Work on the T-95 decided to suspend

Work on the T-95 decided to stop

Panzer confusion

Culminating now in Paris international exhibition of arms Eurosatory-2010 brought with it a nasty surprise. At that time, as the major powers have presented new models of tanks, Our homeland has refused the creation of the next generation of combat vehicles.

The essence of embarrassment in the future: Municipal programm arms in 2007-2015 to anticipate the delivery of 770 army — a fundamentally new tanks. Rearmament is to begin in 2011. Specifically, by this time of "Ural Transport Engineering Design Bureau" has promised to submit a fighting machine 4th generation T-95 and an enhanced model series of T-90 with the newest tower, cannon and an improved fire control system.

In April 2010, it became clear that the programm will be failed. Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin said that the development work on the T-95 decided to stop, because in 20 years that they are carried out, tank hopelessly out of date. On the allocation of funds for new development of speech does not. Of course, the development of armored vehicles is no longer an asset for our country.

Diametrically different opinion is held by foreigners. Thus, Israel submitted model Merkava-4Mk. The tank for the first time in the world of active protection system installed on all types of guided and unguided anti-tank missiles. And increased armor protection, electric updated interior.

Russian experts at the highest rating given product Israeli "defense", calling it the best battle machine in its class. With all this, one of our professionals noted that many of the implemented in Israel thought were born in the USSR.

Amazed the audience and the German Leopard-2A7 +. In this tank ammunition are two types of ammunition: high-explosive and piercing. According to the German professionals, armor Leopard-2A7 + impenetrable even what types of cumulative warheads. In the front projection tank which is opposed to all types of Russian-piercing rounds.

You can, of course, make the objection that in our time prepyadstviya should not be resolved by armor and fire, and by the diplomatically negotiations or at the end of the thin, high-precision air strikes or surgical operations commandos. But none of our neighbors to the fundamental geopolitical map of the world does not think so. And Americans and Europeans and the Chinese continue to improve its metal cavalry. Why is that?

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