Wise advice Old Believer should know useful

Peter G. Nikitin. He wears a broad beard, embroidered shirt and a ribbon on the head … 12 years Peter G. travels around the world — hitchhiking, walking, cycling. As said, it is easier to tell where it was not, than where it was. He walked and traveled 70,000 miles. He is known in Scandinavia, Western Europe, in the Crimea, Kazakhstan, Tibet, and even in Laos. He was swimming in the seas of the four oceans and lakes Everest … About Peter G. says little. He said that he was born in Siberia, once — in the life before he was a stranger — he had a family and children. It is true that much, did not specify.
— Do you have these questions became popular to ask? — He says. — That I do not need.

For an idea of how old he is, Peter Nikitin also answers evasively:
— I'm not a bag of bones, and how many years of my soul, I do not know.
Actually, I already have on the status does not rely — recognized Peter G.. — But I still eat — though I do not drink at all meat. And so I simply can not eat — I had to fast for 40 days.
Peter G. believe in God and consider themselves Orthodox. True, says that Christianity and Orthodoxy — different things. He conservatives. Questions like how he came to such a life, Peter Nikitin surprise.
— What does "how come?" — He says. — We are all pilgrims in this life. Just one is aware of this at the time. I realized …

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