actress began to rebound, in walked Dr. Ralph Greenson. He stuck to, as he recalled Hall, thriftily. "I'm her personal physician," — he said, thrusting gesture medical "emergency". They did not know him, but as close to not protest, Hall and Life decided that everything is in order. And no reason not occurred to me that Greenson — a psychologist, and it is unlikely he should interfere in the work of physicians "first."

Who are you, Dr. Greenson?

According to the memoirs Hall, the doctor was wearing a brand new black suit, do not approach it in size (too big). His face was pale, inactive, voice — cracked. Hall began his report on the measures taken, but that it is clearly not listening.
With patient Greenson brusque, like a doll. Apparently, he had a remarkable strength, because, looking at the patient, he easily flipped it from his back to his stomach and back. Finally, he took something from his pocket, leaned over her and it looks like an injection in the neck. From behind Greenson Hall did not see anything, he just heard a strange sound, like a dry click. A minute later, the heart of Marilyn Monroe stopped.
Most interesting is that Greenson later claimed that no injections are not done, and that he even appeared in the Monroe house when doctors "first" has stated her death.
Speriglio other ufologists believe that under the guise of Dr. Greenson to the home of Marilyn penetrated biorobot, received from their masters the order to kill her and prevent the press conference.
That night was gone and the personal diary of Marilyn — thick notebook in red leather. Apparently, the security officers have not got this blog, because the next day they ransacked the house, looking for him in vain.

Igor Voloznev

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