Winter weather in Russia is changing for pre-spring

In the first days of spring weather calendar Central Russia retain anticyclonic character. However, there will be a number of positive developments, including the erosion of clouds and weakening wind. This will add a pre-spring weather is comfortable, although the temperature will remain well below the norm — at 6-8 °. At night, the air will be vyholazhivatsya to -14 … -19 °, and the day will warm to -5 … -10 °. In the second half of the week, the situation will change in the atmosphere. In the northwest is expected series of North Atlantic cyclones, which bring warmed by the Gulf Stream heat wave. Weather turns cloudy and much warmer. In Thursday night still freezing bude — 12 … -17 °, and a day will increase cloudiness, snowing, and the temperature rises to -2 … -7 °. On Friday, the warming continues, it will be the first day of the return air temperature and atmospheric pressure to normal. Expected cloudy, snow and mild weather. Night temperature rises to -3 … -8 °, and a day can be a weak thaw. Same rainy and warm, will be Saturday. On Sunday, the reverse process begins: the final series of the cyclone will delay arctic cold. Wind will unfold in the north-west, the temperature begins to drop.

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